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This cost includes several treatments. Had my...

This cost includes several treatments. Had my first one last week and I can honestly say there was no side effects and not much pain, face is slightly red and dry for two days after but soon goes. I do not see any improvement to my acne scars but it takes a few sessions so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my skin will improve.

I will keep you updated and let you know if it is worth the money or is it just another fad that makes a lot of money out of people like me who suffers with bad skin and would pay anything to have good skin.

It's now the end of March and had my second...

It's now the end of March and had my second Intracel treatment this week. The pain we ladies go through, face very red and dry after two days and looks very wrinkly but I am hoping once the oils come back into my skin and it smooths out a bit. I remember after my first session my face felt the same but it did improve.
Still very hard to say if it is worth it but I have to have another few treatments before I see any benefit, girls at work have not notice and you can easy cover the redness with makeup.
Will update again after my third session.
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I can see an improvement but it takes time and I have to give it at least 6 months after every treatment but my deep lines have faded and my skin is tighter, I am happy I got this done before going down the route of surgery.

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Well it is 6 days post treatment and my skin is looking fresher, it might be my imagination but my eyes look slightly lifted and mt neck looks a little less crepey, the track dots have now gone and I have been using gamma hydroxy forte which helps shed the skin. My next treatment is around one month so I will keep updating.
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Hi, I would be very interested to know if you have any further updates on your progress ?
I have provisionally booked a treatment ( not for acne scaring ) but as a anti ageing treatment, for skin tightening, the doctor I have seen is very impressed with the results he is seeing, but I have not been able to see any before and after photographs yet as the treatment is fairly new as a anti ageing treatment ( I have been advised that I would only need one treatment. I would be very interested to know where you are having the treatment to.

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Hi Sammy,
May I ask how much you paid for your treatment and where you had it done?, I thought that £795 was a standard price?.thanks
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After about 6 sessions to my face and especially the mouth area, I can honestly say there is an improvement to my lines. The skin is tightening and the lines are disappearing but I still have acne scaring. My next step is to have laser treatment to the skin to complete the treatment. But £795 is a lot of money to pay for one treatment, I would not pay this much as the results are not worth it.
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I just had it done about 2 hours ago and was dreading it thinking it might be really painful but the anaesthetic was very strong and it wasn't that bad at all, it felt like a stapler that wasn't using staples. My neck and décolleté was red when I left but my face wasn't that bad, now I am home it has all gone down and is tingling but I think the anaesthetic has not yet worn off, it is not uncomfortable but I will keep updating as the days go on, I plan to have 3 in total at a cost of £795 each.
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Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm glad you are able to cover the redness with makeup. I'll be looking forward to hearing how things look as you continue to heal up!

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I have just purchased an INTRAcel machine for my Aesthetic clinic in Dorset,England.
The research on this new type of RF/Needling show very good results with an extremely high level of patient satisfaction and safety.
We have already been having good success with just simple Dermaroller micro needling for the last few years but feel that the addition of target specific Radio-frequency will give us effective skin tightening together with scar and fine lines reduction .
I will keep you updated as to the results we achieve over the year.
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Thanks so much for starting your review. I'll be very interested to hear if you see noticeable changes in your scaring. My fingers are crossed for you too!

I'm not familiar with the "Intracel" treatment. Would you mind filling me in on what it is (ie a peel, a laser treatment, etc.)

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The treatment works by fractional radio frequency and dermal needling, heating the deep dermis causing stimulation of the tissue to produce healthy skin such as collagen and elastin. The needles penetrate deep in the dermis and and heat the tissues for micro-seconds, healing time is very fast and it produces new healthy skin and fades scarring.
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