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I am 33 years old with 4 children all of whom I...

I am 33 years old with 4 children all of whom I breastfed, my youngest is 10 months old and I am fed up of having horrible saggy boobs. I have decided now is the time and I have had a consultation with the Nu clinic in the UK and have another on the 4th May with Transform. So far he has recommended a 375cc silicon implant above the muscle to give me a 34d size. I'm 5' 8" and weigh 140lbs.

Well I've been to a second consult and this has left me feeling confused! This one has said I will either need a lift or have large implants 525cc at least to fill the skin and then I would need a lift anyway very soon after that but I don't want a lift at all! So I think the best thing to do would be to see another surgeon and get a third opinion:-)
Oh bless your heart. You are going to look so effing hot! Can't wait for you!

Thank you for starting your story with us! You're going to look great after all is said and done! Please keep us posted.


Having an absolute nightmare, another surgeon has...

Having an absolute nightmare, another surgeon has said I need a lift and after posting a question on here a few more surgeons have said I need a lift. I would rather not have anything done if I need a lift:-( I just feel like the opinions given are so that I can have very pert breasts but I'm not bothered about that. When I was breastfeeding they looked amazing and I certainly didn't have a lift then, so do I follow the advice of the surgeons or go with my inexperienced gut????
My measurement from sternal notch is 22cm and my nipples lie above my inframammary crease which indicates psedoptosis, they do look abit low but then they always have so maybe thats just me!
I'm in the same situation. 3 drs all say different things:one says full lift, one says donuts list, and the last wants to do 2 surgeries. First just implants, then a vertical lift if I'm not happy with then after implants. I too want a very natural breast and I'm hoping just implants will be enough. But I'd not, then a 2nd surgery will be done.

So I'm booked in for the 29th I've sent my swabs...

So I'm booked in for the 29th I've sent my swabs off and I'm as nervous as hell. I have to travel down the night before and then my husband is going to pick me up the day after so I'm going to be all alone! Im having 375cc over the muscle through the inframammory crease and they will be silicon gel.
I had serious doubts the other night and almost decided not to do it but I have already paid the deposit so no chickening out now!
I've bought two sports bras in my new size and do feel quite excited, I can't wait to be able to fill some sexy lingerie and not to have them seeping out the bottom of my bra:-)
Hello girl! ou are going to look Awesome!! I was very nervous before surgery too, that's completely normal. Can't wait to see the post op piks....GOOD LUCK!!!!
Good luck to all of you! My surgery is scheduled for May 24th. My Dr. also suggested the lift, but scaring is not an option for me. So I'm going to just with the implants. I'm a small C now looking to be a full D. I will try and post pics as soon as I can.
I'm in the same situation and choosing just to get implants. Can you please post after pics? it would be great to see how they turn out. GOOD LUCK!

The clinic called today and arranged my pick up...

The clinic called today and arranged my pick up time for 5am next Tuesday! Its all beginning to seem real and I am absolutely terrified. I go from being calm and collected to having all these worries in my head and almost deciding not to do it! I just watched a documentary and it told you about all the things that can go wrong but I am sure it will be fine and I can't wait for the results. My Husband is getting excited too but a bit nervous in case I start wanting to flaunt the new boobs! I told him to stop being ridiculous and that he should think better of me:-)
I'm going to try to upload some photos with me wearing a bikini so I can see the before and after photos with something to compare it in.
I'm so excited to "meet" another lady having a BA without a lift. I think a lot of the PS assume we all want high 'perky" boobs. I want a natural look, and given my age I don't think perky would look at all natural. My surgery is one day after yours, May 30. I can't wait to see your "'afters". Good luck and keep updating.
We have surgery on the same day and I can't wait!!! And I pray that everything goes great!! Keep me posted :))
Yes!! Thanks for posting... I do have almost exactly the same boobies :) I cant wait to see your outcome!! Will be watching :) Good luck!! And relax... everything will go well.

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so nervous and...

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so nervous and feeling sick, they are picking me up at 4.30 am and I just keep wanting to call and cancel but I've paid now so thats it. Just need to get an early night and stop worrying:-)

So this is it, I'm not feeling too bad but it is 4...

So this is it, I'm not feeling too bad but it is 4 in the morning so I probably haven't woke up yet! I'm going in 10 minutes and I wish someone was coming with me now.
good luck hope ur fine. thinking of you.
Thinking of you and hoping things are going well.
Good luck!! I hope everything goes good for you. I hope the next update is post-op and we hear and see how great it went.

Well its over and done with! I was picked up at...

