It was a great experience I was awake the whole...

It was a great experience I was awake the whole time I didn't felt pain just pressure. And the advantages is that you dont risk your life because is local anesthesia, you recover a lot faster is my 3rd day and I'm able to go to work tomorrow. He's and amazing doctor you can call him at anytime for questions and he always has a positive attitude! Because is my 3rd day I'm still swollen but you can already see amazing results. you be the judge of my pictures!
oh my!! You look great just wait until the swelling goes down, you will not keep your eyes away from the mirror.
thanks you are right is already happening I cant keep my eyes away from the mirror! :)
Was this just liposuction? Or was Butt lift included? You look awesome:)

more before and after pictures! day 4 :)

Today is Day 4 and yesterday I was able to go to work ! I'm loving my NEW body more and more every day! I thank with all my heart Doctor Ayman Shahine! I'm so glad you are able to recover so fast, I was even able to take my 2 kids to the park today!

more before pictures I took before my surgery!

Amazing Results! !!!

I'm so happy , Having my new body now completly change my life! :)

Omg!! never felt better on a dress!!!

Day 5! My first time wearing something thight . I never thought ill look this good on a dress ! I'm sooo Happy! I definitely pick the right Doctor!

best doctor!

had a wonderful and positive experience with Dr Shahine. I don't work for him and I really don't care . I'm just telling you sisters about my honest to God real life experience. MY mother had her procedure with him a few years ago and now in her mid fifties she still looks great with beautiful curves. All her friends who she recommended to him still look great and are very satisfied. I found him on and I see his good work. I also saw some negative comments about him but I felt they were too subjective and un trust worthy. His work spoke for itself and someone with such results and exprience had to be great. I went ahead and had lipo with fat transfer to my butt with him and I couldn't be happier with my outcome .He is a very professional classy and caring person. He agreed to accept me as a patient after my blood test results and medical assement were normal . The procedure was comfortable and not painful at all. It was much easier than going to my dentist. I paid with my care credit. His office is high end and pristine with lots of medical machines and high end lasers. During the fat transfer to the butt I felt some pressure but really no pain. He took his time and chatted with me the whole time educating me how to take care of myself. He did tell me that smoking, even if second hand desensitizes to anesthesia and that what I do in terms of post op care and adherence to post procedure instructions is more important than the surgery itself in order to obtain a good final outcome, especially with fat transfer because it is a living changing tissue. He also showed me pictures of people who did not follow instructions and wore very tight clothing which gave them lines and irregularities, and taught me how to avoid that. yes I paid money but I feel it was worth every penny. I am very happy with my outcome. I am writing this because this dr really changed my life and gave me my self respect and self esteem back. I did post my pictures for all to see and I will continue to update all about my progress. please feel free to mail me. Good luck

This is what I call a MIRACLE!!! look at my before and afte much fat was removed?
ill say all the extra fat I had is gone ! !!!:)
Wow u look so good!

the actual video of my proce

My mother was with me and she shot the video of my procedure which I present to Dr shahine as a thank you and for all my sisters out there to see the reality of things as they are. copy and paste

I descided to show my video and pictures for all to learn.

