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I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone...

I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I am 33 and had breast implants 10 years ago because I was so insecure about my 34aa and felt like they were the the only thing that was holding me back from being confident. I was completely happy with the implants and barely noticed that I had them. I had the operation without telling anyone at all, only one close friend who let me stay with her for a few days to recover. My family and friends still do not know I had the operation because I had always worn padded bras/chicken filets etc there wasn't too much of a difference in my breast size. I know that they would be very shocked to find out that I had implants.

I do not have PIP implants but after hearing the story of how toxic PIP implants were I started to feel strange about having any implants at all. Over the last few years I have noticed that I am always tired or felt very run down, have memory and concentration problems. Sometimes I feel a little bit dizzy, have joint pain or sharp pains in chest. I know most doctor say that there isn't any link between implants and these health conditions but after reading so many women with implants have similar stories to tell I decided to have my implants removed.

I have booked the surgery for 21st Jan and Im so excited to have them removed and be natural again.

I am very scared about the surgery and I know that my breasts will not look like they do now. I don't really mind anymore, my health has become more of a priority. When I had the implants put in I was in a different mindset.

I have found that this website has been my main source support on this journey to make my decision and so thankful that there are other women on here who have had or are having similar journeys.

I was a 34aa, went up to 34c, over the muscle and have had them for 10 years. Has anyone else in a similar position has them removed, what was it like? What did your breasts look like after the removal. My surgeon said that there is a huge psychological affect on a woman after having the implants removed. How did you all feel?

Thank you for any help/advice/stories. :-)
Whew, I soooo see myself in your story! I had mine for 14 years and experienced a lot of what you are going through now. So happy you have made the decision to have your implants removed won't regret it! My PS stated I was going to go through all this mental/emotional distress after explant and I am still adjusting to the new me, but it wasn't a huge deal. Good days and bad days, but the benefits FAR outweigh the moments of being bummed about my appearance. I am feeling more and more clear-headed and have noticed the joint pain in my body is starting to diminish after only 1 month. Good luck - soon you will be on the other side! :)
Hi there, just read your review and our stories have some similarities - have a look at my review and see what you think :) I think you will be quite surprised (as I was and I think a lot of women on here have been) how happy you feel with them and your body once they are out. Things chance so fast in the early days and for me the relief of getting them out outweighed any insecurities I was afraid I might have 10 fold! Good luck don't worry you will be fine! :) x
Thank you all so much for your replies. I have felt very alone making this decision as I don't know anyone personally who has had implants so I haven't had anyone to discuss this with. Im so happy to be able to read other women's stories, experiences and advise. I told my friend (the only person who knew about my implants) that I was going to get them removed and she is hopefully going to fly over to stay with me for a few days when I get them removed but I know that even if I have to go to and from the surgery alone, I will and pray that everything goes well and I will be healthier and happier when I come out. Im hoping that I don't get depressed or embarrassed about how small my breasts are when my implants are removed. I have realised that at the end of the day my health is more important than having the 'perfect' boobs. Something that I have been giggling about it how many women comment on how thankful they are to be able to hug again! I thought I was the only one who felt awkward about hugging people incase they could feel my implants. I can't believe how much I am looking forward to hugging people tightly again lol. I have also been looking at celebrities with smaller breasts and I see how gorgeous they are even without the big boobs that I thought I had to have to been sexy and attractive. My sister's and cousins all have smaller busts and they look slim and youthful and not boyish at all. I am still scared about surgery but thinking off all the positives on the other side.

All paid up

Yesterday I paid the balance of my surgery. It was 4000 euro and Im wishing the time away to 21st Jan my main anxiety is thinking about having the anaesthetic and just praying that everything is ok.

I seem to be getting a burning sensation and a tiny bit of pain in my left breast, I don't know if it's always been there and I'm just noticing it more or if it has just started?

Like many other women on here I cant stop noticing all the attention to boobs on tv shows, movies, adverts. They are wonder we felt/feel under so much pressure to look a certain way. The way I feel now, I cant imagine how insecure I must have felt at 24 to undergo a secret breast augmentation.

I have made a promise to myself to have my implants removed and take a serious look my attitude to my body and putting my health as a priority.

I am really excited about becoming more clearheaded and less tired and less having less aches. From reading all of the stories on here Im sure I will feel a difference.

I have also been looking a pretty bras for (very) small busts. I know Im 2 or 3 months off that but I just trying to adjust my mindset as much as I can so the post boobs are not such a big shock.

Thank you for all of your comments and messages. I feel like I am getting so much support from you all.

Just over 5 weeks to go!


Sorry just over 4 weeks to go......even better :)
This time in 4 weeks (all going well) I will be implant free and recovering at home. I am so looking forward to the surgery being over. I'm looking forward to being able to update you all with how the surgery went and not have to think about/worry about my implants anymore. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed or nervous about it, I come on here and read all of your own experiences and thoughts. It is such a huge comfort to know you all have positive words to say. I cant wait to feel like I dont have a dirty little secret that I have to keep to myself. None of my family know that I have implants and Im sure when they have been removed I will feel like a huge weight has been lifted mentally. Have many other women had implants and didnt tell anyone? I just always feel like people will think Im pathetic because I felt that I needed to have breast implants to feel like an equal to other women and to feel happy with myself. Again, I cant tell you how much the support on this website means to me. I'm so very thankful for the women who are on here.
Good luck to you! Being implant free is awesome!!!!!! You will look fantastic :)
I had mine out 2 days ago and I can tell you that I am so relieved. My PS urged me to get replacements after I had a removal of 20 yr old ruptured implants, 3 years ago, which was a terrible decision. Listen to your own voice! you will not be disappointed, or depressed. Its only day 2 for me without implants ( I had them for 23 years) and I look fantastic without them already! You will too!

