I found this site about a month ago after being...

I found this site about a month ago after being bored and googling "Butt implants". I'm so happy I've found it because I finally found there a whole secret society I didn't know existed. LoL I had BA about 7 yrs ago and though that's an quite popular procedure, It took me over 4 yrs of research to finally dp it. (I probably didn't need to take that long but I didn't want to choose the wrong surgeon and ended up with a breast under my arm Lol) Since this is elective surgery I wouldn't forgive myself for choosing the wrong surgeon and getting the wrong results.
But back to my butt, So after getting my BA I started thinking about Butt implants and it has always been in my mind though just somewhat of a passing thought. I never felt i had a sad butt because I've always been comfortable with what I have (though since finding this site i've felt terribly inadequate lol) I just always wanted it a bit more "enhanced" I recall mentioning it to my X who was against the idea. Anyway... fast forward to today...I don't intend to spend 4 yrs researching. Actually if I could become sufficiently confident with a surgeon I think will give me the results I want (without going to the emergency room or seeking additional medical care being as part of the recovery process) I'm almost prepared to book a surgery date asap. After stalking this site I keep thinking it would be ideal to do it in the winter (I'm on the east coast /DC area) when there is less activities and the snow gives me an excuse to stay in for the 6-8 weeks downtime.
I'm 5' 3" and currently about 130 lbs. All my life I weighted 99 lbs lol Yup Then I would exercise to gain muscles which kinda works but the did tome my arms. Now the weight I've gained goes to my upper body. Actually I gained weight this summer (went up to my highest 141 lbs) going out and eating like a horse and though I loved the Butt I gained it wasn't proportionate to my upper body so I didn't even enjoy it.. then my arms.. omgooodness I would have hacked them off if I didn't need them. They got soooo huge so hated my body so now I'm back down to a look that doesn't make me cringe when I look in the mirror. Arms are still disproportionately bigger but it's not that bad comparing and I still hate them.

So after reading a few reviews and recalling my summer weight gain (which was totally new to me- never would have imagine I could get to that weight) I'm beginning to think Bbl might just work for me but i am still sold on the permanence of but implant. Another issue with the weight gain is that it went to my face, chin and neck- the horror !! lol No area of my upper body was spared !!

That said, I'm looking to do lipo of the Arms! chin, and my entire upper body. Every crevice the fat can be found on my upper body I want it gone... and have it injected in my hips (i'm somewhat narrow) for the hourglass shape and butt area to give the implant the most natural look possible.

I have seen some names on here for Butt implants and another set of names for BBL but I am still looking to find a surgeon who can do both extraordinarily well. So I'm hoping a vet of this site or via experience could help point me in the right direction or give suggestions. Will try and update pics of the "triangle" soon lol


Thought I'd add some current pics. I am loving to improve my shape and get a bigger Butt. Here's my current body and some wish pictures.

rs cropped wish pics.

Just realized rs cropped the wish pics so all isn't shown. Oh well. Will redo individually which I get some time.

that should have read....

I'm 'looking' to improve my shape... pardon this and any other typos identified :-)

Wish picks

more wish

Article On Shapewear ......

..... that might explain some of the symptoms I read about on some vets blog. I just read this article that thought I would share. The things we do for beauty !!! Unfortunately I will still be doing what I have to do !!! he he he!

Article cont'd.... oooppps here's the link

Spanx And Other Shapewear Are Literally Squeezing Your Organs


Please share what weight gain tactic...

Please share what weight gain tactic worked for you. I'm preparing to gain wait but only giving myself 30 days to gain 20 lbs. I know about ensure and the like but was wondering if there anything else out there that I could add to my arsenal. I am trying to not let fast food me the primary method but I know I will end up eating some amount of unhealthy foods but hoping to keep it to a minimum.

Weight Gain Stresses and such...

Never thought gaining weight would have been this hard.... but I should have because I 've been skinny all my life. I have decided to only do a BBL and No implant but to get the maximum projected ASS I desire, I need to gain about 20 lbs. I would like to go into surgery at atleast 150 lbs Last yrs summer weight gain was a bit deceptive I guess because I wasn't even trying so I assumed it will be easy to gain it back. Maybe it's because I am trying to gain in a short period of time?!....

I didn't want to gain the weight and not be able to fit my clothes for months before because I told myself I am not going to buy anymore clothing til I do this surgery. ( hahhaaa guess that's also a way to keep me motivated to get this surgery over with) Sooooooo I think I will be able to get some time recovery in Mid June to July so now I am on this weight gaining struggle.

I have received quotes for from Drs both in the US and DR. I have am leaning toward going to DR because with such a short time it's hard to get a early date and my situation is so fluid I wouldn't know exactly when I can do it til like 2 weeks or so before. Plus DR results are comparable to the short list of Drs here that I have on my list short list.

