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Ultrashape Worked Without Surgery

Hola, Well I did not want surgery,  but did...


Well I did not want surgery,  but did WANT RESULTS and to lose my stomach stubborn fat.  So I wanted to lose inches off my waist.  I had painless Ultrashape and was SO happy with my results So for me, Ultrashape worked with NO surgery. And yes I did eat, quite often, in fact. Lots of veggies, fruit, no beer, no chocolate, soup, etc.
I did a lot of research online and found that Ultrashape does in fact work without surgery as it targets the fat cells.  It was painless!!!

I am a client, I am not a salesperson. I had tried the gym, dieting and could not get rid of my stomach area no matter what. But now I am excited it worked and last week I wore a bikini with confidence, did not think it would be possible for me.

I started before at 41 1/2". And 90 days later the area exactly 2" below my waist is now  37 1/2".  

I would like to know more about Dr Cuevas. Where is he in tj?
when will this liposuction alternative be offered in the USA? Canada? how long did you have to wait to see your first 2 inch results? thankx
Dr Cuevas office in Tiajuana Mexico

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