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2nd Ultherapy Treatment - Bay Area, CA

I had full face/neck for 2nd time yesterday. Last...

I had full face/neck for 2nd time yesterday. Last time was November 2010. The largest difference my first treatment made was in the lift of my brow...as is emphasized by Ulthera, themselves. It's true. I had lift to the eyes because of brow lift and very slightly more jawline definition. However, as of just before my 2nd treatment on Friday, one of my eyes had actually more sag than it did before my 1st treatment, while my other eye was lifted a little more than it was three months ago. Also, it seemed that reviewing just before my 2nd treatment, that my jawline was sagging worse than it did before my first treatment.

I had my two treatments done by two different nurses. The first was horrifically painful and I was on pain meds and had injections and I have a high pain tolerance. This time, however, by a different nurse, it was MUCH less painful. Not NEARLY as bad. I didn't have injections and 5mg of Valium and 2 Tramadols.

I had my treatment yesterday, and just had one red cheek, which went away overnight. I just have the slightest pain due to (not visible) edema in jaw and in one cheek. And, it's only when I touch it. Otherwise, I notice nothing. Btw, I was able to do an intense two hour workout a mere hour after being treated. Now, I just must wait to see results from this 2nd treatment.

I did this 2nd treatment because I read that patients who may not have responded as well to only one treatment, tend to have a much better response to a 2nd treatment. I will say that if your brow is your major concern, Ulthera is fantastic. That was corrected immediately with my first treatment.

One thing to remember, Ulthera cannot do noses or eyes :( , so, I have a concern about patchiness - could be kind of odd, better skin tone, etc., except where I have my hugest pores (on my nose), and my eyes have no improvement as not treated either. I intend to do an FX treatment to my nose and eyes though - maybe upper half of face.


So, it's 8/7 now. And I'm updating. To answer artemis, as I said, it is the -- brow -- that is lifted, so the only reason the eyes were better was because of a secondary effect of some lift from the brow, not because the eyes were done themselves, as I said, cuz eyes are not done in ulthera. So, the brow could, of course, still be better, but the smaller lift effect to the eyes could, of course, diminish for a few reasons. One, it is possible that there was a slight decrease in the brow lift that I cannot discern with my naked eye, which could translate to a larger effect on my eye. It was not a huge effect on my eyes, of course. It's all relative. The other reason my eye could be worse and my brow still good is because the skin is not one uniform piece. It's living and it's different in different areas - so just as different parts of the face responded differently in the first place to ulthera, then too, different parts of the face can age or sag at slightly different rates, of course. I see that merely sleeping on my side will make a huge difference in making bags under my eye of the side I slept on. As we age, it does not take much to make a change to the worse in a part of one's face and not necessarily the entire face at once, which is the point I am trying to make.

So, I am going to be going in to get more photos to compare. But, looking at my face in the mirror, I'd have to say I do have some brow lift at this time, a speck over one month out from my 2nd treatment. It is possible the jawline has improved very very slightly, but I'll be able to comment more intelligently on that once I get more photos at the docs and compare to my photos I got at different times with my first treatment. I'll be getting photos in about a week. Then, going again in two more months to get more photos.
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thankyou!!! keep us posted! right now I am concidering needing to do two things. ulthera and under eye stuff.....

Droopier eye? Since that is one of my complaints than a brow lift won't be good?? confused if it makes your eye area worse?

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It is now two months out from my 2nd Ulthera...

It is now two months out from my 2nd Ulthera treatment. I can now definitely see changes. They happened faster than after my first treatment, which makes sense. Anyway, definitely brow lift. Also, very nicely, pore shrinkage, and believe me, I needed that lol! Also, the chin/neck has definitely improved. It's rather amazing, cuz it's so darned hard to get that area to respond to ANYthing short of cutting and other extreme stuff. Now, here is the bad news. As I said before, Ulthera can NOT be done on eyes OR on the nose. Unfortunately, some of my largest pores are on my nose, so unfortunately, the diminishing size of the pores surrounding my nose, while wonderful, has rather accentuated the large size of the pores on my nose. This is a real bummer to me. I don't know why people don't mention this. I hate the thought of a patchwork face. Now, I have to do something separately to take care of my eyes and my nose. Oh yes, the other thing, as everyone knows, one's nose just keeps getting longer as you age, so because no Ulthera there, it just keeps going downward :( . No lifting there :P :( . So, whatever plan you have, you've got to incorporate something for your nose and eyes, unless you just don't see any disharmony from other parts of your face improving, while a very few prominent parts continue to descend. My plan of action, as stated before, is to get Total FX done on eyes and nose. It is the best fractional laser around, as it covers the highest % area, yet is still fractionated. The downside is you need a week to recover. If you're up in front of people as I am for work, you need a week inside, not around people. BUT, in my opinion, for ME, it was sooo worth it the first time I had the full face/neck done. Trouble is finding that precious week to take off of work :( . Good luck everyone. Oh yes, I am getting pictures taken at the end of four months, when best results should be seen.


does anyone know where they do the ultherapy in the pleasanton/dublin (east bay)? I just heard about this today and am interested because of my turkey neck. thanks
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Just FYI, here is a link to another page here on realself that talks about how, though, the majority of people responded to the first treatment, there are some who need a 2nd treatment in order to really respond. BUT, the important message is, in the end, everyone seems to benefit. I believe I fall into this category and can confirm this. A 2nd treatment was definitely worth it for me. http://www.realself.com/question/average-cost-ulthera
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Okay, here's the unfortunate update and I think...

