6 weeks op NEW PICTURES fleur di lis

My motivation to feel & look ok in my clothes...

My motivation to feel & look ok in my clothes I've been thinking about it for over 10 years. I'm really feeling excited more than anything, I can't wait I'm a bit worried about the recovery and how long it will be before I can exercise, I have learned so much on this forum it's become quite addictive it's so great to hear other stories.

23 days to go really want to lose a few pounds but I seem to be eating more, I exercise a lot so I am maintaining my weight, I'm having surgery in the UK I researched some would say stalked my PS, I can't wait for my pre op I have lots of questions to ask, I can't seem to concentrate on anything else is this normal?
Good luck not long to wait, mine is scheduled for 21st Jan 2013 xx
Hi Andrea are u having your surgery in the UK. I had mine done on the 10 th best decision I ever made . I did have messed up dreams but not about the surgery itself . Think the mind just over things things when it's getting close .

3 weeks to go hospital bag packed, just need to...

3 weeks to go hospital bag packed, just need to get some pillows still waiting for my pre op appointment, I still can't wait I'm not finding much information on the fleur di lis though can any one give me advice on recovery ?
Hi Andrea I too am from the uk I am having mine with mr Murphy at the spire whalley range I too exercise like mad stayed same weight now for 2 yrs after Losing 4 stone good luck for your up coming surgery I too think about it 24/7 lol x x
Thank you it's getting closer for me I'm using bmi health as I could get 0% for 6 months,
Brill - hubby has cashed in a policy to pay for mine - just want it over and done with now x

Not long now booked in for 29th oct I can't wait...

Not long now booked in for 29th oct I can't wait I'm scared and excited .
trying to get everything ready, I have waited so long for this i had 3 kids in 4 years and my weight went up and down with each, my kids are 13 14 & 17 and after being overweight most of my life i'm only 37 now, I have lost about 7 & a half stone over the last 10 years I've be able to maintain this and after losing weight I started exercising and it became a way of life I am addicted, but its so frustrating when your super fit doing 8 - 10 hours a week exercise a week and you can't get rid of the belly, I have a lot of excess skin and although my lower abs are not too bad all the rest are trashed so I'm having fleur di lis with full muscle repair its costing me £5225 and will be worth every single penny,
I'm going to try and post some pics on here this week.
Andrea know what you mean about all the exercise and belly wint go I lost 4 stone with W.W 2yrs ago have maintained since walk at least 60-100 miles per week and still belly hang so frustrating can't wait to get rid of mine - good luck x x
Just thought I would add I lost weight with slimming world and for the last 2 & a half years I've been a consultant and now run 2 very successful groups and help nearly 300 men & women achieve there weight loss goals. I absolutely love my job but it is hard to stand confidently in front of up to 50 people at a time ( mainly women) and talk about weight issues, I told my groups this week what I was doing and had some great feedback I could have cried, I knew they would understand I was very open and honest as I always am with my members but still felt obliged to justify why I was doing it, I stressed I really would not spend over £5000 on surgery, that I will be in theatre for 5 & a half hours if I diddn't need it , So I'm on countdown everyone's advice and tips have been fantastic I don't go for my pre op till 23 rd so I'm bursting with questions.
Hi Andrea, counting down??!! Did you find my profile? If you have any other questions for me, please don't hesitate. xxx

Pre op appointment arrived today !!! only 14 days...

Pre op appointment arrived today !!! only 14 days to go till the big op.....
i can't quite believe I'm at last gonna be rid of my awful jelly belly, I could cry I'm so excited I really hope I'm not disappointed, I met a lady by chance on Saturday she is a plastic surgery nurse she spoke very highly of my ps and said he is one of the best so I feel so happy, I'm busy right up until the day before I go in so its happening really fast, I'm gonna have a go posting pics later is it easier to do on phone or I pad ?
Well my pre op appointment arrived this morning in 7 days i go and see ps again i spend an hour with the pre op nurse and then 1 hour with ps that should be long enough to answer my 101 questions ha ha. so this time in 2 weeks it will all be over I will be recovering. I'm going to call tomorrow and make the payment well my husband is then that's its just a couple of things to get, extra pillows ready to eat prunes, I'm going to try and have 2 really good weeks with my food all my exercise has sort of balanced out my erratic eating & drinking I think it's nerves and not sleeping very well

Less than 2 weeks until the big op anyone else had...