3 weeks to go

Well I have 3 weeks to go before I get my impmants removed. I'm getting very nervous now and can't stop thinkin about the surgery. I'm not sleeping very well as very anxious about it all. I cant imagine how I will feel on the actual day. I cant wait for the surgery to be over and for me to be home safe and sound. My friend is flying over to come with me during and after the surgery and has booked her flights so I am happy about that and will feel safe and that she will be there to take me home. Was anyone else really scared about the general aenestetic? That is my main worry at the moment.
I was nervous too, and like you focused 24/7 on the surgery, getting them out, how I will look etc... obsessive. You will make it through and you will be fine. I am 9 days post op and very happy to be implant free ..finally! Honestly, I don't even want to check in to this web site any more now my implants are out, but I feel compelled to support other who are going through the same. You will make it through! You will be SO happy to be implant free! Nobody will even know what you are going through... or have gone through once they are out... Don't worry life goes on, you will move on!
I got really nervous shortly before surgery, too. The waiting is the hardest part, I think. The weeks and the days up until surgery are almost torture... it consumed my thoughts every minute of every day. But before you know it, you'll be on the other side and you'll wonder why you worried so much. :) And don't fret about people finding out you had was a well-guarded secret of mine for so many years and I never wanted anyone to know because I thought they would sneer and judge me. But people can surprise you...I've told a ton of people lately and they are all so supportive and happy that I am getting healthy. I bet your friends and family will feel the exact same way about you, too. :)
Thank you both for your support! I am counting down the days until the surgery. I'm going back to work after the Christmas holidays tomorrow so hopefully that will keep me busy and make the days fly by. It feels awful that I am wishing my life away until I am implant free but I just feel like it will be the start of a healthier life and cant wait!

2 weeks to go

This time in 2 weeks I pray that I am safe and well and recovering happily at home. I am literally counting down the days. I can't imagine what it is going to be like when I am in the car going home, Im sure I will feel soooooo relieved. I hope that I don't get upset before then. A few weeks ago when I had decided to definitely go ahead with the removal, I got very scared and upset and didn't sleep at all. I don't know if it's better to keep it a secret or share this with other people. Before I knew that my one friend who knows about with would be there on the day, I got so upset that I spent the whole night awake crying. I went into work the next day and almost confessed all to a manager that I don't even know that well and was going to ask her to come with me. Sometimes I think Im weak for having the implants in the first place but then I think part of me must be tough to deal with this on my own. The support from the women on here has been invaluable. I think once the implants have been removed I will be happy that no one knew about it and I wont have to think about deceiving my family and keeping this to myself. I can't imagine how my family would feel if they knew that I had been through getting the implants, living with them and then getting them removed without telling them. Im sure they would be shocked and hurt. I think it's just better for me to hold on for 2 more weeks and then be relieved when it's all done.

From the reviews and pictures that I have seen on this website I am surprisingly not very worried about how my boobs (or lack of) will look and I know that I am going to be very flat. I keep looking at other women's bodies and I know that I will have the flattest chest out of most if not all the women I know. I really want to live a happier and healthier life though about I don't want to start feeling insecure about having a flat chest. I can wear padding and in real life all boobs look flat when you are lying down, right?

Here are my implants, the look slightly bigger and a little less symmetrical in these pictures than they do in real life.

The surgeon who is removing then said that they feel soft but that is obviously in implant terms. When I lie down they pretty much stay where they are. I am a bit anxious because he said he will remove the front of the capsule but a lot of reviews on here say to removed it all if you have silicone implants, which I do. Others say you dont need to. Im confused.

This weekend I need to buy a compression bra. Will a tight sports crop top be the same? I looked for compression bras last week in regular underwear shops but couldn't find any and didn't want to ask. I also need to get everything ready for when the operation has been done, like cleaning the house, washing bed sheets and clothes, making dinners and planing outfits that are easy to get off and on without moving too much.

I just pray that this operation is safe and I make it though ok, I don't remember being this worried that something bad would happen when I had the implants put in. I just remember thinking that it was worth the risk.

I find so much comfort in reading the other stories on here. Even though I live 1000's of miles away from most of you I feel like we have a shared experience.

Sorry if I ranted a bit on this one. Im just trying to stay busy so I don't start to get too stressed out.

Roll on 21st!
Hi I'm too in a similar position to yourself. I had my implants 10 and half years ago and due to several health problems which I can only relate to my implants, I now just want them out. I gave birth in August 2013 and saw a consultant in November , he wants to see me again on the 24th of this month as he wanted to wait 6 months post pregnancy. I'm hoping to get booked in for March. I'm nervous but I just can't wait to get them out, my focus is my little girl and I'm fed up feeling lethargic, tired, kidney problems, dizziness , low white blood cells and bouts of hospital stays due to my body fighting an infection which they can never seem to find where it's coming from or what's causing it. All this started 1 year after having my implants. I hope your explant goes well and I'm sure your going to be find with great results. All the best x
Hi ABC1, do you have saline or silicone implants. I have a few health issues like feeling lethargic, tired, unexplained dizziness, aching joints. The women on here quite often have similar too. I have had a couple of cold and throat infections that I could fight off for ages and I hope that after my implants are safely out, these will all reduce or disappear. There are so many supportive women on here and I hope like me you find that this website helps you. :-)
Hi Jane :) Thank you for your response. I have silicone gel 300c over the muscle. Up until having my little girl they looked like I had just had them done, pert and up, but obviously having a baby causes a few little stretches here and there and although they still look great ( according to the surgeon ) I feel I'll get a better outcome if I remove now and hopefully avoid the need for an uplift. Plus as like we've mentioned, the health side of it is the real key to getting them out. I've not explained my thoughts to my surgeon on this ( as some prefer to ignore such accusations , ESP when they put them in ) but my surgeon comes recommended through a friend of mine who is also a surgeon at the QE. I hoped recommendation would equal to an understanding consultant and I feel I can discuss all these issues with him on the 24th. My surgeon is based at the priory Birmingham and is not only a plastic surgeon for cosmetic reasons but reconstructive surgery for all the soldiers coming back from war, so he appears to have a real caring nature, he's also promised me my scars will almost be invisible when he's finished. ( I hope and pray this is all in my favour ). I know I've gone on a bit there lol, but as for this site, it's been a god send, it's helped in so many ways. I must try to put up my own story and pictures so that I can help others x

