Unhappy and Worried with Fraxel So Far

I am 41 years old and have been unhappy with the...

I am 41 years old and have been unhappy with the way my eyes have been aging (crows feet, dark circles,fine lines).  I went to a very reputable laser MD and had one very aggressive and expensive treatment.  I actually flew from CO to NY to visit this doctor.  I had a limited amount of time in NY, so this was the reason for the 1 agressive treatment.  I had awful swelling, oozing and crusting for about a week, which got visibly better day by day.  It has been 2 weeks,  and the swelling around the eyes is what is worrying me now.  There are 2 rows of "bags" under one eye and one bag under the other.  My eyes look like they have rings under them.  Every day I wake up and hope to see just the tiniest bit of improvement, but they remain unchanged.  I wish I knew that this was temporary.  I could deal with the puffieness if I knew for sure that I won't have these bags permanently.  At this point I am thinking my old eyes weren't so bad and wish I had them back.  If anyone could offer an explanation or give comments they'd be MUCH appreciated.    Sue


Have you looked into Cortisol / Adrenal Glands as a stress problem for dark circles, and also allergies?
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Hi, I have melasma and tried IPL in the past which seemed to bring the brown tones to the surface even more. I have a Fraxel appt scheduled, however, not too psyched about it since hearing the negative issues associated with the laser. Any suggestions you can offer or pics or info 1 year post procedure may help me decide. My face is 65% covered by melasma. Kojic acid combined with 2% hydroquinone fades the discoloration but only with continuous use. I am also reading that HQ is not safe for long term use. Thanks, Ya'll
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you would have to use hydroquinone for the rest of your life and they are saying it causes cancer. The Laser created my Melasma!!! the Damage and stress of it all on my skin.
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