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I was very excited to hear about Ultherapy for...

I was very excited to hear about Ultherapy for many reasons. The procedure does not require any anesthesia, there is no recuperation time, no marks or redness and the results begin immediately. You can have the procedure done in the morning and go out that evening! In approximately 1 ½ hours, I saw immediate results that only kept getting better over the next 3 months. My jaw and under my chin were the areas that I was hoping to see improvements and I did! Would I recommend this procedure to someone? Absolutely!

Frederick Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. W was extremely thorough and explained the procedure to me so I knew what to expect prior to receiving the treatment. I found the doctors and staff to be very courteous. It was overall a wonderful experience.

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I got a full face and neck of ulthera 2 weeks ago, in Bangkok. They froze my face with numbing cream.
There were only two instances of shocking pain, like electricity shock...
and yes near the cheek bone and jaw bone. I had no swelling, no bruising, no welts. My eye brow was one quarter inch higher when she showed half my face done in the mirror. The jiggles under my chin is gone. I still have a slight jowling, and maybe I need another treatment.
If you asked me was it worth 2,700.00 Canadian, I would say yes, was the pain level okay? Yes.....I would rather do this than get my teeth cleaned.
Did I notice a big improvemnet, Yes.
I might wait 6 months and have them redo my jowl area, I hear some areas might need 2 treatments.I was well aware when I look in the mirror that this was a problem area. I had some soreness for about a week.Not bad at all unless I rubbed my face hard. Yes I was one of those people who could have went out that night. It was really, honestly that easy for me.
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hey -- no the reason it did not hurt is that you had numbing! I had NOTHING and trust me, I am actually pretty good with pain -- I have had radiesse and other injections, and I am very good with those. It DOES hurt if you have nothing to numb the pain. A few places I called actually had the gall to tell me that it was utterly pain free, sans pain-killers or help medically -- which is absurd. When someone tells me something like that, and actually insists upon it, I know not to go there. And you are right -- definitely wait to see full results, because the initial swelling is misleading, and any good practitioner say that. Mine did -- however, I want something "stronger" than what I got - that is, I want more firming. But wait and see....you might be satisfied. Good luck! (Also -- I had no brusising, and some people had it -- did you?) BTW I should mention I only had ulthera on my jawline, and wanted to wait to decide if I wanted it on the brow, since it is such a new procedure. I should also tell you that I think it wasn't worth it for me -- but please don't let that influence you, since I am pretty darn picky!
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I had it done on my entire face, and around the same time I bought the new fractional laser (Palovia) for home use made by Palomar. Same company that makes the Profractional laser my doctor uses. It is only suppose to be used around the eyes, buy I use it on the lines around my mouth as well. I already see the results, so I'm not sure if it's the laser or the Ulthera. It seems like my skin feels tighter in my jawline, and my husband says my whole appearance seems different. (hopefully he means it improved!:) I will keep posting so you will know if I think it was worth it.
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Hi, I had the Ulthera done ten days ago. Most of my tenderness is gone, and the procedure was a breeze. Maybe I tolerated it better then most because I had already gone through two laser peels, but it was not excruiating for me. If your Dr. is experienced enough, he will know to stay away from the jaw bone, that is where it will hurt. the other place it can hurt is at the brow bone. My Dr. numbed that area with a couple injections of lidocaine so I didn't feel a thing. On results? I think my face looks somewhat tighter, my husband thinks so too, but it takes a few months to see the full results. I will post my final thoughts in a cocuple of months.!
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hey sorry I just saw this, curiousaboutthis. What did you ever decide re ulthera? I am STILL undecided, amazingly enough! my email is n_mccaughrin@yahoo.com. Still searching, that's me!
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Nadiahoney, you got the bangs? and you love them? Doesn't it really make a big difference??

I'm also crazy :)

Old maid?? No prospects? COME TO NY. I know a lot of nice single guys:)

I tried to send a private mail to you with my email address but had a problem ? want to exchange them? this way we don't bore the Realself community with our back and forth banter.
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Yeah I did and love it -- I wear my hair up a lot mostly because in this heat and humidity I'd go crazy otherwise! Well actually I am crazy, but that's because of being an "old maid" with no prospects....:(
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I have a glum-looking pic up but will try to put another one up -- I am horrible at computers. I don't know my weight, but I am basically tall and thin, and my face was always thin. Yuck. But I miss it now because at least it had a nice chiseled look which I have lost because of this stupid radiesse which is a little too low in the face, giving me jowls. I'm almost forty and having a mid-life crisis for various reasons, and after a stressful past couple of years, I at least want to LOOK younger and pretend these past few years didn't happen. I am still thinking about ulthera -- so hard to decide. Don;t you wish we could get our money back, like with a dress? Seems fair to me! Or at least half the money back, really. I'm going to try the bangs next hairdresser appointment....if she lets me. I really do appreciate your wisdom on here
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You sound like me when I was thinner.
I had actually considered radiesse and got a second opinion and..the surgeon said that he's had results of it being low in the face, giving a heavy look and didn't think I should do it. he didn't think I'd like it and I was glad he was honest about it rather than all about making money!!