A day closer

I called the hospital today to see if there were any cancellations on Monday 20th Jan and luckily there was. This is good because my friend is flying over to me on Sunday 19th until 22nd so that means that I'll have her with me for an extra day after the procedure. Also my housemate told me that she is going away from 19th to 22nd of Jan this is good because she doesn't know that I am having my implants removed. The hospital said that they call a week before to go through the preparations. I'm excited to get through this now. Hopefully the anxiety will stay away for a while. I'm off to buy a sports bra with a zip at the weekend and continue cleaning my house to keep occupied. I am meeting up with a friend on Saturday night and plan to stay busy next week with getting organised for 20th. I'm on the verge of feeling like I am going to have a major panic but it's amazing how productive I am at the moment, the fear of getting anxious and worrying is making me stay so busy! :-). I just wish someone could promise me that I will be ok after the surgery but Im trying to be tough and not think about that. My surgeon told me it is only a 'light anaesthetic' and the procedure is straight forward Im not sure if he was humouring me but I keep remembering that. How long after the procedure were you all able to drive? My surgeon said two days later or even the next day and also that I could shower the next day. I know I had to wait a few days when I had the implants put in so I just wanted to see what your experiences were. Thank you for your continued support! :-)

One week to go

Only one week to go, the removal is pretty much on my mind 24/7, I just need to hold on for one more week and this time next week, I will be safe and at home in bed, so relieved. Im struggling to find a compression bra in Dublin, I spend the weekend looking but they all have boob shapes at the front and I think I will be very flat when the implants are taken out and wont really have any boobs to support, I just want something tight so I dont get any complications like fluid building up. Once these implants are out I dont wont to have to think about my breasts anymore. I just hope that I am so thankful to have them that I dont worry that they are small.

I dont know if I am being paranoid or have just become more aware of this since I decided to get a removal but my left breast has a niggly pain sometimes and I feel like I have heart burn food stuck in the middle of my chest. Like when you swallow a sharp chip and it scrapes down. Im hoping that once my implants are out, I will notice an improvement.

Tonight I cooked enough food for the rest of the week and started to deep clean my bedroom.

The hospital said they would cal me a week before I go in to go over what I need to prepare and what time I will go in. I was watching my phone all day but no call. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I remember the day I went into the hospital to see the doctor to have a consultation. I was so scared going in but I felt much more at ease after I had spoken to him and the girl on reception was so friendly. I hope that when I speak to them and go back, I will feel more at ease again and I dont get scared. Nerves are natural but I hope I dont freak out and start crying.

How did you all feel when you had a week to go?
It is true that you will think about your breasts way less often (after you are healed that is). Being a small breasted woman is fun - clothes fit properly again! Warm, soft, and snuggly!
Hey chick How are you? Sounds like your doing a lot of thinking, which is normal, I think boobs float to the forefront of my mind at least once an hour, until they are out I think this will continue x Just a thought but in relation to the compression bra , have you thought about buying " spanx " ? I've brought 3 tops now in preparation , two nude colours and one black. They are that tight , I'm pretty sure nothing will be moving in the breast region and at least they are useable even when the breast tissue has settled? Under tops n dresses etc. Since we last spoke, I've developed a rippling effect on the top part of my breast and a small ( finger size ) lump has appeared :/ not sure why but I see my consultant a week Friday so hopefully he can shed some light. Good luck and thinking of you x

Almost there....

Ive spend most of the last few weeks online reading about removing implants looking at pictures and finding out everything that I possibly could about the procedure. Today I tried to take a break every time I grabbed my phone to look up something, I stopped myself. I think I just need a mental break from it all. I am feeling quite calm about it today. I had a call from the hospital and was advised of my admission time...1pm. I was hoping for a really early morning to get it over with but 1pm is better than late afternoon and Ive already been moved to a day earlier so Im not complaining. I can't eat or drink from midnight the night before but was told that I need to give a urine sample, not sure if I will be able to after not drinking anything, maybe I can take one at home and bring it with me.....classy! I was told that my friend can collect me about 6.30/7pm as I need to stay there for 4 hours after the procedure. I keep reminding myself that they do this everyday. It's not a big deal to them and it's not a complicated procedure and I will be safe in my own bed by about 8pm. I can not wait to be there!!!!!! From everything I have read it sounds like I will be in less discomfort than when I had the implants. When I had my implants I stayed in over night but the next day I got the tube in London to my friends house. No one picked me up and I was carrying an over night bag. Looking back I can't believe what I did and although I was ok I would never want another woman to feel that they had to be in that position. I was so insecure about my breasts, that I have had surgery kept it a secret from those closest to me, left the hospital on my own and travelled on a tube across London and now Im having them removed for health reasons and piece of mind. It was all my own choice and no one pushed me into this. People do the strangest things eh?!
I'm excited that your op is not too far away and hopefully your be able to feel more confident and happy within yourself. Since last typing to you I've started getting a rippling effect on the top of my breast and round the outside on both breasts :( I'm seeing my consultant a week tomorrow but worrying about what's happening. If you of any women reading this have experienced it, could you share your experience and what you've been told about this? I've read that rippling normally appears under the breast and not on top but mine is on top and round the side :( really worrying. Xxx
Hi, Thank you so much for all of your replies to my messages, you are really helping me at a very scary time! I really appreciated having you reply to my messages and updates so often. I have a rippling affect on the side of my left implant, on the side that faces into my breast bone. I noticed this about 2 years ago but just put it to the back of my mind, I kind of assumed that it was normal and could happen every now and then and I didn’t know enough about implants to know why this might happen. I also have what feel like air bubbles at the top of both of them, you can’t see them but I can feel them. Again I always assumed this wasn’t anything to worry about. I didn’t know where to get help and couldn’t afford to have them taken out until now so I didn’t even see it as a possibility. Hopefully the consultant will be able to put your mind at ease. Do you know anyone ‘in real life’ who has implants?
Hello again :) Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. I'm glad to hear the rippling is something quite common. I only have one friend who has also got implants, but to be honest she isn't someone I would talk to about it. I go to see my consultant a week today and I can't wait. Hope you have a good weekend. Stay positive x

So close....