Well its over and done with!
I was picked up at 4.30 am yesterday and we collected another lady on the way to the hospital, another lady was already there and she went first. At about half 10 I was taken to the waiting area and the first lady was wheeled out, she said she just wanted paracetamol and no morphine so I thought it can't be too bad.
I have been really scared about going to sleep so a nurse held my hand whilst I had the meds put in, it felt really nice and I started babbling away offering discounts for where I worked, I felt a bit miffed as they put the mask on me as I was still talking. The next minute I woke up in quite alot of pain but they gave me something quick and it was bearable from then. I ended up having 375cc high profile silicon gel duel plane so not overs after all!
The first day was quite painful and it took me all day to get up to go to the toilet and I felt quite weak. I think it was the codiene though because everytime I took it I started feeling worse. I'm not taking it today and I feel much better.
I can move around ok but still feel abit tired. I had drains in my armpits and that bit hurts more than the breast incisions but my breasts ache too as the other pain meds wear off so I will be topping up shortly. I have to say the surgeon was lovely made me feel very happy and the nursing staff were great too. How some people go home straight after I don't know! I could barely move so hats of to all that do:-) I've posted one new piccie as its a bit difficult to take more at the moment as I'm still very sore.

Day 3, woke up this morning with a searing pain in...

Day 3, woke up this morning with a searing pain in my left boob right at the top but as I struggled to sit up it mostly disappeared so I think I just slept a bit too flat. In fact I feel really good today:-) I feel like I've just had a good workout in that area. They look a bit odd in a t-shirt s I'm going to treat myself to a nice sports bra that doesn't hold them 5 miles apart. I was a bit worried that my nipples point outwards too much but as my husband pointed out they did before but couldn't really tell because of the sagging so I guess thats just me!
I am very happy with them though, even though they feel quite firm its still better than the mess they were, best decision I've ever made, so glad I didn't have a lift or huge implants like the other surgeon said I would need and hopefully if I look after them and always wear a good bra I won't need one for a long time if ever:-)
I'd like to say thankyou for all the comments it has really spurred me on and I love following your stories as well!

I must just say how my children have reacted, my eldest who is 15, he has not been sure whether to look at my eyes or lower it has been very funny. My little girl who is 8 thinks they are yucky but says I am beautiful anyway, my 4 year old who is half wild has been very careful, coming to give me careful kisses and cuddles and luckily my 11 month old is at that stage where he wants to be moving all the time and doesn't really want to stop for cuddles so I think I've timed it quite well!
Cheers girl~ you look great!!! Once they drop and fluff they are going to look AMAZING. I hope you feel better soon and have a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your story x
Im so inspired...I need my new boobs ASAP
Ya for your new boobs ! I'm glad all is going well :-) ! They look great !

I know I have already updated today but I thought...

I know I have already updated today but I thought I'd add some piccies and say I absolutely love them! Glad I waited till after I've had my babies but god I wish I'd had them years ago:-)
You look great! I have 2 boys 17 and 15 yrs old. I was worried about their reactions but they have been great!
Thanks everyone, I am really happy with them!
U aready look amazing ! It just gets better everyday . Yay for big boobies ! I know I love mine and the left has to drop more but I'm almost there . They all say I look great .Yes when I was off work they told them all . It's ok I love it and I've only had good remarks . Have a great day :-) !

3 days po I'm quite tired today and...

3 days po

I'm quite tired today and uncomfortable, I've stopped taking co-codamol and switched to paracetamol because I need to feel normal again but I'm just not sleeping very well I think I've had about 8 hours in the last 4 nights. If I lay too flat I get burning pains at the top of my boobs and if I sit up too much I can't sleep. I just managed to find a balance this morning when the kids decided it was time to pay us a visit. They were all excited because its the Queens Jubilee dress up day and they wanted to get in their costumes:-)

All that being said I am still so happy with them and they are looking better every day, I will post some more piccies at 1 week to see if there is a difference x x
I'm glad you finally found a way to be comfortable. Keep looking ahead, I hear it only gets better every day.

Day 6 po I can't believe its almost been a...

Day 6 po

I can't believe its almost been a week! the pain has mostly gone apart from when I lay down but if I put my bra straps together I find that that keeps them in place so they don't ride up and I don't get the burning sensation.
I've posted some new pics:-)
I think we have the exact same bra, LOL. You look amazing!
You look fabulous! They look very natural and you even look thinner! I hope bigger boobies makes me look thinner!:) Best of health and healing to you!
You look sooooo good!!! They look great!!!

Feeling great, almost back to normal! I had my...