Okay, here's the unfortunate update and I think folks had better listen. I got photos today. It has been 4 months after my 2nd Ulthera. The REALLY bad news is, I believe it is actually responsible for GIVING me jowls and now I have a somewhat turkey neck that was NOT there 4 months ago! And, it was pretty easy to see this in the mirror, as well, before I went to have photos taken and compared. But, here is the worst part of the news. You can say that I'm just a totally rare case. But, apparently, that is not so at all. The very nurse, who is incredibly intelligent and definitely knows how to use this thing, who did my 2nd Ulthera treatment, has had three on her, and REALLY focused on her chin, jowl, neck area. Guess what? Yep, after she saw my awful results, she showed me hers. Her photos were all stored in the same computer. The SAME THING. It is SO visible, hugely worse, not a little. I am not exaggerating. So, get this done at your own risk. I did see a good difference ---for the brows--- for sure the first time. But, even the first time, one side of my face got worse. And now, I think I've really done it. I'm going to have to think about what to do next, as, absolutely no exaggeration, I just added at least five years to my face.


Well, I hope my comments help, jlb1221. If I may suggest what I always suggest, the best procedure I've had by FAR and wish I could find a whole week for the downtime it takes, is Total FX (a combo of Active and Deep FX CO2). I posted, I believe, about mine. I had face/neck can't recall how many years ago. But, I would do THAT again for sure. But, it is a whole week down. It is different from the other fractionated lasers, in that, a significantly higher % of your face is lasered (thus the addtl. downtime). I will recommend an amazing doc for that if you're interested (she has such over the top credentials, and in more than one field, that one is mystified how one person could do all of what she has achieved in one lifetime - it's seriously mind boggling). However, I could not stand her nurse - she was simply awful (rude, sarcastic, and completely offensive does not beGIN to describe her, let me just say that, but then, thank goodness, the nurse doesn't do the procedure). Yes, I thought it odd that such a great dr would have such a horrible person in there. But, that nurse does treat the dr 'differently' lol, as you might imagine. Anyway, it's just that if I had a choice, I'd much rather do the FX than the Ulthera, but simply do not have the 1 week for it at this time.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.....I really appreciate your perspective and comments!!
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pps: I am posting a link to a doc who posted here about Ulthera, rather related. I just saw it. It is mildly addressing the claims put out by Ulthera.


Also, in the end, when you're trying to lift skin of the neck/jowls (which granted, wasn't really a prob before this for me :( ), you need a neck lift. In fact, you owe it to yourself to access the 'face lift' portion of this site under the worth it ratings. The photos of the women who have posted are astounding and I am now considering this possibility, where I never would have before. Also, in the past months, reading SO many docs evaluation of how to get rid of jowls/neck droop/crepe prob, they have ALL agreed on one thing. You can laser or whatever as much as you want, but the only thing that is going to lift that is a facelift/necklift. Do go read and look at some of the facelift stories. Really and truly amazing with recommendations on who to go to and all sorts of details about what they went through and so many just in the recent past months! Good luck to you in your decision. I sure as heck know it isn't easy to sift through all this info, sometimes trying to evaluate who to believe, if someone is being hypercritical or a hypochondriac or if they are not. Or, are they legit? And, not wanting to be taken to the cleaners, yet not being a cheapskate either, cuz you get what you pay for. Whew.
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Went back today for photos once more, as I was not...

Went back today for photos once more, as I was not happy with results of 2nd treatment. I felt that I had seen improvement not there earlier. Now, bear in mind, I DID begin Retin A in between the time I had photos taken the last time and now. So, that makes a difference in skin texture, and, admittedly, I saw that. BUT, I really did see a significant difference, mostly on one side where I had mentioned true jowls seemed to have formed after the 2nd treatment. Today, when I compared the photos at the doc's office, I was surprised! The jowl had DEFINITELY diminished. It was pretty great! The other side was harder to tell, but it had not been as bad as the other either. So, bottom line, uneven response on my face. One side DID improve FINALLY - whew. And the other half of my face, at least, did not get worse :) , and slightly better in some others. So, was it worth it? Well, I did have quite a scare. But, in the end, it just took ME longer to experience the improvement. And, it got worse before it got better. So, I'm not certain. I would have to say I remain undecided.

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I can't figure out how to edit the update I just...

I can't figure out how to edit the update I just posted, so I have to make an additional comment, instead. Sorry folks. At the beginning of my last update, I typed, "Went back today for photos once more, as I was not happy with results of 2nd treatment. I felt that I had seen improvement not there earlier."
That doesn't seem very clear to me now. So, all I was trying to say is that, until recently, I had been unhappy with 2nd Ulthera. But that, recently, I had seen what I thought to be new improvements in the mirror, so I went to the doc to get one more set of photos to verify what I thought I was seeing. And, I see improvement past what the Retin A would be able to improve. Thanks for reading.


Thanks for the information. i had ultherapy 3 wks ago on my lower face/neck. my friend notices no difference me neither. i'm cheering for the 3 months mark
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No problem :) . Hope it helps. By the way, I found her CV link - wow, it's still unbelievable, how one person could do so much in one lifetime. Hope I'm allowed to post this link.
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Wow San Jose- thanks for all the details and the prompt reply! This really helps - having this information may make the difference between having the experience that you did, and knowing navigating the turbulent waters of Dr. Cockerham's office.

I really appreciate the information - I love that you give lots of details. Thank you for taking the time!
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I would say it is totally worth it for the brow. But, since I have a droopier eye than I did before I had anything done and since my jawline was worse than before I had anything done, I am withholding a 'worth it' rating. I just got my 2nd treatment done yesterday. so, I have to wait, obviously, to see if I respond to this 2nd treatment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will come back to update this accordingly.

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