I'm almost there. It's so hard to keep this to myself. My friend is flying over from England to look after me after the procedure but my family who live close to me in Ireland are asking what our plans with be when she is here for a few days. No one knows why she is here and what is happening. I feel bad deceiving them but this time in 48 hours the implants will be gone and I'll be recovering. My friend had the great idea of getting insured on my car so she could drive and avoid getting taxis, I called my insurance company and they added her on or a few days for free! I couldn't believe it! I feel like I am making the right decision and the universe is helping me....I hope it keeps up and everything from here goes safely. I'm waiting for the fear and anxiety to come back but I feel a bit nervous but looking forward to getting this done and over with now. Roll on Monday evening.....wish me luck ladies and thank you for holing my hand throughout this, you don't know how much you are helping me x
Good luck x x hope all goes well. Thinking of you :)
Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. Hope you are not too nervous, but just think... after tomorrow you won't have to worry about the op any more, it will be all over and done with and you can let your body heal :). Your boobs at the minute look good, and your nipples are not low so i can't see them sagging or looking bad at all after the op. All the best, i hope everything goes well.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support! I will be so relieved when I wake up after the operation. I'm a little bit nervous but you are right, this time tomorrow I will be implant free. I'll let you know how I get on, talk soon :-)

Today is the day

It fled like a long time coming to today has finally arrived. I'm going to get up have a shower, sort out my clothes for the next couple of days and then head to te hospital. I'm feeling ok, not scared, just a bit nervous and looking forward to when I wake up! I'm so happy to have my friend stating with me, it eases the stress and anxiety. Thank you for all of the messages wishing me luck, they are all so kind and Im very grateful. Not sure if I'll update again today but talk soon. Here I go, so happy this day has finally arrived.
How are you doing?

Operation over

Hi everyone, I am on the other side and I can hardly believe it. I have been so scared , stressed and anxious about having my implants out but now I feel so relieved. I feel that I will become more and more relieved and happy as the weeks go by and I heal.

I arrived at the hospital at 12pm yesterday, my admission time was 1pm but I couldn't wait to get there and get it over with. I had a blood and urine test and answered loads of questions about my general health. I was the only patient on the ward, another girl was in surgery getting implants put in. I felt like I was waiting for ages. I was lying on the bed in my sexy hospital gown, hat, sock and paper underwear. I was waiting for almost 2 hours. The nurses kept coming in to see if I was alright and making small talk. Then the surgeon came to see me and took pictures. He asked if I wanted to keep my implants, I said yes just so I could see then, then the anaesthetic doctor came in and asked me a lot of questions and then I went into the operating room. The nurse who was putting the monitors onto my back asked me if I was sure if I wanted to get them removed and definitely didn't want to get them replaces, which I felt was a little bit insensitive. I was feeling very anxious and didn't need to be asked something like that. I wonder what would have happened if I turn around and said that I did want to get them replaced. I felt like he just wanted me to get them back in to keep them in business. Anyway the anaesthetic consultant out the needle in my arm and said I would feel something cold, put the oxygen mask on my mouth and said he was going to ask me questions and asked me to repeat my name and date of birth, I was looking at him and he started to go blurry and then I went to sleep. I remember the operating room feeling colder and felt like I was having an out of body experience. I would never opt for an elective surgery again I was so anxious about it all.

The next thing I knew a nurse was talking to me. It was a bit hazy for a few minutes and then I feel like I woke up pretty quickly and didn't feel groggy like I did 10 years ago when I got them put in. I was so relieved and wasnt in any pain. I was shivering a lot, I remember seeing my sister in hospital when she had a c-section and she was shivering the same I think it is just the drugs wearing off. I wasn't worried at all. After about 20 minutes that that stopped and I was happy to like in the warm bed and try and take in what had happened and that I was without my implants.

The surgeon came in and said it had all gone well. The were intact, he said something abut the one of the left being a bit when or something, I can't really remember, maybe he meant it had gel bleed. I was so relieved that they hadn't ruptured and that I had woken up safely after the operation. I didn't see the surgeon again. I have an appointment on 31st Jan to get the bandage removed so I'll double check everything then.

The nurse said I had to have something to eat and drink and go to the toilet before I could leave and that I would need to stay for 4 hours. She let me go after 3, I actually felt like she was rushing me a little bit but I didn't want to care or get annoyed by it. I went to the toilet and felt sharp pinches where the stitches were. The ones on the left side were pretty sharp and left like the plaster (band aid) was stuck on the stitches. I had to apply pressure on the middle of the bandage to stop this. The nurse called another nurse in to check this and they both said it was fine. It feel the same today. Im not worried about it yet and hope it eases. It's fine when I lie down, with a few pillows behind me but when I stand up I have to have pressure on the middle in between my breasts. DId anyone else have this?

Apart from that I have pain killers and tablets to stop any infection and I feel absolutely fine, no sickness and not that tired. I barely slept at all but still don't feel over tired.

I hoping I heal quickly and will stay in bed for most of the day. Before I went in I had one last look at this site and re-read your kind messages and it honestly gave me a a final boost of confidence. I honestly felt like I had so much support from you.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. Talk soon.
Hope you are recovering well. I had mine out last march. It was a good decision. I wish you happy healing!
Sending you healing up!
Congratts...!! Well done and wishing you a speedy recovery..! Thankyou for all your updates you have shared with us. Your experience has been a great comfort and i am soo happy for you. The hard work and stress is all over so from now on it can only get better. I cant wait to be on the other side too lol..Take care and Keep us updated with your pics, lotsa love !!!X

48 hours post

I still can't believe my implants are out. It's very surreal. My bandages are fine and I dont have any pain at all when I sit or lie down but when I stand up my bandages still do not feel right. I called the hospital and they are going to take a look tomorrow morning. Hopefully they make them more comfortable because I have to hold my hand on the middle of my breast bone at the moment when I stand up and can't let go otherwise the dressings pull and sting and make me feel a bit lightheaded. I managed to wash my hair and could lift my arms up with no problem or pain when I was leaning forward over the shower, so I know that its not the actually stitches or where the incisions are.

