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Ive wanted this since i was 17yrs old. 13 yrs...

Ive wanted this since i was 17yrs old. 13 yrs later ive done it :)
Drain tubes were painfull, they av been taken out now and im home..no pain just tightness but wound wehere drain was has been pouring out with blood. Chsnged dressing now n tucked up in bed. Looked at them they seem pretty swollen but look good. Do you think? Ive read loads of peoples reviews on er gor the past 8 weeks helped alot..oh i ad 375cc in both, im 5ft 6 n 8 stone 6 it wont let me upload pics ?

Managed to upload thanks for tha. Out of 10 what...

Managed to upload thanks for tha. Out of 10 what would you say your pain was for the first 4 days? Mine was defiantly 9, they would not let me come home with strong painkillers, and they didnt originally want to give me any muscel relaxents.. until i asked and said i have done loads of research it helps.. havent had any for the past 5 days though.. if you can get diazipam it will help alot.. going to go to docs tomorrow and see if i can get some from my gp. No one else seems to have complained about pain that much from the various different stories i read.. but mine was very painfull i dont know its prob more painfull if you have draines? The pain was the worst i had ever eperienced in my life..however, if i had been able to take diazipam home i would have been extreamly comfortablee and not in pain. So girls if you can get it GET IT..My surgeon said i dont normally offer muscle relaxants?? Maybe its bit dif in the UK i dont know.

Anyway today is day 6, feeling alot better no pain at all.

I had high profile 375cc - my surgeon decided on high, i thought i was having moderate.. however i did say i would leave the final decision with him as he could see what was best during thr procedure.

Still in pain, 15 days post op today. Still cant...

Still in pain, 15 days post op today. Still cant sleep on my side.. getting fedup with discomfort.

I am happy i had it done, however if i ever thought for one miniute it would have been this painfull i dont think i would have gone ahead. Had my 1st p op appointment Tuesday - he said all is looking good and apparantly they have started to drop quicker than he expected.

Dressing is now off.. but i think they look weird now! Happy healing all xx
ps check out this site www.juteylicious.co.uk

Nearly 3 weeks post op and still sore..but they...

Nearly 3 weeks post op and still sore..but they look good getting squasheyish now :)

Has anyone had fluid around your breast implant ?...

Has anyone had fluid around your breast implant ? Im 3 weeks post op all was fine last week then i fell and cut my knee..anyway 2 days later my right breast felt like a was a water ballon floating around rathan than an implant sitting. If i bend down can feel it swish etc.. Surgeon said its fluid around the implant, he said we have 2 options 1. To leave it for a week see if your body absorbs it, 2. Take you straight back into theatre. :( he said its not infacted. Not red, and my wonds are not leaking so its a good sign but to leave it come bk in one week and he will see then? In one week and 1 day i was supposed to be gong on holiday for a wedding then traveling to the cost to a villa :( cant go anymore-partners going to the wedding for 3 days and coming bk. im so p****d off! I evan gave up smoking 10 weeks today after smoking for 17 years because i was told it would dramatically lesson the chance complications. Can anyo e offer any advice?

Have you been in this situation and has your body reabsorbed the fluids and you have been ok?

My right breast looks very slightly bigger theres nit a huge difference at all!

My holiday after wedding was for my 30th :( if anyone has ever had this seroma pls offer advise i am devastated feeling extremely emotionally unstable Xx

Wil find out tonight if its any better or worse!...

Wil find out tonight if its any better or worse! Wish me luck!

Feeling 100% seroma gone.. Can lay on my side and...

Feeling 100% seroma gone.. Can lay on my side and on my front at last.. They finally feel like part of me. Long painful recovery but worth it.. Gutted i had to cancel holiday but my bf taking me on a new one end of may ;) codnt b happier with everything xx

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Awww! I'm so glad it worked out for you!! Enjoy that we'll deserved holiday!! :-)
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Holy Cow, sorry to hear! What will you do? Did you check Q&A? Any similar cases? x
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Yeh, umm if it gets bigger i have to go back to theatre to get it drained and tested for infection. If it happens again he will open me back up rinse the pocket out. If it happens again and there any infection try antibiotics. And worse case will have to have implant removed for 3 months and replaced under te hope it wnt do it again. Can u imagine aving one in and one out :(. Best case is take it easy, see surgion tues see if its improved if so means my body will prob absorb it all and it will be ok. Apparantly there is a risk of infection every time they drain it. So if my body absorbs it, that would be best. Gutted! How are you doing?
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Any news Hun?
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Sorry to hear you are experiencing seroma in your breast. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fluid will reabsorb and heal on its own. Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A discussing suggestions on what to do if this continues. Sorry about the holiday trip....hang in there and take it easy so your body can heal. Hugs!