Yeah ..it would be nice if we could get our money back ....I mean, sometimes it's like we are the guinea pigs! I really am glad that I have decided not to do anything.

Did you get the bangs yet??
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Nadiahoney, you're very welcome :) You sound like me! How much do you weigh/ what is your height? If you'd like, send me a private message and we can exchange emails :) I'll bet we look the same.

I'm glad you could gain weight. It's hard for me so I was thrilled that I finally got it back on.

Bangs will be really cool, don't know your age but, side swept with a side part is real nice on everyone!!
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Thanks so much -- all the stuff you said, I am going to try. Yes, thin. Yes, long hair. Yes, no bangs. So I am going to try some of those suggestions; actually I recently tried to gain weight on purpose and it did help....a bit. I just hate looking "sad" or droopy all the time. It's enough to depress anyone! I cannot wait to try the bangs thing.
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Tawny, thank you. I would love to see results. It just is upsetting b/c on the Ulthera site, they only show the same few photos, so it makes one wonder!

Nadiahoney, I can't begin to tell you how many sights have photos as I described, that are clearly photoshopped.

As for the bumps and jowls..like I said..I gained weight and it filled out my face, which really took the emphasis off of my jowls. Are you thin?

I always have been thin, no matter how much I ate. But then I lost more weight and was extremely thin. It was due to stress. My goal was to put back 14 lbs and learn to manage my stress better. I ended up gaining 29 lbs. I've decided not to do anything to my face. I do use Retin A, and it really plumps things up and makes the complexion so pretty and smooth, but you must wear sunblock to keep from undoing what the Retin A did.

Also, is your hair long? Long hair can really drag down the face. I started wearing my hair up...and that also makes a big difference. Bob hairstyles, for those who don't want to wear their hair up, add volume to the face and take the eye away from the lower part of the face. I'm going through menopause..so I didn't cut my hair, because wearing it up in summer is crucial when I have those danged hotflashes!! Also, wearing make up the correct way can shadow the areas. You want to draw attention away from the lower part of the face, so accentuate your eyes. If you don't have bangs, add side swept bangs, which will give the illusion of a "shorter" face, because the forehead is not exposed. There are many tricks out there and the more I learn, the more comfortable I get with using those tricks, rather than spending a fortune on something that might not work or might only last a short time. I'd rather have money in the bank.

If you google Diane Von Furstenberg, there is a great article about her when she had an accident and thought they were going to have to do her face. She is a woman that I now look up to, in regard to plastic surgery. I'll find the link to the article, maybe it will make you feel better. I know it really helped me, BEFORE I gained the weight back.

here's one:

and here is another:

she looks stunning, little jowls and all :) see how she takes care of her skin? She's in her 60s!!
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Wow -- I know NOTHING about photoshopping, and you make a good point -- I love that I get to learn from people like curiouslikethis on here!! However, I bet they just made the one site and never updated it with further pics? I don't know...but anyway, I will try to keep my droopy eyes out for those tricks. That's so wrong, to make people like me who make so little money and have so much hope spend on their crap. That being said, I have to get rid of these lumps and bumps (jowls) that drag my whole face down....so now what? I cannot stand it!
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Nadia..here are the Photoshopped Photos.

If they weren't shopped, they would not be able to do the "transition" that they do in the video. You can see how the person's face does not change position, only the area that is touched transitions.

I'm saving my $!
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I had the Ulthera done almost three months ago and I have had great results already. So far I am really pleased. No jowls and my neck has been tightened.

They say it takes 3-6 months to see full results so I will post then and let everyone know. I will also post my real photos when I get the final ones taken so you can see my results.

I have a high tolerance for pain. Trust me when I say no one could stand the Ulthera deep transducers (and there are two kinds, deep and shallow) without lidocaine injections.
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Hmm -- sounds hokey (too much like a an ad.) For example, how was the procedure perfomed? How hard was it to get an appointment? Need more info if you want us to fall for that!!
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After all these months of searching for REAL photos...I have decided, no way.

I STILL am only seeing the same exact photos on external websites, including the Ultherapy official website. Surely, you would think if their treatment worked so well, that by now, there would be hundreds of photos....not the same photos that have been there since day one.

Another thing: I love when you look at photos that are supposedly BEFORE AND AFTER. They are usually identical photos, and the AFTER has been photoshopped.

