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So fairly new to real self and just like everybody...

So fairly new to real self and just like everybody else on here fell in love with the site. I've been mostly reading reviews and info, hell I wasn't even gonna post anything until it was closer to my time ( I gotta lose some weight and save some dough). I did manage to get a few quotes just to see about how much it would cost me and that's where my problem came in at. I specifically asked for bbl, br, and lipo and every quote I received was a quote including a tummy tuck, which I don't want at all that scar is horrible looking (just my opinion). I didn't leave out the fact that I wanted to lose some weight before my procedure. And to make matters worse the doctors say to put all your questions in one email but they always only answer my first question and don't even bother to entertain the rest. It wasn't like I had a laundry list of questions, although I really do lol. I guess I should've waited until I lost my weight???
See that's the problem I'm running into Docs only answering the first question. That let's me know that they won't be attentive to my needs and they get scratched off the list.
I dont blame you. But you willfind the one your comfortable with
Right at first I thought it was a DR thing because of the communication but I got it from the states too. Who are you going too and when

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