Why do I have one breast larger then the other?

Hi ladies I don't really no who to talk to about...

Hi ladies I don't really no who to talk to about this so I came on here hoping for some advice or something. I'm nearly 3weeks post op I had 340cc unders I went from a 32a to I'm not sure what size yet. I'm so disappointed and well heart broken at how small they seem. I was hoping to be a nice big full d and with clothes on I look like a C or B cup.

I no they say wait till they drop and things but I really don't see how they would look any bigger. I've spent so much money and time and effort in this whole procedure and the last thing I thought I would be doing is posting a message like this. I don't even want to be around my freinds or leave the house because I just feel I'm being judged and that people will comment on the size.

Now I think about it I seemed happier before I had these implants. I also think I'm suffreing with depression slightly as my emotions are very high and I'm just randomly crying mainly with disappointment.

Sorry your not happy. Give it time and they do fluff and look better. If your really depressed ask your doctor if you can go larger, they may cost you for the implants but at least your not depressed. My PS said I have one year to larger at no extra surgical cost except I have to pay for the implants. I ended up being really happy and I think you will too, time time time. : ) hang in there. Happy Holidays.
Ok I will do thank you :)

I agree with FitLuv. This can be a tough part of your recovery. Give it a few weeks and then reevaluate. Please keep us posted!


Hi I had my breast implants 11weeks ago and my...

Hi I had my breast implants 11weeks ago and my left breast is a lot bigger them my right. I have my 3month appointment coming up soon but I just wanted to get some advice before please so anyone that could help me would be great thank you.
I do have a photo but I'm not sure how to upload it if someone could tell me how to please.
I've only just seen this message thank you :) and I'm really happy with my size now apart from my left seems bigger then my right breast. I'm not sure if it's because one has dropped and the other hasn't.
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