Feeling great, almost back to normal! I had my first day back at work today and it was fine, my colleagues guessed so we had some gently leg pulling today but they've all been great about it. I've carefully been lifting my baby today making sure I don't strain myself at all so all in all I'm really happy with my progress.
I've put up my 7 day po pic and I'm so happy with them, I can't I'm the same person! Even my Hubby was amazed it was me as he hasn't had a good look at them in the flesh yet!
You look great! You are just a day ahead of me, so it's great being able to see your progress. It helps me to know that things improve so quickly. Did you end up going above the muscle also? I did and I do think it makes the "drop & fluff" happen a lot quicker.
Wow your boobies dropped pretty quickly I'm 3 weeks PO and still waiting for mines to drop. I can't wait to see the final results. I hope mine will look as great as yours.
WOW! those look AMAZING!! they look really good :)

Had my wound check today and had all my dressings...

Had my wound check today and had all my dressings off, the scars are healing lovely so thought I would add a picture of them! I feel great and can't believe its only been 10 days:-)
I went to transform first and they were really nice but I choose Nu in the end with mr Verri, he was brilliant and it was cheaper! Although that wasn't the reason, he was very good and I felt really comfortable with him and I think he did a great job:-) Good luck with your op, I'll follow you and see how it goes x x
Thank you for your story, Im having my op on 4 July and am already nervous! Can I ask where you ended up going in the UK? Im going to Transform, you look great BTW! x
You are looking great cant see the scar. Im post 7 and doing great. Hope i will have hardly no scar in 3 days but dont think so, but apart all this very happy :).

Nearly three weeks po! So far I'm still feeling...

Nearly three weeks po!

So far I'm still feeling good, my left boob hardly hurts at all but my right still feels a little tender and firm, I'm told this is quite normal for the time though:-) I thought I'd put a couple more piccies on to keep my progress updated!
Mine have gone through a few odd shapes along the way. I think it's a pretty normal part of the healing, from what I've read.
Just wondered if anyone else had a straight part on there boob, if you look at my right boob (on the left) of the third to last picture it is straight and a bit square looking!
You look awesome !

5 weeks 3 days PO Thought it was about time I...

5 weeks 3 days PO

Thought it was about time I updated and let you know how I'm doing.
I'm pain free and so happy with them, my right one is still a little firmer than the left it feels about a week behind I had my first proper fitting and I'm now a 32F which is a little larger than I originally anticipated but I think they are perfect for me so it just goes to show if you get a brilliant surgeon you will get great results.
Hey mattsgirl~ glad to hear you're happy with the new ta ta's! They really have such a pretty, natural shape. your PS did a fabulous job!!!!! CHEERS:-)
That's great your doing so good . You look awesome !! Yay for big boobies 32F !!!!!

Thought I was long overdue for an update! Its now...

Thought I was long overdue for an update! Its now been 4 1/2 months and and they are feeling and looking good still (definitely compared to how they were) I can't believe I waited so long for these!
Occasionally they ache a little but the pain has gone completely and they are a lot softer now. I still have a numb part underneath and my nipple sensation isn't 100% but its not bad:-) They really do feel like a part of me now and I forget I have them, although I do still whip my top up in the bedroom for a quick peek. I can sleep on my front now but I do like to wear a bra in bed, I'm a bit nervous of not taking good care of my assets.
Stunning, I'm so glad u stuck to your guns and didn't have a lift, you look super natural!!
You look awesome, very natural!
Hello girl~ you look very nice & natural!  I am experiencing some numbness too. Mine ache slightly and the nipples have a loss of sensation...(sighhhh!) Other than that I love the fullness and perkiness of these new ta ta's LOL

I thought it was about time I updated! Its been 10...

I thought it was about time I updated! Its been 10 months since I had them done and I couldn't be happier, don't get me wrong they are not perfect, one still has a bit of a square look and underneath is still numb but my nipple feeling has just about come back. But compared to what they were (and they were god awful) they are amazing! My surgeon did a great job and I'm so glad I wasn't forced into having a lift. I think not having the lift was the right thing for me but I only just got away with it. They would have been firmer but I'm just not a fan of the big scars and as it was about how I felt about them rather than how they look under a t-shirt (which is great) I felt it was important to get what I wanted how I wanted it. I've added a few more piccies so you can see the final result:-)
They look super nice. Congrats!

11th August 2013

Where does the time go! Can't believe it's been over a year! They really do seem part if me now, I forget I've even had them done! Thought I'd write a few pros and cons now they have really settled in, cons: nipples don't feel quite the same, still numb under right boob, the right one looks a bit closer to the middle if my chest and its hard finding pretty bras my size that don't cost the earth oh and I wish I'd had them a little bit bigger. Pros: I flippin love them:-) I feel like a woman and not embarrassed any more!

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