Less than 2 weeks until the big op anyone else had the fleur de lis ? Not much on here,
seem to remember someone saying your not hunched over the same because of the incision can anyone confirm, I'm still mega excited I've got most things also do I need a waterproof sheet for my bed, I'm not coming home with drains so a bit worried about leaks x

OH NO ....... Only 7 days to go and I woke today...

OH NO ....... Only 7 days to go and I woke today with a sore throat and a cough usually I would get on with it, but I went straight to the pharmacy and got everything I could to stop this, there is no way I'm not having this surgery next week it's all paid for all £5225 of it, my bags packed I've sorted my cover for work, this is the last thing I need, I have my pre op tomorrow too, I just have a few bits to get I'm working until friday and i'm at a wedding all day Saturday in which we are staying over, so not had much time to think about it or get too nervous.
I need to get some extra pillows has anyone used the pillow wedge ? Do I need it for my knees at night?
I'm guessing PS will take pics at pre op tomorrow so I'm gonna take iPad and ask him to do some for me too,
Hey... Fingers crossed for you, I have had problems with the Internet at home, I did leave a message with the gym staff, hope you got it.. I do have a couple of binders and I don't want any pennies from you! I will try & reply to your original message & I will leave my number for you. Xxx
Great thanks very much xx
As much rest as possible should help- your body heals at rest. I had the fleur de lis done (more fat than skin was my issue, and I'm short) and I couldn't describe the happiness in my first PO appointment at how flat my tummy is. I am glad I had the fleur de lis because I think if I had gone to a surgeon that did a traditional incision, it wouldn't look as well. Just be very careful to take it especially easy with this type of incision- its slightly harder to heal, because of the intersection of the inverted T shape- give lots of TLC to your body and good luck, you will live the results.

Pre op done yesterday everything went well, i got...

Pre op done yesterday everything went well, i got all measured up for my compression garment i get 2 as ps wants me to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks. I told him I was a little worried about swelling and he said that he leaves a bit of tissue inbetween and that reduces the swelling a lot.
my cough & cold is getting better, I really wanted to be doing loads in the gym this week but decided to take a few days off,
i really hope i'm not going to be disappointed i have waited so long for a flat tummy i feel i should not build up my hopes, i asked ps if he takes the maximum amount of skin and he said he will he also told me I will be very happy with the results I hope I am, I was asking about ab exercises and although I can do some gentle walk/jog & bike after 3 weeks, the stuff I do body combat/attack & pump he wants me to wait 3 months which I'm gonna find really difficult, but if I want my abs to stay stitched up I'm going to have to do it, but hey I will at last be able to look ok in a swim suit.
I also had to lose my false nails today I feel naked ha ha had them on for so long.
Oh we'll not long now I finish work on Friday and then we are going to a posh wedding on Saturday so no time to feel nervous still really excited.,

Forgot to mention I'm having the fleur de lis so...

Forgot to mention I'm having the fleur de lis so I'm not having any lipo but ps said my inner thighs will lift slightly I'm so happy about that 4 days to go.
I also had the fleur de lis without lipo and was a little apprehensive about it. Not only did it help my stomach, but it took a few little roles out of my back!!! Now that I've had it done (along with a circumferential), I am sooo happy I did it! Good luck to you and looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Well i've waited so long for this about 13 years...

Well i've waited so long for this about 13 years and Today's the day just having my last breakfast before the fast, it's 7.15am now I'm having surgery at 1 pm feeling slightly nervous & excited, I'll keep you posted ......
Hope you are doing well!! Can't wait to hear how it went :)
Good luck today! I'll be waiting to hear how you did!
Good luck and thinking of you. X

Post op day 1 went down last night about 5.30 and...