I am doing this a bit unconventionally because I don't even think I will select the doc til I am actually in the county - again from my short list of top 3 (maybe 4) choices there. I have read many stories of girls who send deposits and set dates only to end up choosing a totally different doc to do their surgery so I think I should be okay choosing once I get there.

My biggest obstacle right now is my weight gain it's in my mind all the time. I'd be driving somewhere and thinking "I should be munching on something... but I don't feel like it !!!" lol. I know if I just need to eat more but it's hard to thing about eating when I'm conducting biz all day. Maybe it's just me. Add to that I am avoiding everyone til this after this surgery so I don't going out eating and such which would help. ughh!! I have told no one and will not. I'll figure out my after recovery when I get back dwl (I know i know lol) I will be moving and wouldn't be settled before the sx. I am choosing to prioritize this sx because I don't know when I will be able to have anymore downtime before the winter and I want to do it asap. So I have a few options for recovery but we will see.

Been taking a multiviamin and a prenatal since I found this site dwl (Ikr) because I knew I would have just been a matter of time before I get this done.

I prob wouldn't buy any supplies til I book my flight. (LoL yea I know... I'm not a planner and a real fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl....NOT good for situations like these.) But I have read tons have reviews, have made a list, so I have an idea what I'll be taking or need to get. One thing I did the other day almost in a panic was to check the expiration on my passport lol... I knew I will need to renew it soon but it's not til next year... so the one sure thing I have so far this is my passport smh ...

I have the normal concerns about DR but i'm an Island girl so I think I will be ok though I don't speak the language.. just have to prepared for that too. **fingers crossed**

Anywhooo I'm rambling... congrats to the new big booty queens and to those almost there and those preparing. Good Luck.

Me as of 4/14


Anyone cancelling their surgey with Dr Salama in July??

I'm having a hard time gaining weight so I was thinking about just going with a doc I know can do a good job on small girls and then gain weight later and hopefully my results will still be what I want. Salama he is book through nxt year. I'm not sure who in DR can do a great job with my current weight. If there is anyone needing to cancel their sx in July with Salama inbox me pls.

I will continue to try gain weight but I need a plan B. I need this sx out of the way at least by end of July.

Review deleted

Just tried updating and adding pix and it all got delete ...don't have the patience today so with try another day.

Pix, butts and DR

The last time I tried updating it didnt post. I'm having one of those days so I thought I would get on here and looks at asses to clear my mind lol.

Btw.. I 've gotten messages from people telling me dates they are canceling or looking to change w/DrSalama but when I respond they go silent. smh

So it looks like I am DR bound. Thinking either Duran or Cabral at this point. My weight gain isn't coming along as fast as I want. I'm about 135 now depending on the day. Tempted to throw the scale in the garbage lol. I was hoping to be 150 going into sx but at this point i'll even settle for 145... but i"m not giving up. Bought 4 packs of ensure plus yesterday and had 2 already today.

So I have been taking pic to compare. I hardly take pix so now I have been snapping photos here and there so I can assess after sx. I narrowed my wish pix now termed "must have pix". Most are rs girls who are about by height and weight pre sx and have the results I want. I've add some recent pix of me.

My concern for DR now is finding a recovery house. My first choice is to get a hotel and a private person to take me around, post of care, doc, etc but haven't found a review with such contacts yet. I will keep looking and if not will do a recovery house. I will be doing my arms so I will definitely need help the first couple days after.

Camera Butt tricks ...

Had to come on and share this ( running late but can't help it) So I'm here about to get a shower walking around naked and caught myself in the mirror... well all looks the same to me but I decided to snap A Pic 1st pic here. and omg... initially I assumed I had hit the button or clear and what I'm seeing is a wish pic I had saved.... oh no... check my phone.. that's the pic I just took... i got so excited then glanced in the mirror and that was not the same ass staring back at me.... maybe this is what they call 'bottom butt?'. So it had me wondering about pix I see here..... thing that makes you go hmmmmm. Oh well... I'm loving this pix.... its all me... even if taken from an angle... lol. after sx this is what I want looking back at me when how near far no matter what side I look from.
I dont want a juicy camera butt...or an awesome in clothes butt..I want to a fabulously big juicy naked butt that look fats and extremely fluffy from every and any angle IN PERSON..... lol Well I will be staring at this pix all day.... it's making me feel good even if I don't see the same thing when I look in the mirror lol Now I'm so eager to get this done!

