Unhappy with Off-center Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

I had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation...

i had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation three weeks ago abroad in Cyprus. After having two children and loosing my baby weight my body was a mess i had badly damaged skin from the belly button downwards and saggy smaller breasts. it made me deeply unhappy and effected my relationship with my husband as i had lost all confidence in myself, i had tried to loose weight to solve my baggy stomach but it only looked worse and also i lost all shape and fullness to my breasts. so after much research i came to the conclusion that surgery was my only option.

It has taken 4 years but it has finally happened and i am thrilled with the results, apart from an off center belly button (Which i am hoping can be fixed) everything looks fantastic and i still have a little swelling so it will get even better when the swelling goes down.

The recovery was admittedly quite tough in the first week as i had two procedures together, i had little to no use of my arms for the first three days as i had my implantsplaced under under the muscle i was able to use them to feed myself and to drink but to move my body around to get comfortable forget it also due to the muscle tightening in my tummy i was unable to use these as well so it was very difficult i had to use my legs a lot to push myself into more comfortable positions. the pain for the implants was more severe than the tummy which i found surprising. Also i was not expecting to be bent over and not able to stand up straight after the tummy tuck, a failure on my part in not asking the correct questions. However after leaving the hospital after three days i was off pain meds during the day and only continued for two more nights. three weeks on and i am nearly upright and and getting stronger with each day.

I would deff recommend this surgery to any one who is considering having it, just be prepared, the first week i did wonder why i did it as pain was bad, BUT it did not last LONG and is now a distant memory and was deff worth it.

If you are miserable as i was i know how it affects your life, i used to think about it every day and could not escape the feelings of disgust about myself but now i have a new found confidence and i feel free.

i am three weeks post tummy tuck surgery i am very happy with the overall results however and i have an off center belly button by about 1cm which i am unhappy about, is this normal due to swelling (mine is fairly minimal) or will my belly button stay like this, if so is there anything that be done to correct this and if so what is involved.thank you in advance for your time.
UPDATE - I have found by far the best thing for stretching out /rounding out the belly button is foam ear plugs you can roll them as small as you need and they slowly expand once placed inside the belly button you will need to keep them in place with tape and lots of patience. good luck

I had a full tummy tuck in June. I was told beforehand that I might have a vertical scar below my new navel because my tummy was not so big to start with. So, I was not surprised by that once I woke up. I do however have more bulgy looser skin on one side of the bellybutton and it makes me think that the bellybutton is off center. Also, the scar on the hip of one side is fatter. The skin seems to hang over the scar slightly. I am going back in October to have the bulge on the hip lipoed, but I am not sure whether the bulge next to the bellybutton can be fixed. The surgeon told me he wanted to augment the vertical scar of the old navel because he did not like the looks of it that much. On the whole, I do probably look much better, but I am also a little disappointed in my surgeon.

I had my tummy tuck a month ago, I am so unhappy. I had a bad smart lipo procedure that left me damaged. I had to have a tummy tuck to remove the damaged areas. I asked if there was enough skin and was told yes but when I woke up I still had my old belly button sewn up under my new one. My new belly button is off center and it is very apparent. How in the world do you screw this up? You are supposed to be professional people yet you lie when we ask you simple forward questions? I have more scars than I ever signed up for and am so sick of being hurt and lied to. I wanted a low scar but not at the risk of having two belly buttons. So 3 inches below my off center button I have a vertical scar and he acts like I shoukd be so grateful he gave me another scar and glosses over the ugly off center one. Hw said he will do an in office procedire to TRY to fix it but do I let him do this? Clearly there was enough upper tummy skin he could have pulled down 2 more inches but I think I am destimed to have poor doctors and procedures. This time cost me $10,000 and the smart lipo cost me $7000 plus they kept the remaining money they did not use for two other areas they never got to. I have been ripped off and ruined. Thanks a lot NuUMedspa(Elyse Fisher) in IL and Dr Cook.
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