My friend left to go home today, she was a God send and I could not have done this without her help. I thought I would be able to go back to work tomorrow but until the dressing are more comfortable I would not be able to go in to the office. I thought I would recover quicker than I have but I guess it is surgery and only 48 hours ago. Im just not used to being in bed and resting. Normally I would be up and about and Im getting a bit frustrated not being able to do what I want. I know I need to rest to recover. I keep feeling a bit irritable but I know that's just all part of it and the shock of what has happened, Im not being negative because ultimately, I am so hopeful and happy about having my implants out. If I could throw a party with all you girls who have helped me, I would. Even though I have never met you, you have helped me more than you could ever know. I feel a bit tearful when I think about it. I hope you are all re-paid with good karma. Talk soon. x
congratulations to you, I'm still researching doctors in new york to see the typical price ranges. I really want mine to be out so bad, Im glad to see that Im not the only person.
HI there, Im thinking of getting mine removed as well, but terrified of the lollipop scar. Did you have to get that?

Dressings checked

I went to see the doctor today about how uncomfortable the dressings were. I couldn't stand up straight without having a few sharp pains, it felt like the sticky dressing was pulling on the stitches or the skin in between my breasts. As soon as the doctor took the dressings off I felt immediate relief. I took a little breath and looked down to see what my implant free breasts looked like. I knew that they would look a little worse for wear and maybe indented, saggy etc. I looked down and me! My priority was to get them removed for health reasons and it was only a small concern about how they would look. But they look so cute. They are bruised and and squashed and Im not sure how they will change, Ive read that they will fluff up and will improve, which will be amazing if they do.

The doctor assured me that my boobs feel soft and look like they are healing well. The look clean and not infected. The doctor who saw me was the wife of the surgeon who took my implants out. She was so gentle and took her time to make sure I was happy. She said that the pain was normal, especially if it feels like it's coming form around the nipple. When the dressings were off I could feel that it was coming from my nipple and from the inside but only when I have the compression bandage on. I know I need to leave this on so they dont fill with fluid so Im happy to put up with the pain for know. It doesn't feel as bad, now what I know that it's normal and nothing is wrong.

There girl who was in the bed next to me on the day of surgery was in the doctors office today when I was there. She had had implants put in and she looked so sick. I felt so sorry for her. She could barely move. I can't believe I was that girl 10 years ago.

I feel like my mindset has shifted since my implants have been removed. I feel proud that I took my life into my own hands and made a decision to improve my health. I have been looking at celebrities with flat chests and reminding myself that I can still look feminine with (very) small boobs. I feel like a mental weight has been lifted. Even though Im in the early stages of recovery I feel content and not anxious or worried, which is how I have been feeling for a very long time. I am going to spend most of the day resting in bed. I called in sick to work, I feel that my recovery is more important. I'll go back in on Monday. Talk soon.
I'm glad your doctors appointment went well and you are on the road of recovery. We ( the explant girls) have all gone through this and like you, I am happy I got the support I did through this website. Here for you!
I'm so happy for you that it all went well and your boobs are looking good :). Im still nervous about tomorrow, but knowing that you were so scared too and that your fine does make it easier for me because i know i will be fine too. You did the right thing calling in sick til monday, you should let your body heal as much as possible and get some rest (even if it is boring). I'm hoping your health will also improve now that their out. Keep us updated on if it does. Speak soon :D
Good luck tomorrow! I feel like we're doing this together because our explant dates are so close. I'm sure we'll be comparing experiences. Keep us updated. It seems like every woman on here has a positive experience, you will too. Talk soon x

Recovery tips

To anyone who has had their implants out, I feel like my stitches are pulling on one of my breasts, is this normal and does it ease? How long does it take for the bruising to go? How long did you wear you compression bandages for? I am so happy that I am recovering but just wanted to ask what your experiences were. I thought I would be moving around more freely than I am. I know it's only the 4th day, I am improving but the dressings seem to be pushing on some of my stitches and causing a pinching pain. The doctor said this is normal but I would rather get opinions of you girls who have lived through this. :-) Any tips on how to make the dressing and bandages more comfortable when you walk around and not feel like they are pulling down? Any recovery tips for me???? :-)
Hey Hun How are you? How is the healing coming a long? Are you feeling more able now and getting round better? I'm starting to get nervous now about Wednesday :/ x
Hi, today I am at some of my families house. I'm trying to hide the fact that I am moving slower and a bit restricted. I think the stitches are the main thing holding me back at the moment, I feel like when they are taken out on Fri it will be so much easier to move around. I'm still feeling a bit delicate but know that thibgs are improving everyday. The last week as gone so quickly, it feels like a blur. Stay busy for the next couple if days so it flies by and in a few days you'll be implant free. I'm looking forward to getting back into bed and not moving around too much. I definitely thought I would heal quicker than I have, Im improving everyday but it's just frustrating not being as active a I usually am. That's one thing I would say to you, don't rush your recovery. A lot of women on here sound like they are back to normal after a few days but Im not, I'm not worried though. As long as I recover well, I don't min ld if it takes a bit longer. Thank you for checking in on me, keep me updated on your journey too! You're not on your own x
How did you feel 4 days out? I'm bummed that I feel worse today than on day rest is important to trust your body.

1st day back at work - 1 week post op

I can't believe that I am one week post op. The last week has gone so quickly. I had my 1st day back at wok today and have an appointment to see my surgeon on Friday so he can check my breasts and removed the plasters. I was told today that the stitches are the dissolvable ones.