Weight gain progress

So persistence has paid off. I am up about 10lbs in a few weeks. I was somewhere between obsessing and freaking out about it but then I just stopped worrying about it and just commit to keeping at it and it's working. I'm up to 138-140 lbs depending on the day. I was about 128 lbs when I started. Using ensure plus drinking about 3-4per day. I also drink smoothies that I make i used a protein powder, whole milk ( which is now affecting my sinus so I changed to almond milk which unfortunately has less calories) add ice cream, tons of peanut butter (i don't like peanut butter) avocado, sometimes i'll add chocolate chip cookies, and even granola bars. Another thing I did was I found some individual Marie Calenders frozen meals that are 500+ calories. (I have found 3 different ones do far.) Decided to try these instead of eating excessive amounts of fast food - which I still do, just less compared to what I thought I would need to. I really don't know if this substitution is an healthier choice but I am sticking with it. I don't even enjoy the meals I just buy them because of the amount of calories they have. Some has way less than 500 calories so you will have to check the nutrition info to see which has the 500 calories or more.

So doc has advised that we should be at our ideal weight for surgery and I think my ideal weight for the large ass I want when it's all said and done would be 140lbs so my thinking why do I want to gain more? Well i'm going to exchange common sense for hopes of a massive ass at this point so..... 10 more lbs it will be. I can loose weight after if needed lol

So I was at the pool today and felt like a perv. I kept staring the females backsides and body shapes without abandon and only catching myself when its too late lol Didn't feel too good about that but guess it comes with 'ass hopes' lol

8 lbs to go....

I'm not 143 lbs. I now have cellulite on my butt and stretch marks....It seems i'm getting cellulite on my thighs too ugh!!! I am concerned about my bulging gut. Will it retract and look like it did before?? They say be careful what you ask for. I wanted to gain weight and here it is.... I don't know if i'm built genetically for all this weight. I have now started exclusively used the coco butter in the tub-the one that melts when you rub it on your body... I am now slathering it only belly and butt. I'm using it on my legs too where I see the cellulite. I am wondering how did other girls like me deal with this issue... For now I am hoping the coco butter will help some of these effect. At this rate I'm gonna be told I need a tummy tuck! That would just be too hilarious knowing where my body is coming from. I am wondering if I should continue try gaining the 8 lbs or just quit and see what can be done with what I currently have....

I so thought I was a bad ass and had no probs going to DR then all off a sudden yesterday I read some stories and it get me concerned for the 1st time. Of course I had read similar stories before and why it had such an effect on me now i'm not sure. Now I don't feel so bad ass anymore lol The fact is I am going this alone and I have to take that into consideration. ***sigh***

Congrats to all the ladies who recently arrived in Big Butt Land!!


that should have read -----I am NOW 143 lbs...

From Jogging down to a Brisk Walk to the finish line!

Oh man. I seem to be killing myself for the new ass. So I reached my weight goal a few weeks ago. yaay! Now i'm jogging toward the finish line getting ready to get labs to make sure i'm all's well.... all these food I've been eating to gain all this weigh had been agitating my sinus buy I wasn't paying to any mind ie.. didn't adjust my eating because I was set on gaining this weight. Well now... I now only have the sinus infection but also am ear infection. uggggghhhhhh!!!! Yup all that sugar and dairy and read meat did it.....***long sigh***
Sooooooooooooo I have to take care of this. My main concern is that the meds will affect my lab results. Man... this thing had been dragging out all year and now that I was picturing my new body before the beginning of September-this. Well I am still approaching that finish line, I might be down to a brisk walk but I am still moving towards it. I am still trying to see how I am make sure that come September I am IN RECOVERY! Will have a chat with the doc on Monday.

I have to laugh because I remember drinking the ensure and they were agitating me so much I couldn't stop coughing and saying to myself...damn your gonna kill yourself for this ass and shaking my head. Ladies don't do things like these please lol

Anywhooooo... so jogging up to the finish line I have (had? maybe still working on it lol) become more obsessed if that's possible. I am measuring my ass so much PRE OP you would think I already had surgery lol my waist is um 32 (ouch) and butt is 39.5/ 40 so it seem the butt does fluctuate slightly normally.
I have my mind set on being 25/26 inch waist and 45 around my hips after sx. It's crazy - I stand in the mirror trying to portion out the fat saying how much will be usable fat and how much of that will go where and how much will be left after absorption. Haha Totally unscientific!! But it's help me to convince myself its achievable lol. Crazy , yes I know lol. Fingers crossed and tons of Prayers!!

Now.... how on earth will I maintain this weight until and after surgery since I have to stop eating those foods ????? Can you say a rock and a hard place ? smh



Sorry for the typos and auto corrects! I promise I know proper grammar and can spell lol


1 day post Enjoy!

Butt by Duran



Seem swelling is getting worse

Day 2... uneventful #2 !! Yaay!