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Thanks beth x
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From what I've seen here in the US it seems that muscle relaxers are routinely prescribed for BA. I get mine today :-) so I'll let you know if I agree LOL
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Hope your doing well.. well i say they are a godsend.. shame they dont routinely dish them out in the uk, my last 5 days would have been alot easier lol.. yeh let me know what you think
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Hi..so do you agree? Alot more comfortable with them init :)
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I didn't actually take any, surprisingly. I was fine taking 1 Percocet every 4 hrs. They didn't make me sleepy during the day and for some reason had no problems sleeping at night
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You look fantastic!!! Happy healing. I got mine 18 days ago and I'm super happy. They are still hight but getting softer. Congrats on your new addictions ;-) Btw I love your new bag, what brand is it or where did you get it? It's super cute!!!
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Thanks :) so do yours they look great! ;) i cant wait until Im at 18 days.. Just wana start doing things again without stiffness n sharp pains. i drew and handpainted the bag for myself few months ago- the laura one and i had alot of people ask Me to make them one. So thats what i do now, i have a website and make to order, www.juteylicious.co.uk You in any pain at 18 days or do you just feel Back to normal? X
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Great I will look at the website, I think I lot of the girls here in USA would love to get a bag like that its SUPER cute!!! Do you own a business or make any other products? I would like to get something starting here so we will see. And you look fantastic. I never really had pain, I just felt stiff for a while. I started to feel completely normal at 2 week mark. I did had some pain under my right incision for few days, started around week 2 and 1 of my friend is a Dr told me it was because the muscle inside had to adjust and it was pulling from the stitches, it only lasted few days and at day 16 was completely gone. Also I feel the tightness stared to get much better after the 2 weeks. I'm very thin so I guess my skin was working hard to adjust!. I think after the first 2 weeks you will be able to pain and do whatever you want but be careful ok ;-) I feel like I'm back to normal and can't wait to work out but my PS told me that even when I feel good my body is still healing so we will see if he let me do some light exercise when I see him on 04/23. Have a great day and try to take it easy ;-) XO
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Hiya.. Sorry late reply.. How are you doing? I cnt belive im still sore!! This is driving me around the bend lol.. Yeh its my buisness, Its quite new xx
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Hi there! I just had mine done 4 days ago but no drains.. pain level for me is probably 5 out of 10. If I didnt have the vicodin I think I would be going crazy though.. The drain looks scary o_o.. I hope you heal in a timely manner. Goodluck!
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You are so lucky you didnt have the drains... 5 thats not too bad.. i def think the drains added another 5 of pain level for me.. but day 6 today and all is good. 0 pain :) you still in pain or you ok? hope your healing well. i didnt have vicodin.. i had ibofin, codine,and paracetamol and antibiotics to come home with. The day of surgery i had morphene.
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why did you need a drain
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I dont know, i bleed alot in surgery due to thin blood?? and my surgeon said any excess blood is better out than in, as it can potensially cause problems if you bleed alot, He said your body will reabsorb the blood but it stops it from staying around your implants until obsorbed i guess. I think it may help the drop n fluff quicker? I cant post todays new pics until im on a laptop as im in my phone now in bed, but they already seemed to have dropped n fluffed a bit. Much less. Swelling too.
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Aw.. Feel better! Day 6 and you feel fine?! Its day 6 for me and im the most uncomfortable I have been since I got the BA. But I did work at 12 hour shift yesterday, Everythough I got to sit down the whole 12 hours.. Not being propped up with pillows and sitting on an old wooden chair didnt do any good for me. I really cant believe your paid is a 0 at day 6 I still find myself having to take pain meds when I wake up and throughout the day or I wouldnt make it.. Anywho goodlucky missy!
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Hey.. Well if i had done a 12 hr shift i wid feel un pain too.. I couldnt imagine going bk to work yet. Yeh i take paracetamol when i get up n before bed, but not thro the day anymore..ahh i hope you feel better soon. Happy healing x
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Heyya, pics look good, drain is scary though! I was soooo happy that I didn't get them. How's your pain level now? Did you get round or teardrop implants? Happy healing x
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Hey.. Pain is 0 today :) late in the evening its about a 3 and first thing in the morning.. drains were terrible.. they were heavy too so when i had to go to the bathroom i was trying to hold them etc scared incase i dropped them lol.. I had round.. i dont know why he decided on high profile though.. what cc did you get? thanks x
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No pain today? That's fabulous. Did you stop taking pain killers altogether? I got 375g high profile teardrop implants (Natrelle). Not sure either why I got high profile :) when are you having your first post op appointment?
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No pain gone today, yesterday there was no pain other than half hr in morning and about hr in eveing just before bed.. I was thinking about tear drops to.. but ended up going with round metor. Not until the 9th april, 13 days after surgery? seems a long time dont you think? what about you when is your first post op? Yes from day 5 only took 1 in morning and one in evening.. so it does get less painfull even though it never felt that way to me at the time lol.. so you got the same as me then... 375, i av no idea wha size that will take me to? what size you think ul end up with?
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Well, he checked on me the morning after surgery for the first time. Have to schedule my "proper" appointment tomorrow. Not too sure if I'll see him this or next week. But know that he wants to see me definitely within 2 weeks after surgery. Size wise I have no idea, hope to be a full C cup. The surgical bra is D/E but I'd say once the swellings are gone it won't fit anymore. When are you back in work? Are you still relaxing or back to normal? I am so extremely tired all the time but can not sleep longer than an hour on my back. Great to find someone who's in the same time zone :) x
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