1st day back at work wasn't bad I stayed at my desk for most of the day and when I did walk around I had to press the compression bandages in to my chest otherwise they feel like they pull down and irritate where the stitches are. The stitches definitely hurt less and less over the last couple of days. Im still very aware that they are there and have been extra cautious by note moving too much. My boobs are also a little but more tender than the last couple of days but I think that is just from moving around a bit more today and not spending most of the day in bed! Also I have finished the pain killers and antibiotics, I can use paracetamol but did take these as often as the painkillers. I have just taken some, the pain isn't bad at all and I could probably sleep without them but Im just being a bit over cautious I guess.

I tried on the 34a sports bra today, its too big as I suspected. I think Im 34aa maybe, not totally flat like Keira Knightly but very close. Today was the 1st day that I noticed that my implants weren't there anymore and felt worried that I am so flat. I know I did the right thing health wise by getting them out and I definitely wanted them out but it was just a bit weird when I felt my chest today in my normal work clothes and it felt different. I wore a scarf over my chest today and will have to look at changing my wardrobe a bit now to not look completely flat chested. Layering and scarves seem to be good options for the Winter weather - that is for another day though. At the moment I want to focus on healing, getting the plasters removed on Friday and then I'll look at ways to feel more feminine with a flat chest. If anyone has an tips on what worked for them please share. I think I'll start a new thread for this because Im sure the wise women on here have loads.

Still can't believe this is 1 week post op. I just feel like life is just going to get healthier from here on. :-)
Glad you are doing ok. Once you don't have to have the compression bandages on you can find yourself a softly padded sports bra to give yourself a little more shape. Also, it DOES take much longer than a few days to heal......
Post op pictures?
Hey there! I I am glad your first day back was good. We are going to have to learn how to dress again. I have been trying to remember how I dressed before my boobs. I wore cloths that showed off my waist, shoulders and hips. i loved a bohemian, artsy look. Also color is fun- I would wear all one color then use scarves or such with a punch of color to accent. Think Hepburn...... Have you checked out the small bra websites?

Just over a week post op pictures and feelings

OK so I have been a bit shy/embarrassed to put my post op pictures up here. I am very glad that I have had my implants out and I am proud that I did this. Which shows me that I am capable of getting through very scary situations. I have to admit though even though I actually quite like my very small breasts, I still feel like other people might think Im less girly without them or comment on how small they are. I know that if someone did I would be very embarrassed because with the bandages on, I am literally flat chested. Without them I am not quite literally flat chested but very close. My personality and demeanor are feminine because I have been told that since I was younger but I somehow felt that my implants just made me feel like the average 'normal' girl, not too big or too small. So I guess I felt a bit more vulnerable putting my post op pictures up.....because they are more me. Im rambling.........

So the last few days have been a slightly up and down. I have been wearing a scarf all week in work that covers my chest. I don't think you would notice any difference in size with the scarf. I was a bit paranoid a couple of times when I felt that people were glancing down but I think they were just looking at the scarf and not thinking, 'Hold on she had boobs a few days ago!' I assume I am just getting used to my body being different. Im just dont want to have a freak out that my boobs have gone and feel like a boy, I know it sounds childish. I swing backwards and forwards a few times a day from feeling like oh God, I haven't got boobs like all of the other girl at work, out in the street, the girls shopping, the other girls everywhere then I swing to feeling light for not having to carry this secret, health risk around with me. In reality my sisters and cousins all have small chests and they look younger and more stylish than their larger breasted friends......Im just making myself focus on the women with small breasts who are perfectly feminine, successful and happy because I know this is too important to mess around with. Really my mental and physical health are so important and Im more than just a pair of boobs, I know that this sounds like Im crazy but I hope other women can relate or can let me know that Im not going mad and this might be part of the process??? If anyone can or has had different feelings, please share.

I will need to learn how to dress a bit differently to 'celebrate' other areas of my body that I feel more confident with and plan to have a look at ideas over the weekend. I want to make it fun and not dress to hide. I will be looking at celebs with flatter chests and seeing how they look stylish and feminine. They have experts dressing them after all, so I'll try and use some of their tips.

I have been able to move a lot more freely over the last couple of days and noticed a vast improvement today I bought a soft seamless support bra with removable pads (hello old friends, time to get re-aquainted), it's not very supportive but look at the pictures, there isn't much to support, it's a lot more comfortable than the compression bandages, so Im now wearing the bra with one of the bandages for a bit of extra compression. Im going to see the surgeon on Friday, so I'll check if it's suitable.

My breasts actually look a bit better in real life than they do on the pictures, my nipples are very slightly indented but I feel like that is caused by the bandages. I know it sounds weird but I am a bit scared to touch them. I have touched them very gently. I can feel the soft tissue and I can feel the swelling underneath. Im not sure if that will go soft or what?

So I think I have rambled enough to tonight....just one more thing....hugging. I hugged my friend today and for the 1st time in about 10 years I wasn't conscious that they could feel my implants, I didn't hug her too tightly just incase there was any pain but it made me think I can't wait to really hug my family properly without the implants :-)
Thank you so much for your story. I love the details. Especially the part were you get that first look of your breast. Wow you look great! I have to been looking at actress without implants. I admire Debra messing so much because she gets so much pressure in Hollywood to implant. I know what you mean about the clothes! All my clothes are to conceal big boobs. We are going to have to change everything, which I am kinda of excited about. To be about to walk into any store and find a bra that fits without mashing my boobs to get in them. Congrats and happy healing.
My results are very similar to yours. I am now 1 1/2 years post explanation surgery and extremely happy with the result.
LOL your breasts are NOT very small! I have been researching breast types to better understand what type of bra to buy. I think yours are close to your body and probably a large B/smallC. Google breast types and check it out. Mine are widely spaced and thin :( I have lot of boobage under my arm so regular underwires kinda hurt for me. You are beautiful.

