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Hi Everyone, I thought it was time for me to...

Hi Everyone,
I thought it was time for me to write a review on my experiences so far, seen as though many of you have helped me so much on here. Especially Sabrina, so thank you :)

Just a quick overview - I'm 22 from the UK. Started to notice my receding chin at the age of 16/17 (beginning of college). I HATE the way i look from the side, however i am happy with the way i look from the front.

Started to look into implants around April 2014. ( i decided to wait this long so my body had fully grown and i was old enough to make such decision, and pay for it myself)

I have had 4 consultations, 2 with one surgeon and 2 with a different surgeon. I have decided to stay local and picked a highly recommended private clinic, i am really happy with my surgeon and trust his opinions.

We spoke about sliding ginoplasty, and the chin implant, and we both decided the implant would give me the result I'm looking for. ( As sliding gino is a bit too invasive for my liking, i really don't think i would be mentally prepared for that) So my surgeon was happy to perform the implant surgery. I am confident that he has explained all the pros and cons of this procedure and i am looking forward to the operation on friday 27th June 2014.

My surgeon has recommended the medium implant, he said it would suit my face, as the large may be too witch like for me? Never the less, he is still going to try the various "sizers" during the operation, just to be sure. I will be going under general anaesthetic and have to stay in hospital 6 hours post surgery.

I have attached a couple of pictures of my profile, which has took some courage putting them on here, i always avoid photos like this, or always photoshop my chin if needed. I can't wait for the day i no longer have to do that anymore, and feel confident in myself and not have to hide my chin or pertrude my lower jaw all the time. (so annoying!)

If anyone has any questions or advice they would like to share, i would be grateful. Thanks :)


Fantastic results! You are a beauty!
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So excited for you! Love chatting with you! I agree about posting pictures of "before" (I hated my chin pictures) But I love this blog and know that it will help other people in making their decisions. I think a chin implant is going to be amazing and give you very natural results. Trust me it is not as big of a deal as we work ourselfs up to think. I was terrified and now it's all over with and everything is getting back to normal each day :-) I think we had similar chins and the large really balanced my face well. My surgeon said that the medium just wasn't enough projection. The extended anatomical chin implant on the sizing chart said .50 centimeters of forward projection. And the large was .60 projection. The sizers will definatley determine which is best during surgery :) That is so funny and sounds just like me when you said you want to not have to hide your chin or pertrude your jaw all the time -- I did the same thing!! One surgeon I met with months ago suggested sliding genioplasty as well and I thought he was crazy. (That is a little to invasive for me too, when a chin implant does the same thing probably even better results) I'm so glad I met with 4 different surgeons and decided on the 4th one, he was amazing! It truly is about picking and feeling comfortable with the right surgeon. I'm so excited to hear and see your results :D Everything is going to be wonderful !
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Ahhh this is so nice to read! So glad I've found someone going through the same thing, and the same age too! I've just got in bed now, can start to feel the nerves kicking in! Im getting up at 6:30am that will give me an hour to get everything together then i will set off to the hospital. Not too sure what time the opp is but i will keep you updated :) eeeeeek !!! x

i forgot ...

I forgot to mention my implant is being held in with 1 micro titanium screw in the centre. I have read lots of mixed reviews on this. Some say screws are bad, some say screws are a must to prevent bone erosion, some even use more than 1 screw etc etc. At the end of the day all surgeons, in many different counties have different procedures. I think with or without a screw is still safe otherwise they wouldn't perform the operations this way. Its all down to the surgeons preference. Just incase anybody was worrying about this :)


Thinking of you today! Chin implants can make such a dramatic difference in appearance! When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing.

P.S. I really admire that you waited to do this. Shows a strong character!
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Thanks so much! Love speaking to all of you on here it's ace! Just about to update blog now :) x
It's getting close! Good luck and talk to you soon! :)

Operation day!

Hey everyone.

I'm home now!! In no pain just very stiff!

Going under general wasn't as bad as I thought! The nurses were so lovely and spoke to me constantly to take my mind off things! Next thing I was fast asleep! I'm not too sure how long the opp took but I will update you on this soon!

My surgeon decided to use a large implant during surgery as my chin was basically non existent under all my skin haha!

