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Benn having botox in frown lines and crows feet...

Benn having botox in frown lines and crows feet for 2 years and last time it migrated following a touch up (not the main botox as it happened 4 weeks after that,2 weeks after touch up) and has caused cheek ptosis and I can't smile. I have deep marionette lines that weren't there before and look like a scare cartoon character if I try to smile. I've been back to the doctor who claims it should resolve in a few weeks becuse it was such a small dose. The touch up was 5 weeks ago, I have lip movement back but nothing in my cheeks, they seem to look staedily worse the longer they remain depressed. I'm very very frightened. All my research says it will go away even if it takes months but my face feels so paralysed just now that it feels permanent, Can anyone help me see a light at the end of the tunnel as to when I may start to see a little lifting?

Sorry about the spelling mistakes - I couldn't...

Sorry about the spelling mistakes - I couldn't edit it afterwards!

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please are you recovered?
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Well, the good & bad thing about Botox is it isn't permanent. Its bad when you have to keep paying for the treatment & wish it would last longer, however its amazingly good when something like this happens and you can at least comfort yourself with knowing it is just a matter of time until it moves through your system & things go back to normal.

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