A little celeb help

100 celebrities to help us appreciate our smaller chests, hope this helps :-)
You are beautiful! Your boobs have such a nice shape. I am glad you are healing so well. What size do you think you are? I am guessing a 32B
Thank you so much, I'm slowly trying to get used to them and be happy and confident with them. I would guess Im 34aa, I really haven't got much tissue there. I want to get measured properly but still feel a bit embarrassed about going to do that, especially if it's with someone who isn't sensitive to the fact that fact that I just had implants taken out. Thank you for being so nice! How are you getting on today?
Under your ribcage + 5" If over 33" + 4". Fullest part of bust -band measurement= cup. 0-1/2" = AA, 1" = A, 2" = B, 3" C etc.....I learned a lot by googling breast size and shape. I have splayed, no upperpole boobies. One site even recommended bra types and brand. I am a 34 B on one side and a 34A/AA on the other however I am swollen and that B will go to AA. Do you know when we are out of the woods for swelling?

2 weeks and 2 days post op

Hi everyone, here a quick update with some pictures that I took this evening. I think the shadows might make my boobs look bigger but I don't mind that! The scars look quite red but the ps said they are fine and I need to use bio oil to help them fade. They also feel very raised but he said this was normal too and they will lie flat as they heal. I bought a new scarf today. Im sure people at work think I have developed a new obsession with scarves. I've worn one every day for the last two weeks. I only have two so thought I should by another one just to surprise my colleagues :-) I had another full shower today (3rd full shower since op) I looked and my boobs a bit more and put my hands on them again. I don't know why it's such a big deal to put my own hands on them but it is. In a way it feels like something is missing but then in another way it feels like something that shouldn't have been there has been taken out. I feel more confident because Im not deceiving anyone by having implants but I feel like Im not confident (yet) about my new body. It's a work in progress I guess lol, my body and mind are catching up with each other. The one thing that is constant and I always feel happy about is that I know I made the right decision to have them out and I want to learn how to be confident with my body now. I remember I started wearing padded bras when I was about 11 to keep up with my friends (I used to stuff 3 or 4 little pads into 1 bra to keep up), then at 24 I have implants, so for the 1st time at 33 I am wearing a soft support bra with 1 very thin pad, more to make the material of the bra thicker than for shape purposes, so when I think about it like that it's bound to take some time to get used to it. I can't expect it to happen in a couple of weeks. So Im not going to be too hard on myself. I dont know how I would have coped without all of your kind supportive words and reading about all of your similar experiences. Hope you are all doing well. x
Hey Hun You look fabulous :) each day more progress and you certainly shouldn't think about hiding them with scarfs. I'm absolutely shattered as lil one was up all night so short review lol but honestly you look fab, I lifted my baby yesterday for first time :) felt nice but went to bed with pain in my right one again. :( Anyway you look gorge so keep smiling and stand proud x
Aaawh they look so cute lol.! I hope mine turn out like that. If i was you i would be very confident as they are so natural and perfect. Honestly you are gorgeous. And i know what you mean as I was like that growing up.... all my friends had boobs and i was waiting and waiting and waiting ... It just didnt happen loll..! But hey that was then, we all go through phases and you honestly have made the right decision. I am amazed how well your skin is, its not loose and saggy, honeslty Jane feel proud of your assets as you look lovely.! Fantastic result, i pray you stay happy and feel liberated, and always be healthy x

Almost 3 weeks post op questions

Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask for some advice. It’s been 3 weeks on Monday since I had my implants removed. Everything is good and from what I can tell healing well. Just one thing, my left breast, which I was told had some fluid in there is pretty tender to touch and is harder than my right breast. Has anyone experiences this, is this normal, is this the fluid, swelling? How long does swelling usually last? Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, i was going to ask you the same thing to see if your breast's were still tender. Mine both are but the right is more tender, it feels a little like sunburn when i touch it and its harder than the left. I guess this is normal if were both having it but i really don't know. My fluid must of gone down because i can't hear it when i walk now but i guess some is still in there. Have you noticed any improvements health wise?
I didn't hear any water, so I'm not sure how much fluid I have/had. My left is definitely more tender but Im hoping it will get better soon. How are you getting on? I'm feeling happier and have been looking at clothes that will suit my figure better...I still haven't bought any yet though, I've been looking on line as I don't feel like I want to try clothes on in a shop yet, just incase I have a panic when I see my new body in new clothes. Also as we're still healing and feeling tender I guess it's understandable that shopping isn't at the top of our lists. I have noticed that Ive been sleeping better. I wake up happier, not sure if that is because I don't have the implants on my mind as much anymore. I am looking forward to being able to get back to exercising and using the steam room and sauna at the gym. I'm sure that will help to remove any toxins that could be there from the silicone. Have you thought about detoxing, have you read/heard anything about detoxing after get implants removed?
Hey Hun I've not had any fluid build up, just tenderness, but just wanted to check in and see if your ok? Hope the swelling reduces soon for you, if not go back to see your ps. You don't want to be worrying x have a lovely weekend x

Clothes for new body

Has anyone else felt like this.........?

I am very relieved and happy that the implants are out and I hope that I will notice that I feel healthier and happier at time goes on. I already do feel that way, as...touch wood, I seem to be sleeping better than I have in a long time. Also I realised today that I haven't had that unexplained dizzy feeling for a while. Im not saying that the implants were causing that (although the definitely could have been) I'll keep my eye on it but I haven't had it since I had my implants removed. We'll see. Ultimately I am happy and relieved that the implants are gone.

There is one part that I am trying to work through and I would appreciate any help or advise that you wonderful women might be able to offer. The thing is I actually think I like my boobs now without the implants. However I am struggling with clothes. All of the clothes I have do not flatter my chest at all. They 'flatten' my flat chest even more. I have a lot of jumpers that fall straight on my chest or tighter tops that show that there are no boobs there. I have been wearing scarves non-stop since my surgery. I just don't know what else to wear. I was just sorting out my clothes for tomorrow and although I don't have anything to fill a bra I took out one of my old slightly padded bras and thought if I wear that over my current flat support bra, it will give me some shape.

My dilemma is I dont want to start wearing loads of padding like I did before I had the implants but I dont want to look literally flat chested either. Can anyone suggest what clothes might be good to try and flatter flat chests.