Post op day 1 went down last night about 5.30 and came out of recovery at 11 was still a bit all over, ps removed 6 lbs of skin not had a proper look yet,
Who knew getting out of bed was going to be so painful, hubby coming later to have dinner with me, 2 drains in but not much coming out feel like I've done 1000 sit ups feeling a bit tired will post again later
Well done can't wait to see your post op piccies x

Post op day 2 pain not too bad ps removed drains...

Post op day 2 pain not too bad ps removed drains cause there was nothing in them really put cg on feels much more secure, hardest thing is still getting in and out of bed, I'm keeping up with medicine, my hubby has been amazing and kids (3 teenagers) fantastic I came home to a spotless house, and was told to just sit and rest, feel a bit better now I'm home but can feel each day will get easier, I go back to ps in 10 days to have dressings removed, feel a little swollen but ver happy with the flatness.
Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures as you heal! I went to a consultation on Monday, I have wanted a TT for 24 years! I think I may schedule mine for December 26th.
your pic looks fab. the getting out of bed gets easier each day . I'm 7 weeks now and been back to 100% SINCE ABOUT 5 . take it easy and get lots and lots of rest. happy healing x

Post op day 3 not a bad nights sleep woke a couple...

Post op day 3 not a bad nights sleep woke a couple of times, getting out of bed is easier stomach feels quite tight over incisions, I have coughed a few times today which is painful, not done much today drank about 3 litres of water so been up and down stairs to toilet, which is easy enough to do, I've noticed I have leaked a little from my belly button is this normal?

Feeling better every day, I'm going to change cg tomorrow so will get a better look although dressings have to stay on till I see ps but I will take pics anyway.
Not regretting it one, I also don't seem to have any appetite either and can only eat small portions cause I fill up real fast, this is good cause I really don't want to gain any weight while I'm not exercising x
I believe after the muscle repair somehow you get fuller eating hope so lol. Glad your recovery is going well. xx
Thank you for all your messages xx

Post op day 4 had a good sleep only woke once I...

Post op day 4 had a good sleep only woke once I took the compression garment for a couple f hours this morning what a relief.
Took a couple of pics still very swollen but looking good, went out for lunch to my favourite place for lunch just a starter that was enough, I had a mad coughing fit on the way home very painful, my husband was terrified he hates seeing me in pain he's been great, I don't plan on leaving the house for a few days looking forward to doing nothing.
I reduced my strong pain killers as its more manageable.

Sorry about the upside down pics

Sorry about the upside down pics

Post op day 5 only woke once in the night, not so...

Post op day 5 only woke once in the night, not so much painful as uncomfortable still a bit swollen but the cg is so tight I'm so tempted to have a day off, don't plan on doing anything today or tomorrow just going to rest, had first bm this morning not as painful as I thought but glad it's over, I've not really eaten much this week I've still go no appetite I have drunk lots of water though.
I have some protein powder that is supposed to be great for tissue & muscle repair so I'm going to start that today. I'm not having as many pain killers each day is getting easier, so happy I have a wound check next week so I will be able to see the scar and hopefully have a shower x

I've been so tempted to weigh myself even though...

I've been so tempted to weigh myself even though ps removed 6lbs .of skin, i am very swollen so i was expecting to be heavier but I was 8 1/2 pounds lighter . i'm so happy xx
Wow amazing just goes to show how much lose skin we have x x x

Post op day 6 Good weekend spent it doing pretty...

Post op day 6 Good weekend spent it doing pretty much nothing, plenty of rest walking upright completely. only really taking strong pain killers through the night I think I could probably have something weaker but they make me sleepy so help me get back off to sleep, hardly any pain really just twinges now and again, I also sometimes get like a burning pain along my lower incision,

I had another bm no problem at, I also started my period also no problem with cramps at all, must be the level of drugs still in my system, I go for a wound check on Wednesday so get to see my scar for the first time, I've kind of got used to the compression garment now I've took it off for 10 minutes yesterday cause I was quite swollen, I felt much more secure when I put it back on.
I'm finding the swelling gets worse as the day goes on but still very happy with the results, my appetite is slowly coming back but I defiantly can't eat as much as before I feel like I have an internal corset on and everything has been pushed back into place.

