Help with things to know before surgery? ! (dr afifi)

Hello everybody !!!! Me and my friend are both...

Hello everybody !!!! Me and my friend are both going through this experience so we decided to share a profile to let you know whats going on with both of us ! Ive been thinking about getting this done for a while now. I WAS dead set about Salama because I have seen him do awesome work ! BBUUUTTT.... after I sent my before pictures I received and email back that felt very generic. Something made me say look around more, I just felt I need to be 100% comfortable with my choice. Especially after I was asked from Salamas team if I wanted to give my deposit when they haven't even seen my pictures yet.... Anywho I am sure Salama would do a great job but I just wasn't 100% sure. So I decided to give DR. AFIFIS office a call today. I spoke to the patient coordinater who was a very very friendly informative woman who made me feel very comfortable. I don't know what it was she just seemed very genuine about helping me make the right decision. She said she was going to send me more pictures of Dr. Afifis work tomorrow and then I would send my before pictures in and we would schedule a phone consolation from there. Thats another thing something scares me about going all the way to Miami from Cali without having any sort of consultation with the doctor first. She also says she wouldn't do more than one a day because she wants to give that quality over quantity to her patients, which I love! Anywho my mind still isn't 100% sure but I will keep you guys posted !!!!!!


Maby my results can help you make up your mind.
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I'm sure your results will come out amazing babe !!! I'm 99% on afifi!!!!! My question I left on your page was did you go off the realself reviews or pics on the website ? I love the results of the three I've seen on realself but idk about the pics on her website
Hey babe, just showing support and I wanted to say, I'm in a similar position, like I was dead set on Salama, but then I just didn't think he coul give me what I wanted, then I thought of Jimerson, but his office seems sooo rigid and are reallly bad at replying me, I emailed Afifi's office and they were sooo lovely! I am looking at Campos now, he seems good! but please keep us posted
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So Im going to try and post my before pictures...

So Im going to try and post my before pictures...


Hi love just coming to show support. Take your time finding your doctor, as he/she will be the one you entrust with your life and new booty. Idk about you but i cant afford 2nd and 3rd rounds, so all i have is one shot to get it right. My best advice is research research research. Look at as many before and after photos as well as the good and bad experiences other have posted about sx. I love your stomach and legs btw and not too shabby in the butt area either i saw a cuff ;). Becareful if u choose Campos tho, he has amazing results but lots of girls in mex get bad infections not to scare anyone just be well informed. God bless you on your journey!
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Hey girl :) thanks for the love
Hey girl thanks for the love :) I'm def not going to mex not anything against it really I just wouldn't trust it.. I'm between jimmerson and afifi :) have you chosen a doc yet ??

So I am having a really hard time trying to choose...

So I am having a really hard time trying to choose a doctor. As of right now Im between Afifi and jimerson. The only thing is I don't want to have to wait a really long time ! does anyone know what the wait is for jimerson ?? Oh and also if you have any suggestions on which doctor would be best for my shape please let me know !!!!!!!! I really want to get this procedure done no later than april or may !!!!!!


is may 9th the earliest date you were able to get ??
Noo. He had openings the within a month but i opted to wait til may. Im a full time student so my classes will be over for summer break by then and I'll have 3+ months to recover before fall semsetr starts! Ive researched Dr Salzhauer's results and i was impressed. His lipo is aggressive and all his butts look real but juicy. Plus i received 6 areas of lipo for the cost of 3.
Thats awesome ! I haven't looked at too many of his results but I heard rumor that he was the one who did Stephanie santiago I'm not sure though. how much was you quote ??

I'm definitely going with dr afifi what she did...

I'm definitely going with dr afifi what she did with the lovely ms redbonz waist and butt made my decision final!!!!! Plus she doesn't have a long wait , I want surgery by march at least !!!


Hey girl, did u decide on a dr ?
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Dr afifi :)) I'm have my phone consult today then I will put down my deposit Friday
Congrats on picking a surgeon! GL to you!
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So stuff just got real! I just paid my deposit to...

so stuff just got real! I just paid my deposit to dr afifis office ! And my date is set for May 1st prep and surgery for may 3rd ! I may move it up sooner in April but most likely this will be my date ! Wow I can't believe this is really happening . I'm so excited !


Hey congrats girl on picking a doc! If u don't mind me asking, how much did she require for the deposit and is it refundable?
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Hey :) my deposit was 500$ and is non refundable ecause she pays that deposit to the surgery center .
Cool thank u ..are u getting excited?! I know she doesn't give much as far as post surgery accessories go like the "foams" everyone keeps referringto..any idea what those are and what were suppose to do with them??

Justneed a little help from ladies that are close...

Justneed a little help from ladies that are close to surgery or that are already post op, about a list of things I will need for surgery. Or things I will need to known for after surgery ?. Thanks in advance for any advice :)


Another girl that's going with Afifi!!!=) I hope it's my turn soon !!!! Good luck:)
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Let us know how it goes... I'm goin to Afifi at the end of may. Super excited!!!
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Hi there. I'm so excited for your upcoming surgery with Dr Afifi. I called her office last week to schedule a consult but I haven't heard back from them yet. Did you have to wait for them to call you back?
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