He said the small made no difference the medium was ok but wasn't happy with projection! So he used large. He said it went well but was very difficult and had to shape the implant to fit my bone! So was a lot of moving around a tugging. He had to make the incision slightly larger to fit the implant in. Which I am ok with, I don't mind having a scar.

He has also detached my muscles under my chin towards the back of my neck to loosen them as they were so tight they were pulling my chin back along with the implant. This will also give me a flat chin underneath instead of a huge slope hopefully! So he said I'm probably swollen and in more pain than he previously suggested to me in the consultation!

But I feel fine at the minute! No pain just stiff and throbbing a little but it's bearable !

I tried to go home from hospital about an 2 hours ago but nearly passed out when I stood up, sweat was dripping off me so had to go back to bed! But I'm home now all ok, not been sick at all and managed to eat an egg butty at hospital! (Well suck an egg butty lol)

You have to pass urine and eat something before they consider letting you out.

I have to leave the bandage on for at least 3 days he said even longer if I can as it's on quite tight to help swelling. However if it does come off he said it's ok.

I'll be going back some point next week to get my stitches removed. ( I have had dissolvable stitches inside and normal stitches outside)

I'm now Just really nervous about seeing the results! I'm praying everything looks ok! I'm more scared about the results than I was about the operation!

I trust my surgeon has made the right choices he is lovely :)

If you have any questions just ask ! X


Good luck on the road to recovery
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Thanks very much ! I'll make sure to keep this updated x
Glad to hear everything went well! Now onto the road of recovery :) I know the stiffness sucks but it should pass very quickly. I am on the 3rd day after surgery and my stiffness has improved alot. No more new bruises for me. Almost feels healed. Stitches out for me tomorrow. Then no more bandaid or tape under my chin. Yay!
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Day 1

Managed to sleep on my back all night ! Woke up a few times but I was in no pain! I fell back asleep straight away.

Currently sat downstairs watching tv and going to try and eat beans and some bread and butter.

Started taking penicillin today and 1 pain relief just incase. Pain really doesn't seem to be an issue. The huge white sticker on my face is the annoying thing! Haha x


Can't wait to see an after pic without the bandage!
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Won't be long now !
Don't you just love all the tape! Haha. That was so annoying. I just got mine off finally. My surgeon put a liquid bandage on it for 2 weeks & then I see him again.
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Day 3!

So day 3 I decided to take the top half of the dressing off as it was really irritating my bottom lip!

I peeled down the left side to have a sneak peak and I am very swollen! I look like the nutty professor lol!

I'm in no pain all I have been taking is prescribed penicillin and ibuprofen to help swelling.

Up to now it's hard to tell what's going on around my chin but I'm happy with the front of my face it's definitely given me a fuller chin from the front!!! :) I'm hoping the swelling around my neck will die down soon and hopefully the definition of the chin will be more visible! :)

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Day 3 update

Managed to get most of the bandage off and just left on the gause to protect the stitches! So pleased so far even with all the bruising and swelling!


I wonder what the reasoning for the tape and stuff. My Dr. didn't put anything on my incision. I let the office after surgery with nothing on, stitches exposed.
That's weird! I guess every surgeon is different. Mine covers all incisions so it protects them from germs, etc. and then put the liquid bandage for 2 weeks so it it sealed from anything while it is healing.
Yeah I've noticed some people have dressings and some just have a simple plaster. I think because my doctor had to detach my muscles under my chin because they were so tight has something to do with the compression bandage afterwards :) Will find out when I see him on Saturday.

Day 5

Swelling still visible and lots of yellowish bruises all around my neck, still got stitches in also.

But so happy with the results already the difference is amazing! And it's only day 5 !!!!!! Can't believe it :)


It looks so pretty! Did you feel a lil weird after wards? It took me a few days to get use to mine but now I'm totally in love with it!
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Thank you so much! Yes it feels strange! The tight feeling hasn't gone yet but slowly getting better. The best way I've described it to family is imagine a powerful Hoover being attached to your chin all day haha x
Looks great. Even with the bandage! :)
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Day 6

Well today I've been to the hairdressers to have it washed and trimmed! I love it!

I feel so much better and love my chin more and more each day!

