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Pros- are that I have had no complications, had a...

Pros- are that I have had no complications, had a speedy recovery, and breast are so natural looking no one can even tell.

Cons- are breasts are not as large as I asked.

I did not acheive the results I ask for, and breast are now very low on my chest wall, and they look like they belong on an older woman. I had a breast augmentation because its just something I have wanted since I was a small child. I like the appearance of round, high sitting, fake looking breast.

Despite taking numerous pictures for reference, and stressing to my surgeon the results I wanted, I recieved smaller implants and the opposite look than was desired.

I WANTED 500cc high profile silicone gel implants that sat high on my chest and looked EXTREMELY fake. I recieved 425cc & 450cc implants, that look so natural no one can tell, and they sit incredibly low on my chest and have no upper pole fullness. I am 5'9" tall, 23 years old, and have a medium/athletic build.


For the super fake look you would need to go WAAAY bigger. A lift might be in order but I'm not a surgeon so I'm not sure. You would definitely need implants that are a lot bigger but with that you can have huge issues. I think they look great even though you don't love the new boobs! I hope you get the breasts you want!
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Who is the doctor? It's not we have a bunch of choices around Chico, but I am getting mine done. Thanks so much.
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I agree with mommax3, you would need a lift to get the look you want.
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Most women wanting a BA want a very natural look, and I got just that! Although I personally wanted the FAKE look.

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