As a professional photographer, I can clearly spot the same photo...that has been touched up. I mean, come on, if you're going to use a phoney touched up AFTER photo, at least take 2 photos of the same person, a second apart, where they are turned ever so slightly, maybe change the shirt and earrings..and make it LOOK like it was taken "AFTER".

I mean, don't insult our intelligence. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I've decided against having anything done. I recently gained 29 lbs since winter and you know what? My face looks better ! Yeah, I still have little Jowls...but because I gained weight, my face is no longer so thin and gaunt looking. I don't even notice or think about my little baby jowls now.

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I recently had Ulthera done in Dallas on April 21st 2011 for my lower face.

I was given lidocaine injections. I also had an Ativan and 50 mg Tramadol.

With the injections it wasnt bad. If it weren't for the injections, the pain would have been unbearable. At the edge of the injections, where they ran out, the pain was mind blowing. And I've had Thermage, which is painful but not as bad as Ulthera.

I don't know where people are getting Ulthera done with just one pain pill for pain control. My guess is that they are NOT getting treated with both transducers, the deep and the shallow one. There is simply no way they could stand the pain.

It has been a few days and I have a lot of swelling still. Again, if you are treated with BOTH transducers, you are going to have noticeable swelling.
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I think the pain level depends on your threshold for pain. I've watched several people have Ulthera treatments...some are white-knuckling it while others just sit idly by while the doctor does the procedure. I'm sorry you had such a bad time :(
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Tawny, what did you think of Thermage? Did you have the new or the old one? I was going to try that since no one near me offers ulthera at a regular price (everyone in DC and VA area is 3500 and up, compared to national average of 2800.) However I have a thin face to begin with and fillers, and apparently the docs doing Thermage do not often choose the patients appropriately. People with thin faces often look older after Thermage because it also takes away body fat! Does Ulthera do this, do you think? What was your goal in getting it -- to lose fat or to tighten skin? I ask because I do have some mild sagging but NO extra fat to give, so I would like to know if ultherapy is right for me. I made an appointment for somewhere four hours from me, but now I am having major second thoughts. What if the derm in DC decides to do it on me even if I am not the right patient? I have no idea....might cancel and wait til I hear more.
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I had it done and it was uncomfortable but not painful.
Within two hours after treatment there was not much to see.
Next day I only saw improvement of my skin but not swollen bruised or red.
I have to wait 3 to 6 months for the optimal results but very pleased with it already.
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I had ultherapy done 3 weeks ago. You can go out that evening no problem. My skin was tender but not red. Ulthera is not paying me, I am replying because I had very good results immediately and each day I look at my skin and it continues to tighten. I am happy with my results. I will say, I felt like my face was a little full...but my husband didn't notice nor did anyone else. The procedure is painful so anybody who says it isn't is not being truthful. My doctor prescribed pain medication and xanax. That made it tolerable. I would do this again and plan to in another year to maintain. So going out the evening after the procedure, I was tired from the medication so I wouldn't. The next evening? YES!
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From what I've read in other forums, this particular procedure is actually NOT one you can have in the morning and go out in that evening. There is extreme swelling.

The Ulthera company needs to stop paying people to write good reviews. Makes one wonder why they feel the need to do that.
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Actually not everyone gets that swelling thing. My cousin's 2 friends got it together. They took something called ? Arnicca or Arnica? that is supposed to prevent swelling.

They liked their results but said it took a few months.

But I really want to connect with other "real" folks who have tried it.

(the sisters didn't have the lower face done...so that doesn't help me, really)...

One of the sisters said it was pretty painful while the other one said it wasn't bad (but she has a high tolernace for pain).

What really bothers me is, any of the Private Plastic Surgeon websites, all show the same photos. Why aren't they at least posting photos of people they've done? they can block out the eyes and pull the hair back....so we can see what the REAL results are????

I'm tired of going from one Private Plastic Surgeons site to another, only to be taken to the very same photos that Ulthera promotes.

Surely more than 3 people have had it done and are willing to share, no?

I mean, I would, if they covered my eyes in the photo to protect my anonymity. I'd even pull my hair back and let them take all the photos they want. I'd want to share the experience be it negative or positive...

I have watched a few Drs. actually perform it on youtube, the one lady was a little pink afterward, but, then she evened out and looked fine. We need to see more people..REAL people...

Getting off my soapbox here.
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Yey -- love the honest comments on here. There is nothing worse than dishonesty on these forums, so keep that up. Also -- to add to the soapbox comments, I am mad that some derms are charging so much more for this treatment than others (I could name names if you want.) Why should THEIRS cost more -- to pay for their pricey offices? I found places with good reviews that I could FLY to for a lower price than I found several hours away from my house -- that means that people are literally charging over a thousand dollars more, and I am talking about Beverly Hills offices here that charge less than VA offices -- ridiculous!
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