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Ultherapy to Tighten Jowl and Submental Area - Seattle, WA

I did this procedure to help maintain the look I...

I did this procedure to help maintain the look I have now but to also tighten the jowl and submental area. I do notice a significant difference.

I am now 90 days post treatment and I am happy that I decided to proceed with treatment. There was pain involved but the center I went to did an excellent job at distracting me during treatment and they also administered drugs to ease the pain.

I would recommend this treatment to others - not invasive and there is absolutely zero down time - but there is pain during the treatment.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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PLEASE -- someone start posting pics for us!!!
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I would love to post a picture, however I don't have the capabilities to do so.
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Sorry too shy. Happy with it so far because it worked better than all the others (Thermage and Titan).
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Did you notice even a slight improvement in 3 weeks?
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I think it takes longer, they say if you see a difference immediately, it's post procedure inflammation, and does not "count." So be careful when you read these to see how long after procedure the results are supposedly good.
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Is Ultherapy safe for someone who had a breast cancer, stage 3C ?
Will it not trigger the cells to become cancerous again?

She had finished her chemo and radiation treatment 2 years ago.
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Hi Liza -- You may want to ask that question in the Doctor Q&A forum. Of course, you're welcome to post here as well, but there are over 1,000 doctors who answer questions on the doctor forum and they're more likely to know the answer. Good luck. :)

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