So I'm here swollen bored and walking around tired to lay on my stomach So I figured i'd share a bit. I'm mega swollen arms legs face. My vj protudes way more than my swollen stomach. 1st I only have a drain above my butt. Wasnt expecting that so day of and day 1 has been a bloody mess. Fastward today I woke up decided I needed to get these bloody clothes off and determined to get drained. (Duran said no massage til Monday. I was surprised she said that) Needed to get my anti embolism sock washed but wanted to know if it was ok to take them off so I went down to Dra Durans office well more like wabbled. I got dressed on my own surpising my too me about 5 min to get my dress over my head and pull on my cardigan to had my bloody sleeves. She wasn't there the girls said she went to get food and would be right back. So I waited about 5 min decided I would cone back. There were no patients in the office either. So went back to my room deciding to take the trip up to the spa to get a draining massage. Shortly after getting back to my room breakfast arrrived. I started thinking ( dont know why lol) 'What if I feel like having a bowel movement when getting drain?' I had eaten about 2/3 prunes when I woke up. I began eating the breakfast and which included a bowl of fruits which was great(the fruits) I decided I wasnt gettjng a massage until I had a bowel movement. Ate the fruits and my stomach felt different. I begin to thing 'wow I might go soon'. I start taking off my cardigan and dress... got slightly freaked out because it was taking long to come off than to go on. So about 10 min later it was off. I started thinking. I knew peeing with the faha on is no problem but I dont know how this thing is set up for #2. Decided I need up figured it all out to see if I would need to take it off. I felt around lol foe the first time I felt the skin of my butt....I felt juicy lol. So thankfully I figured I didnt need to take it off. So I stomach felt different and a slight feeling I might get the urge to go but I wasn't planning on forcing myself. So I decided to stand over the toilet ( I have never sat to used a public bathroom. Hate it) Afterabout a minute lol by legs were hurting so I decided to make an exception... really didnt have a choice anywaylol I told 2 toilet over and lined the sat and slowly sat positioning myself so no pressure is on my butt. Within 3 minutes it was a done deal!! Effortless and NOT messy. I remain seated for another2/3 minutes went again and I was ready to take on yhe massage lol Lucky me! I had put mirilax (powdered fiber)in my drink for two days before I left for DR. I took some with me but didnt use any. I ate about 6/8 prunes since here so maybe it all helped. Going to take a break. My hand is swelling more. Will continue later





Holy Relief!!

So this is my 4th attempt. Between the poor wifi and real self deleting the review. Not redoing right now so just added some pics. Like my shape and omg I found a sitting positiin with no pressure on yhe butt. I might sleep like this tonight. lol

I see my Butt

In 2nd stage faja since yesterday. So had to take the faja off to use the bathroom and looked had my but. ILike! Like! ILike! Cant say much now bc I have to go put it back on before it becomes mission impossible.

Monday Morning Inspiration!!

Agustina Hilario Duran, MD

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Yes your the bomb! Great great work!
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Wow, nice...chica. I currently weight 150 lbs and 5'2 I sure do hope I get a big bootay like u chick. Love and I'm sure it will only get better within time;)
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Now that's a nice inspiration! Lol! You go girl!
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Hey lady! Wow! You looooook grrrrrrreat! You gurl! Sorry I didn't read your post.....now that I have congratulations! you are doing the damn thing and your still early in recovery stages. Get it now!
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I see it too lol
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Haha girl you know I envy your butt since you didn't even gain an ounce to get it! So for you it can/WILL ONLY get bigger!!! Now that's a butt! lol
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Girl, you haven't seen that bootay of yours! But thank you. I hope it dies get bigger heehee. Have you measured yours?
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(covering my face) Yes lol I was trying so hard not to! It's 3 inches off my target! (But it had a rough day traveling in small spaces) lol I am now hunting for a great faja/waist cincher to set this booty free so it can breath and see what happens in the nxt 3 mths. Girl it will get biggger as you gain weight. You have nothing but great things to look forward to back there lol
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Lol. I tried to hold off as well but couldn't. The good thing though, I didn't measure it the first 2 wks so I'm not sure what it was then. But since I've measured it, it's been steady. Let's see what three months will bring to us
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Oh, and if you find a good cincher, let a sister know
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Looking good! Note to self, pack prunes for round 2.
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Thanks! ans yes...prunes will do the trick. You can used the juice also but I didn't want to feel like I am taking another 'thing' for this surgery so I was using the fruits as snacks also but in moderation. Hopefully your round 2 will be a breeze. You're looking great! Good Luck!
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Thanks luv!
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Looking very bootilicious luv.
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Looks comfy, I might just try that tonight :) That bootay tho lol
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Your butt is looking fantabulous!!! =D
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You look GREAT! I hope recovery is going well! Happy healing: )
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Happy healing!
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