31 No Children Yet but Not Waiting. I Need This Lift with Implants - Durban, ZA

So I have been thinking about this for a while. I...

So I have been thinking about this for a while. I want to hVe kids but these days you can have them
As late as 38 so I decided to get my lift now. You only live once right! I am getting silicone 245cc in one and slightly smaller in other. He's also lifting me and fixing my assymetry and making my nipples 4 cm in diameter!

Some more before pictures

My right one is bigger than left

Working out a lot

As I won't be able to work out for 4 weeks I'm making sure I get in as much as I can!

10 more days eek

Asked doc to rather use 280cc as I want to be a full D so here's hoping!
Dr Gregory Ash

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Hey I also had severe asymmetry and one tubular breast. I got implants without a lift 7 years ago. They were a bit better, but after 2 kids and breast feeding, I wish I had saved my $7900. If you plan on getting pregnant, you will gain weight and your breasts will stretch around the implant and cause sagging. I'm glad I didn't get a lift the first surgery, because I would have probably needed another after having kids. Good luck dude. I wish there was this site 7yrs ago. Also my smaller breast (not tubular) needed a much bigger implant due to stretching during pregnancy. And I only gained 25lbs. I went from 360 saline to 500+.
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Thanks but I am having it done as I have no idea when I'll be having kids
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Thank you for taking the time to start a review on RealSelf! I think you're very wise to go with a lift now instead of needing one in just a few short years. I'm happy you can address all the details such as asymmetry and your nipple diameter. What an exciting time for you! Here is a link to other women preparing for their breast lifts (with or without implants) in September. Please keep us posted!
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