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I had perfect natural teeth. Had. The only slight...

I had perfect natural teeth. Had. The only slight flaw was that I had small white spots on the lower part of my top front teeth (2). Like an idiot I never imagined i could ever loose this. I drank and didn't take care of them and the yellowed. I originally wanted teeth whitening but was convinced to get my top 2 teeth bonded to cover the contrast of yellow and white. The dentist conservatively drilled enamel and placed the bonding material. I didn't like it. The machine gave me craze lines. But overall it looked ok. I should halve stopped there. I had it done in Ecuador.

When came back to Jersey, I wanted a scratch to be removed and was told it could be polished off. It worked. I was happy. Then i hit my right tooth with a fork, and went to have it lightly polished again--but it was a different dentist (same office). She drilled OFF my dental bonding and along with layers of enamel exposing a thin front tooth. I went livid. I got off and searched for the other dentist to fix it and she said they had to re-bond my tooth. I trusted her.

She did a sloppy job. She ended up putting more composite on top of the composite giving me 2 layers of this dull bonding material and even went up to my tooth and gave me an UNEVEN Gumline. I asked for her to fix it but she left the room. They all looked at me like i was crazy! On top of that i was told i had to pay $125 on the spot. They even wanted to sell me the veneer option but i payed and ran out.

I ran to another dentist to fix the crooked material seeping into my gum line and he shaved MORE enamel off. It's even but it looks much thiner and duller. It looked like a piece of gum on my tooth. I REGRET IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. I can't sleep. I don't eat. I'm breaking out. What have I done?!

I'm a 22 year old female.

I'm so sorry that you're unhappy with the outcome of your bonding.  :(

Do you have pictures to show us what happened?  I don't really understand, cause I'm not good at visualization.  I thought bonding was usually used so you wouldn't have to shave the teeth?  Veneers are supposed to look more real, if you're willing to shave the teeth.  Also, I thought bonding was usually to repair teeth, but you said you used it instead of whitening?

Thank you for sharing your story.
There is no better work than natural teeth. Unfortunately I dont have pictures of the bad job they did. I had to go to Ecuador and get it fixed and it looks better now....but I still have the craze lines....I hope in the future I could do lumineers but all this trauma made me realize that im actually kind of lucky--they look normal now. I guess I just have to get used to having cracked teeth. I went from naturally perfect to maturally imperfect....not worth. Please do NOT ever get ANYTHING done on natural teeth. Braces and oral hygiene is a must. Had I just gone for whitening I could have had perfect teeth....but my road to perfection cost me the structure of my teeth...I regret it more than anything.
Correct bonding is great for small chips but they will "polish" (it ac tually is drill and it may crack enamel but dentist dont rell you this) and etch the tooth as preparation work so that the bonding can adhere better. Since I had several procedures done there was A lot of drilling ...."polishing" that is the biggest B.S. these dentistist call it.

Problem slightly improved

Update: I got the teeth polished and they look normal now. Naturally inperfect....I still have craze lines and they are thinner....but they look normal. I still regret ever touching them. Please never get any dental work done even the simplest of things can go wrong and there is no going back.

present day

This is the "fixed version" 7/29
I see the current picture and your teeth look great. I would not do a thing for a while. I did Invisalign and have nice straight teeth but not PERFECT. I decided to wait a while. I know think too much work looks phony and is risky. I will accept the tiny flaws. I do like the straight teeth. I am afraid if I get more work. I won't like it.
Hey, @mic123!  You finished your Invisalign?  Are you in full-time retainers now or are you already at part-time?
Tiny flaws are normal and im sure your teeth turned out great! And yea don't do any thing else.

My front teeth

Here is a quality photo that shows my problem.
sure they resented the work done out of country
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Unprofessional. Impatient. Selfish.

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