have some time on my hands so i can respond now. My experience with Dr shahine was really really good. He is very kind,caring, really honest and can be trusted. Our family knows him for over 6 years. He operated on my mother a few years ago then my sister and later my other sister and I was done last. I will post some additional pictures and a video of the surgery that my mother shot of me during the procedure ( which I gave to him as a gift to put on youtube ,wwwhttp://youtube/6eIcioJsSJY). I read the negative comments people posted and they were all exaggerated. besides they did not post their pictures. It could be any competitor or ex unhappy employee, or a really unrealistic weirdo lady.One Lady had a very bad outcome from another Dr and when she couldnt get an appointment with Dr Shahine she wrote tons of negative comments about him all over the place. Another lady never met him and wrote negative comments about him just based on the other womans anger. Most of the criticisim they posted about him was in reality good !!. Look at the pictures that they posted. Great results . One lady braged that she never came for follow up and posted her pictures that showed dramatic, beautiful improvement but i could see lines of tight compression garments on her skin which she could have easily avoided if she came to him for follow up. Another lady was unhappy because she shrunk two sizes!!!!, well with most lipo doctors, people dont shrink any sizes!!. They only remove a some bulges of fat!! so dr shahine really did a great job on her. I feel these people have unrealistic expectations, and nothing makes them happy. Another lady said he is fake, how crazy, hahahaha. He is a real MD in practice for over 20 years, and is fully liscenced in a few different states. He is an obgyn who had additional training in cosmetic surgery at some of the best institutions in the world. I saw the actual certificates and he also put them in his website, NY, and thats why I think he does such excllent work for he understands women's needs and body. Also in my research I discovered that liposuction was invented byan obgyn, Dr Fisher. Google inventor of liposuctio .also inventor of abdominoplasty was Dr kelly, another obgyn. I have personally met many of the patients whose pictures are on you tube while I was in in his waiting room and in the vast majority of cases people are very happy.There were few complaints here and there like anything else, ( only god is perfect). Most of these patients wore very tight clothings that gave them some lines and bumps and did not follow the instructions he gave them. I have given my honest to God opinion and experience wit the Doctor and please see my video on youtube, which I posted in this review and pictures and contact me for any questions. I will try to answer whenever i can in my free time . like a told one lady here, a pivture is worth a thousand words and I have my pictures and video to show it all
I saw my dr today for follow up and he pointed out to me that the faja I am wearing is too tight and it is making lines that could become dents if left too long. This is an important issue that people have to pay attention to when wearing the faja because it could mess up the work. The Dr said that tight fajas cause a lot of problems after lipo with lines and dents and tha'ts why post op followup is important. I also discussed with my dr some of the negative comments that get posted here and there,he said that one disgrunted ex employee makes diffrent screen names and posts as many negative comments as she could and she copies and pastes them every where persistantly with passion,and that had actually helped him a lot because it drove unrealistic and superficial people away. I also asked my dr to post my before and after pictures so people can benefit from my experience.The staff also told me about a nice lady who had her surgery videod like me and she too want to have it posted. I dont have the link to that video but I will get it and post it here for all to see. These pictures and videos show the true naked reality of the procedures and are great educational tools. I think we should all take advantage of them.
I love Dr Shahine he does great work. I got a bunch of hate mail too thinking I worked for him or that I was fake. Some women who bash are those who don't follow directions. Before care and aftercare is very important, eating clean and wearing the CG is key. I had my procedure done in March now I am getting my BA done this 30th and then I'll be complete. Haters will hate. Keep a smile and enjoy that nice body. Happy healing
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I love Dr. Shahine for the great job he did on me and for his class and professionalism

I visited my dr yesterday afternoon and he was very happy that my results are maintained. I am very happy with my curves . I wore the faja too tight and it was starting to give me compression lines and dents which he educated me on how to avoid. My advice to all the ladies out there is do not wear your faja too tight because it could mess up things and cause lines and dents. As the Dr said his surgery is not the only determinant of the final success. what I as a patient do in terms of adhering to post operative advice is as important for a final good outcome as the surgery itself.

3 months after my surgery !! love my results!!!

I just feel and look better and better!! im in love with my results!!

more before ans after pic!!


before and after pictures !

I feel so happy with my results!!!!
you look amazing!
What type of faja did you get. My Dr had me get one that I can't imagine will fit me even after so tight and bulky. Btw your post is the most inspiring
thank you so much!!! the Faja I got from my doctor is called: Forma tu Cuerpo. they are amazing !! they have them in the.Union nj office Xoxox

Loving my body more and more!! :-)

im extremely happy with my results! my BODY has never look so great!

amazing results!!!

looking big ;) yay!!!!!
Looks like a new woman! Congratulations to the new you!!! Your Doc did the damn thing, Love it!
thanks Love ;)

Thank you Dr.Shahine! :-)

I just love my new body! I have no words to describe how happy I am ! :-)
Wowwwww! Unbelievable results!
How much did he charge u?

thank you dr Shahine! I love my new body!!

In 26 years of my life and after having 2 kids I have never look better in a bathing suit
if you don't mind me asking how much did you pay? your results are on point!
Awesome results
I've watched several videos and after reading comments and reviews, I will be going with Dr. Shahine!! I will call him for a consultation and go from there. I much rather be awake with headphones on then have to be put under anesticia. Thank you!
Dr. Ayman Shahine

Dr. Ayman Shahine has completly change my LIFE!! I was in the worst depression of my life I was just not Happy with my body and no matter how much I work out at the gym I was never able to see results. After I saw the before and after of people I know including my sister I made the best decision of my life! because I know no doctor out there would have sculpt and shape my body the way he did! And the most amazing thing about his work is that he's able to do all this without leaving any ugly scar! The incisions are so tiny that in a couple of days you can even see them!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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