I intend to rest for the next few days after speaking and reading about other people I'm not going to do too much too soon. I'll upload some more pics in a few days.

Post op day 6 feeling great walking a bit quicker...

Post op day 6 feeling great walking a bit quicker I've been completely straight a few days now, not taking any pain meds still feel twinges from muscle repair and incision but not in any pain, went out for an hour today bit of fresh air did me good tried on some clothes looking good with my flat tummy, put my jeans on no problem it was just uncomfortable next to my belly button,
I have my wound check on Friday so I can finally see the scar and have a shower. Still loving the results I changed cg last night and felt a little uneasy without it, I will post pics on Friday after wound check.

Post op day 8 I think?? Had a full 8 hours getting...

Post op day 8 I think?? Had a full 8 hours getting used to sleeping on my back I like to sleep on my front, my husband likes it too as I don't seem to snore ha ha must be all the pillows, I am more or less sleeping up right with my knees bent, I can get in and out of bed now with little pain, but still quite tired so catching up on lots of sleep, I've not taken any pain killers today went out with husband this morning did a bit of shopping only on my feet about half an hour and I started swelling, but not too bad rested for a few hours made tea I'm ok can do most things just need to have a rest after. My lovely husband even washed my air for me and bending over the bath was ok too.
Going to have dressings checked tomorrow can't wait to see scar I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Feeling good and loving the results x
How did you get on with your dressings the other day? How did the incisions look?

You are doing fantastic and look amazing.  Keep up the good work:)

Finally after all my looking I have found someone who has had the fluer di lis tummy tuck!!! I'm booked in for mine in 4 weeks. Very nervous!!!

Exactly 14 days ago at I was waking up in recovery...

Exactly 14 days ago at I was waking up in recovery room with a nice flat tummy.

Sorry been a bit AWOL for a few days ......
Fri finally had dressings removed my fleur di lis incision looks great ps was very happy I have desolveable stitches, it has healed perfectly at the T section which i was concerned about, the cut is very straight and I can at last have a shower, he wants to see me in 3 weeks to see how it's going,
Me and hubby decided to go for lunch and a spot of clothe shopping I desperately wanted a pencil skirt. Got one and it looks fab with a sexy leopard print top all fitted, it's not very often I come out of the fitting room smiling but today I was beaming.

I went back to work Saturday morning had lots of help and it was ok I also drove for the first time not very far, but I had no choice it was ok though.
I rested all afternoon for about 4-5 hours because I was going out on the town for a few hours my friend was driving me so there was hardly any walking involved.

Saturday night was a friends leaving do my last chance to see her before she travels thousands of miles away, so really wanted to go I think I was so looking forward to being out the house today and seeing friends and just getting nice clothes and make up on gave me lots of extra energy,
I didd'nt swell up at all today my best day so far.
I've been off the medication for a few days now, so think that has helped.

Sunday was spent relaxing and resting no pain at all walking straight
Monday ( today) I took a pain killer late last night mainly to help me sleep and I had a few pains here and there, I slept all night but have been very tired today and slept a lot today.

Had a shower this evening still have bits of dried glue on my incision I rubbed a bit of coconut oil on scar but I'm not sure if its too soon, I started getting a few niggles after but I don't know if that was cause I had cg off and was rubbing tummy a bit too firmly.

I have added more pics, I'm quite happy with the scar so far I was prepared for it looking really horrific and its not too bad at all, and its only 14 days post op.
You look like you are healing really well. Did your ps advise you to rub the incision with anything or just do gentle massage? I remember when I had my appendix out my surgeon told me to gently rub the scar and it would make it smooth and flat. Can hardly see it now.
Hi yes after the op my ps said that he had done a lot of muscle repair I think that is what has been the most painful.
Yes that's what I have heard too. My PS said at my initial consult I didn't have alot if muscle separation so I'm hoping that is the case when he gets in there .

Post day 15 still doing ok I have been off meds...

