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Had Ulthera in Dubai 5 days ago as it is not...

Had Ulthera in Dubai 5 days ago as it is not available in my country just yet. Was a little bit afraid of the pain,even though I have a rather high tolerance.

My doctor used a numbing technique I never read about before:she used icepacks to numb the area before actually applying the ultrasound device.Must say it actually worked-the frozen areas didn't feel any pain.However,if she applied yhe ultrasound to areas not cooled by the ice the pain hit quite strongly,especially on the forehead and eye area.

Would I do it again?In a heartbeat!The face I've been waking up to ever since is improving day by day and I can't wait to look in the mirror.


This is a bourgeois and fake review. I have never seen such an unprofessional as this "Dr" Julia. I had come their expecting before pictures and more professional advice. Instead when I told this woman that my cheeks looked too fat when I smile her reply was - DON"T SMILE or try not too!!! The cost for a tiny area was outrageous, and she kept asking can you see the difference???? The cost was 3 times what I expected. I wished I'd walked out without paying - because I was paying for nothing!! DO NOT GO THERE PLEASE! SAY NNNOOOO to NLS CLINIC IN DUBAI!!
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I had this procedure done at NLS. I had a bad operation in the U.S. (pulled up my fat pad from the inside on the mouth and hair) that's another story. It left me with a fat face and jowls. I went in to the procedure thinking it would cost around 700 dirhams because they told me over the phone that I could pay by the line which is 70 dirhams each. I thought good deal to try it at first - however, it was never made clear what a line was (I found out the hard way a line is one zap!) so she did 10 lines - a tiny area on the jowls and a few on the eyebrow (and lid which I did not think you could do with this machine). As she was doing the zaps she would say look - can you see it?! I looked and said hmm I guess so. But actually I was confused about this since all that I read about it said you will not see any results for months.... and no I did not see it - I was being polite. There was very little pain - with or without the ice - felt like a little zap of electricity. But I have read a lot about this and the drs. in the States say there is supposed to be NO pain cause it is only going so deep - to the collagen - and would only hurt if they are going too far - to the bone. This little procedure costs me $900.00 (3,305.61 AED)!!! I don't see ANY improvement at all and feel a little duped. I mean the entire face procedure should not cost more than AED 7000 ( 1,905.85) at Euromed!!! I just saw their ad!@! It is too soon to judge I guess - BUT if you were going to try it try it a Euromed instead and get the whole face for only double the money! Please post it. I am feeling very down about throwing away $900 and really find it hard to believe I will see any difference at all. Oh yes, she did not even take before pictures and was rushing me out the door because she had other patients. Dr. Julia if you see this I would like to hear your comments! I really doubt these other posts are real people - and if so let's see pictures.
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I had ulthera 2 weeks ago and i was amazed of the improvements under my eye and double chin. I found its only available in NLS clinic in Dubai. According to Dr. Julia, the effect of this treatment will start showing after couple of months, but I'm so excited already to see the effects of my treatment because I am so tired of doing botox for so many years and it could'nt improve under my eye already. I am so happy that I have invested my money with it. Thanks to Ulthera and to Dr Julia!
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