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I was very excited to hear about Ultherapy for...

I was very excited to hear about Ultherapy for many reasons. The procedure does not require any anesthesia, there is no recuperation time, no marks or redness and the results begin immediately. You can have the procedure done in the morning and go out that evening! In approximately 1 ½ hours, I saw immediate results that only kept getting better over the next 3 months. My jaw and under my chin were the areas that I was hoping to see improvements and I did! Would I recommend this procedure to someone? Absolutely!

I got a full face and neck of ulthera 2 weeks ago, in Bangkok. They froze my face with numbing cream.
There were only two instances of shocking pain, like electricity shock...
and yes near the cheek bone and jaw bone. I had no swelling, no bruising, no welts. My eye brow was one quarter inch higher when she showed half my face done in the mirror. The jiggles under my chin is gone. I still have a slight jowling, and maybe I need another treatment.
If you asked me was it worth 2,700.00 Canadian, I would say yes, was the pain level okay? Yes.....I would rather do this than get my teeth cleaned.
Did I notice a big improvemnet, Yes.
I might wait 6 months and have them redo my jowl area, I hear some areas might need 2 treatments.I was well aware when I look in the mirror that this was a problem area. I had some soreness for about a week.Not bad at all unless I rubbed my face hard. Yes I was one of those people who could have went out that night. It was really, honestly that easy for me.
hey -- no the reason it did not hurt is that you had numbing! I had NOTHING and trust me, I am actually pretty good with pain -- I have had radiesse and other injections, and I am very good with those. It DOES hurt if you have nothing to numb the pain. A few places I called actually had the gall to tell me that it was utterly pain free, sans pain-killers or help medically -- which is absurd. When someone tells me something like that, and actually insists upon it, I know not to go there. And you are right -- definitely wait to see full results, because the initial swelling is misleading, and any good practitioner say that. Mine did -- however, I want something "stronger" than what I got - that is, I want more firming. But wait and see....you might be satisfied. Good luck! (Also -- I had no brusising, and some people had it -- did you?) BTW I should mention I only had ulthera on my jawline, and wanted to wait to decide if I wanted it on the brow, since it is such a new procedure. I should also tell you that I think it wasn't worth it for me -- but please don't let that influence you, since I am pretty darn picky!
I had it done on my entire face, and around the same time I bought the new fractional laser (Palovia) for home use made by Palomar. Same company that makes the Profractional laser my doctor uses. It is only suppose to be used around the eyes, buy I use it on the lines around my mouth as well. I already see the results, so I'm not sure if it's the laser or the Ulthera. It seems like my skin feels tighter in my jawline, and my husband says my whole appearance seems different. (hopefully he means it improved!:) I will keep posting so you will know if I think it was worth it.
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Dr. W was extremely thorough and explained the procedure to me so I knew what to expect prior to receiving the treatment. I found the doctors and staff to be very courteous. It was overall a wonderful experience.

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