Post day 15 still doing ok I have been off meds for a bit and sleeping all night, I'm still resting loads but I'm getting bored, I have started scar treatment using palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E if feels strange afterwards but my scar is looking great.
Hardly any pain just a bit stiff when I've been sat for a bit and a few muscle spasms here "& there but nothing major.
I am slowly doing a bit more and feel a bit more swollen after but nowhere near like it was last week.
Still really happy xx
Hi yes I have started scar treatment a couple of times a day using palmers cocoa butter formula with vitamin E cream x

Post op day 21 from fleur di lis with extensive...

Post op day 21 from fleur di lis with extensive muscle repair
Feeling great but still feeling the after effects of the muscle repair, and along with the swelling it can be uncomfortable but not really painful, I seem to be getting a bit stiff if I'm sat in the same position for too long.
I thought I might be ready for some gentle exercise but I'm listening to my body and don't feel ready yet, but I'm gonna have to next week as I've been out to lunch most days with different friends and I'm gonna end up gaining weight ha ha.

I'm still resting not as much as I have been, but maybe I'm relaxing a bit more.
I don't see ps for another 2 weeks but he was happy for me to start scar treatment, I'm still very impressed with the scar.

Post op 5 weeks Doing great still get the odd...

Post op 5 weeks
Doing great still get the odd twinge every now and then but nothing too painful, I'm still suffering with a bit of swelling usually afternoon time if I've done a bit too much, but first thing in the morning my tummy is so flat and you can really see the hour glass shape from the muscle repair, I know when the swelling goes down it will look amazing.

My scar is still looking great nice and straight and my belly button looks fab.
I will post some pics this week.
Still can't believe how great I feel in my clothes which has always been my motivation I'm getting a bit sick of wearing leggings though, my jeans still feel a bit uncomfortable when I sit down.
It cost £5225 and it was worth every single penny, my ps has an open door policy so I can call txt or e mail if I have any concerns, the fastener on one of my compression garments broke and another was ordered straight away with no charge, I can't fault my ps and his ps nurse who happens to be his wife is great.
I go to see him next week for another check.
I'm wearing the cg during the day but have swapped to a binder at night I find it more comfortable, I've not managed to sleep on my tummy yet but can sleep on my side ok,
Awesome you look great! Are you pleased that you did the Fleur De Lis?

Post op week 6 Still feeling good , had my 6...

Post op week 6
Still feeling good , had my 6 week check today all went well my ps is very pleased with the results as am I,
I'm still swollen not all the time, but also very flat so it's no hardship. I'm still wearing my cg during the day and a binder at night I find the binder helps me sleep on my side better, I tried to sleep on my tummy and I'm not ready for that yet. Ps said I don't have to wear cg all the time it's up to me, I do feel better with it on though. And will wear when I exercise.

I have been cleared for exercise only treadmill & bike though, he said I can try running but listen to my body,
He wants me to wait until the 3 month mark before I do my high impact stuff and I can't even do Pilates, I'm gonna be a stone heavier by the time Christmas comes ha ha.

I keep feeling lots of twinges and like a pulling sensation inside it feels strange, I think it's everything knitting back together I had a lot of muscle repair. ps also told me to do lots of massage on my tummy area and that will help with the swelling.

I'm adding a few new pics, I'm very happy with the scar it's healed really well and first thing in the morning before the swelling starts I am so flat and have great contours at the side, 97 % of my stretch marks have gone and I had a lot, and my belly button looks amazing.

Very happy lady

You look fantastic. I have my TT mid May, but I do know that my surgeon said I'm borderline for needing a Fleur De Lis incision. I think I probably DO need one, but I don't want one. Mostly because I have an auto-immune disease and sometimes have trouble healing, and I know there is a higher issue with healing with such a big incision. However, I want a great result... sigh... hard to know what to do!
Andrea have you checked out Metalmomma page. She is doing weights and says it is helping her to tone up, it's the cardio that contributes to the swelling. Worth checking out she has some great advice.
Wow! You look awesome! I am so happy that I saw your story as I am also having the fleur de lis on January 31. I feel so much more relaxed now that I have seen how well you have done with this. Scar looks great!! I'm so happy for you!
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Research him fully

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