Because I Need It

I've been considering butt implants for a while...

I've been considering butt implants for a while but am so afraid of not getting the results i want or getting complications i keep putting it off. Im joining this site with hopes of getting advice from the girls that have done it, finding the right doctor and finally doing it because i need it!!!!!!

Wish pics

How I would like to look!

So confused

So I've been on this website a lot lately , reading everyone's reviews and comments trying to convince my self to take the next step! I have Atleast 3 doctors in mind I just have to get the courage to schedule a consultation !!!!! I wish this wasn't so hard !!!!!!!!


So I've finally scheduled some consultations :)
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Lol I'm with you. So far I'm leaning towards Dr Stanton in Beverly Hills :)
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did you have a consultation yet?
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I will follow your journey .. Wish u luck too!
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I feel you ! :/ I'm on the same page ..
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I wish u luck with choosing the perfect doctor for your surgery.are u planning to stay in the states or go away for surgery
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Thank you! Im planing staying in the states.... You just had your surgery! How are u doing ?????
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Not too bad 1st day was a killer on my 3rd day now feeling much better not so much pain mostly tightness in my butt and legs guess it gets better everyday.
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