Each day my smile is improving! Can't wait until it's back to normal.

Here are some pics of my hair and chin :)

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Day 8

Stitches were removed today! There was a bit of tension on the wound so he has put paper stitches on for 1 week. Which I am fine with. There was a bit of blood but not loads. Surgeon really pleased with the results and the healing process!

I am arranging to see him in 6-8 weeks or final check in.

Overall I am so pleased !!! Absolutely love my new chin and can't wait for the swelling and bruising to disappear!

So happy x


Omg it looks amazing!! I haven't been on this blog for a few days since my family is in town and I feel like I missed so much hahah. I can't believe we are all done with our procecures! Woohoo :) Cheers!
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Day 9

Ta dahhhhhhh!!! So happy guys :)


Looks so good! You look so happy as well! I love it...recover pain how would you rate it
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You look FANTASTIC...this I'm sure has been very life hanging for you. You have always been beautiful but this work has really made it come out even more....enjoy!
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Thank you so much! So nice to hear feedback like this! I can't describe how happy I am with my new look!!! The best decision I have ever made! Completely worth the money! Xx

Before and after side by side

Thought it would be easier for people to see the difference next to each other! Absolutely unbelievable! Eeeek!!!!!


Your results are beautiful. Glad you are happy with your new chin, Happy healing.
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Some people say people who get surgery are vein, but I honestly feel that was needed.
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Tess- recovery pain is literally a 1 out of 10. No pain at all- just stiff, tingly and numb. After like a few days everything goes back to normal :)

Feeling great!

So I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm over the moon!! Had no problems what so ever I feel pretty much back to normal! Can still feel slight stiffness here and there but hardly noticeable! My scar is healing great! I'm seeing to surgeon again at the end of August for final check up ! Best decision I've ever ever made :) x


OMG you look so beautiful…and you have dimples, I could not even see them in the before! :-)
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thank you so much! Yes my dimple is bigger on one side than the other! Haha :)
Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning! Wow. The chin augmentation really slims the face. I can't wait to do mine.
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1 month

So today it's been a month since my opp! And probably my final update in here for now. If anyone has any questions please let me know! Here are so before and afters. After pics were taken today :) I'm still as thrilled as ever


you look gorgeous! beautiful Young woman!
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Thank you so so much!!
Amazing results! If you don't mind me asking, what was the price range? I know it can vary but I'm curious! Well done for going through with it, I'm nervous but I really want to get it done!
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First night out!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update! Here are some pictures from my first night out last night with my new chin! Have to say I felt pretty damn good! No horrible double chin or saggy profile to be seen !!!


Holly Maccaroooniiii!!! You look beyond gorgeous, I love how perfectly your chin implant fits your face, your surgeon made an excellent job!!! I will have a rhinoplasty and chin implant done next December I hope my results are as good as yours, thank you so much for sharing your story!!!
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Wow thank you so much! You are very welcome! I can't tell you enough how good it feels to help people going through the same thing as me! I wish you all the best of luck! You won't regret it and I can't wait to see your results! :)
I can't believe it has been months now for us! :)
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2 months plus!!

Cannot believe how fast the time goes!!! Wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments it means so much and I wish all of you waiting for surgery the best of luck!!! Here are a couple of update pictures taken today. I am still over the moon! Had no problems or pain touch wood it will stay this way!! If anyone has any questions just ask! :) xx


She is gorgeous.
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Ahh thank you very much! X :)


What do you guys think to a video upload? Do you want to see the chin up close and personal? Haha! Never done a video before! I wish I would of taken a before video of my chin :( there must be one I can find somewhere!


Oh my gosh you look gorgeous! Congratulations!! :)
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Thanks soooooo much !!! Means a lot :) x
Hey. I'm new to all this but I'm having my Chin implant\lipo in 2 weeks and I'm super nervous. But my surgeon said that my lower lip would feel weird for a couple of months due to the muscle, just curious how yours was?
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Mr S Akhtar

Such a lovely knowledgable man. Listened to all my queries and concerns. Took me through every possible option I had regarding the chin implant. Couldn't of picked a better surgeon. Very skilled and achieved the best result considering he said it was very difficult due to the shape of my jaw. Would recommend him to anyone considering surgery. Thank you!!!

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