I know that this might seem like a silly question but Im sure some of you girls might be feeling the same. I actually feel very lucky that my post is about this very minor issue, compared to my first post when I was very scared and anxious this feels like a very petty worry! :-)
HI ABC1, Did you find some clothes that flatter your new figure? I play up my waist and legs. Tops with ruching at the right place slook nice as well as scoop neck lines. I like clothes that lengthen me. I love scarves :-) Mono color outfits with a splash of color in scarf are nice. Most of my clothes aren't dressy- usually jean, tees or yoga stuff or athletic wear from Titlenine, Athleta etc. I love comfort.
Hey Hun x is this comment meant for Jane151 ? As it's on her thread :() xxx
Oh my...yep this is meant for Jane151..........:-/

Almost one month post op!

I can't believe that on Monday it will be one month since I had my implants removed. It feel like a dream, like it didn't really happen. Ive been to the steam room twice this week, first time in a swimsuit since the operation. I actually didn't mind it at all. I am completely flat chested, especially in a swim suit but I don't know anyone there so I don't care. The awkward thing was getting changed. It is an open plan changing room and I was self conscious because my boobs are flat and I have red scars underneath. I know the scars will fade so Im not worried about that. Yesterday I slipped into the mother/baby private changing room, there's never any one with babies or children at that time so I didn't feel guilty but today I was worried that there would be a knock in the door telling me to get out so I went to a part of the changing room that was empty, only to be followed by a really annoying woman who was talking on her phone, not getting changed, standing about 1 meter away from me while I was trying to get changed. I had to do a couple of nifty manouvers to try and dry myself off and get dressed with out reveling too much. Then when I had finally finished, she just walked out of the changing room grrrrrrrr. There were a couple of women in the steam room with me. Their frames were just a bit bigger than mine but their boobs were so much bigger. I wonder how mine just never seemed to grow? I don't know anyone with boobs smaller than mine. Even people who are skinnier than me have bigger boobs!

I cheated a bit today. I wore a mounded bra over my support bra, just to give myself a bit of shape. I thought I can't wear a scarf again so I wore a big jumper with the mounded bra. I feel like I cheated but I think it just looked a bit like my old figure, people would have noticed that my boobs have gone it I hand't worn it.

My left breast it still a bit more tender than the right. It feels a bit harder too. I don't know if fluid can last that long or if it's even caused by fluid. I don't really want to ask my ps, he's a bit flippant about it all I think and he would just act like its one of those things. To me it's not really one of those things, I would like to talk to someone who knows exactly what it could be. I have been looking at resources online but I really can't find much information about life after breast implants. I think forum could be the best resource. Does any one know of any other sites that talks about life after implants and how to get healthier/detox etc. Ive heard that detoxing can be just going to the steam room or intra red saunas, does anyone know if this really works and how the silicone gets out of your body?

I hope you are all healing well and and happy Valentine's day x

Just a little small boob inspiration
Jane151, Did you ever sort out the clothing dilemma? Did you check out Dr. Kolb's site on detox? I love the faux cowl neck lines that are in. Not too much and not to little. Layering also works well for me.
I just read your whole story, thank you again! I'm going to have mine removed March 12th. So much to think about. This is so silly that we have to go through this! A friend put on facebook this beautiful picture and quote " if tomorrow women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies just think of how many industries would go out of business". It would be so nice if we all could physically be there for each other! But thank goodness for this site. It's like having sister/friends to go through this with. Go "virtual" shopping with etc. Thanks again!
Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot. Wow that quote is so true! I'm actually going to remind myself of that when I feel insecure about my breasts or any other part I my body. How are you feeling about your removal. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience. Having this site is like having someone in the same position hold your hand along the way. Everyone is so kind and helpful and seems like we all have similar thoughts and feelings. I am just over a month post explant and mentally feel so much lighter not having to worry about my implants anymore. The wait before the procedure was the worst part for me, your mind things about it 24/7. A month later I am healing well and it barely crosses my mind. Keep talking to people on here if it helps! Talk soon :-)

2 months post breast implant removal :-)

Hi everyone,

I haven't given an update for a few weeks but that is because my new boobs haven't been a huge obsession, like they have been over the last few months. They are healing really well, I am back to my usual active self and I am getting used to my new body. I havent had a freak about that my boob are not there anymore. For work I wear one of my old lightly padded bras over the top of my sports bra. The padded bra holds it's shape on its own - I don't have any breast tissue to fill it with. It just means that to the outside world my breasts look the same. I have noticed a little bit of fluffing over the last week or so, which is a very welcomed change but Im sure Im still a 34aa. The swelling has gone down so much over the last couple of weeks too. My left breast had been a bit hard but has really softened up. Im so happy that I had my implants removed. I don't care that my breasts are small and very flat. If I start to feel worried about them, I look online at celebrities with flat chests and feel better again. Small chests can look so elegant and that is what I want to lean towards.

How are you all getting on? xx
Sorry, just thought I would let you know that I was a 32C with my implants in, I have now gone back to a 32A (I think). However, I am happy with my little boobies and so far no pain whatsoever, I had joint aches and pains almost every day....surprise surprise, my surgeon found 20ml of silicone gel outside of my implants which had leaked out. I knew for a long time that something wasn't right. The only regret I have right now is that I should have had my implants removed years ago....xx
Hi there. Great to read your story. I had my silicone implants removed 3 days ago and I am feeling great. I am so relieved to have the toxic bags of chemicals out of my body. My little boobies look great, a bit squashed at the moment but very soft and looking good! I am so happy. I had silicone implants inserted 13 years ago and today I am the happiest I have been for years. I will be putting some pics on here soon and my story. I just wanted everybody to know how happy I feel!! xx
Your story is quite wonderful. I feel exactly the same way, I just want to be healthy, and have some health issues I am worried about. For that reason I want mine out also, even though I have been told I will be less than an A, possibly not even a AA (how low can they go). But I am adjusting. And YOUR STORY has made me a believer. Positive energy and all good things coming your way from me. I don't want to sound in any way like a "crazy person", lol, but I read and re-read your earliest comments/story because it is very similar to how I am feeling. The encouragement really makes a difference. So thank you.
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