Unhappy with Results After my BA

Would definitely do a ton of research before...

would definitely do a ton of research before committing to surgery as well as have more than one consultation. i did, however still did not get the results i was hoping for. but i don't regret it by any means.... if that makes any sense.

when they fall into the natural shape you will be happier! I bet you could have gone larger as well.

Met with my ps today regarding my issues on my ba....

met with my ps today regarding my issues on my ba.....left breast still droopy, not as full etc......going back in 2 months for a revision/redo....changing the implants i currently have which are 335 cc high profile textured teardrop cohesive gel to a round implant hopefully in the range of 400-450 cc......would really like to end up a full C small D.....currently i am a full B which is not the size i was hoping for.....when i tried sizers on in the office they seemed much larger than what i ended up with....i am also not keen on the shape of the teardrop implant on me as they sit quite high, are very far apart and look almost unnatural when wearing a bra.....not the look i was hoping for......my ps is absolutely amazing, he listened to my concerns and did not make me feel as if i was over reacting......he stated he will do anything to obtain the results i desire as he wants me to be happy and if i'm not happy then he's not happy (his words, lol)..... 

You need a lift!
By the looks of things, a lift will likely improve your breast shape more than larger implants will. Maybe consider that option.
Can you post an updated pic? I am waitng for my right breast to drop before I decide to go bigger but at this point I am! Check out the girls video on here, she had 450cc put in and looks great! Im sure you dont want to have to do this again...me either ..next try for size is my LAST!Anyone reading this go 50cc larger than you think you want they look SO small after the swelling goes down...:(
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