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Hello ladies, well ive been watching all your...

Hello ladies, well ive been watching all your amazing stories for weeks now and know how much it has helped so thought id do the same and that perhaps it might help someone else.. Im a mum with two children, one 18 and one 6. At my heaviest i was 241 and im currently 152lbs. Im going to have tummy tuck with muscle repair in April, the 10th, and am a mixture of scared and so so excited. I feel its all i think about now and i spend all my time looking at photos and stories. My husband wants to know what ill do when ive had it done as its taken over my life at the moment (well all my spare time anyway). Well i have taken some pic to post when i work out how.

Ok, so been prompted to do weekly review so here...

Ok, so been prompted to do weekly review so here goes!! I'm starting to get butterflies every time I think about my TT, in fact sometimes even a bit sick due to the fact it's my Pre op next Wed and the following Wed the big day. I'm in the process of getting a recliner, got two front fastening night dresses and getting other bits together. I'm still taking pics to document before and after and I've lost 2lbs so down to 150lbs. I'm very grateful to all the lovely people who are giving much needed advice and support. Thanks to you all.

Hi everyone, just popped on to ask is it normal to...

Hi everyone, just popped on to ask is it normal to think of nothing but food at the time when I should be eating my best. I'm managing to be not too bad but am cross with myself as my weight has been fine for ages and I'd hate to go to my Pre op on Wednesday with a gain!!! Maybe it's because I know it's Easter weekend or stress or both. Will post some Pre op bikini pics later!!!!!!

Couple of not so lovely pics!!

Couple of not so lovely pics!!

Hi all, well it's my Pre op tomorrow and my full...

Hi all, well it's my Pre op tomorrow and my full TT with MR a week later (10th April)!!!!! I'm ok when busy but when I sit and think about it my stomach gets butterflies and I feel sick. Pretty sure a mixture of anticipation, excitement, stress and nerves. I think it doesn't help that I'm a really busy, organised person and now will have to let people do things for me rather than me doing things for them. Oh well time to prioritise myself for a change I guess. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well.

Well one step further ladies as had my Pre op...

Well one step further ladies as had my Pre op today. All they did was health questionnaire, blood pressure, took bloods, MRSA swab, height/weight and then finally the lively photos. I can safely say I'm not going to win any bikini competition with those pics!!!! Had to laugh the last time I saw the surgeon my height 5.5 (and I thought I was 5.6) and this time the nurse said I was 5.4!! I was gutted as I thought I was comfortably in my BMI and I keep getting shorter, was down to 148.5lbs though so happy with that as I started 241lbs. Nurse was the same as others and quite shocked when I showed her my lovely overhang and she said I hid it very well, don't we all. Anyway they were all lovely and now I really feel on a countdown. Hope everyone are well. :)

Added few before weight loss pics and how I look...

Added few before weight loss pics and how I look now Pre op.

Evening everyone. Well I've been away for the...

Evening everyone. Well I've been away for the weekend to drop my 6 year old at his grandparents so he can stay there for the week as I go in for my TT in 3 DAYS!!!! I had a nice weekend (ate too much) but am very sad to leave him, only ever been without him for one night and he's such a lovely boy, he's very excited about it though. I'm not as excited as I was the nearer I get nd I know I should be, I feel a bit low/stressed etc and I guess it's maybe because I'm working Mon/Tues and have to be there by 7am Wed morning. In a way I'm pleased to be working as it will take my mind off the surgery a bit and missing my boy. On the bright side I'm looking forward to the future and being flatter than I am now. Hope your all well and I think I'll take my dog for a walk to clear my head not much point talking to others who don't understand as its boring for them I think which is why I like this site so much. Bye for now.

2 more days till surgery, bit less irritable than...

2 more days till surgery, bit less irritable than yesterday as sorted few more things like prescriptions, washing, food order!! Still got munchies but my weight somehow seems to be holding strong at between 148.5 and 151, surprised when considering how much I ate when at in laws at weekend. Going to do more stuff tonight as husband away, my little boy staying with grandparents so just me and my 18 year old at home. Hope your all well. :)

Hello everyone, well I made it and I'm now POD1!!...

Hello everyone, well I made it and I'm now POD1!! It really wasn't as bad as I imagined, and I imagined very bad!! After being marked up I went to theatre, laid on bed had medicine put in and was about to say something and the next thing I knew I was in recovery and I could hear a voice calling my name. I was given a pain pump with morphine, used it twice and felt sick! They quickly have me an anti sickness drug and that quickly passed. My surgeon came to see me and said he had to do the fleur de lys in the end as so much skin ( didnt weigh too much as he said little fat attached, 3lbs in total). I was taken to the ward and had half hourly obs check for two hours and then hourly for 3 hours. I only needed paracetamol and declifinac but was allowed more but it wasn't painful just sore ( mainly drain sites) slept on and off surgery night

POD1, they took out morphine pump as not using it, took me off fluids and took out cannula. They put me in a smaller binder which was uncomfortable as no padding under and loads tighter!!! I seem to have muffin top between binder and bra but hoping that's just as I'm say up and it's so tight, we shall see. The tummy was showed to me today and I nearly cried it was like looking at someone else's body, I don't really care if I am a bit pudgy under my boobs the rest looks great. I know I'm going to have the vertical scar too but hell it's so much better than I started with. I am getting my drains out tomorrow as they only like them in 24/48 hours, they used to keep them in until they were a certain level but different procedure now. All in all everything's going well but it's not nice doing the hunched walk and I've been told I have to walk like this for 7 days to let the skin bond! Bye to you all for now and do pics when possible. :)

POD2, ok everyone so today went like this:- was...

POD2, ok everyone so today went like this:- was seen by plastic surgery team and as all my obs fine and I was able to get to toilet and back unaided they said I could have drains taken out and go home. I had drains taken out which were in each side (groin area) expected the worst and it didnt hurt at all, just a slight pulling feeling in right one. My back does get sore quickly when I walk and now that I'm more mobile I do get a bit of a stinging feeling sometimes in my incision areas but on the whole discomfort not pain. The drive home is only 20 mins but that was fine although I got nervous every time I saw a bump. I have to say unfortunately I'm not one of those people who had no appetite, mines the same. I have had a couple of small bowel movements but they haven't hurt. Laughing, clearing my throat and sneezing really does though. I've taken few pics with my binder on but want to do what PS said and not open it until I see him in 7 days when I have dressing changed. Will post others ASAP. Had dinner so now catching up on some TV. Will sleep in recliner for a few days I think. Bye to you all for today.

Ok, so POD3, not a particularly exciting day, I...

Ok, so POD3, not a particularly exciting day, I can tell this recovery is going to be a long 4 weeks till I'm working again, at least my 6 year old is home tomorrow and I can't wait. One thing I missed out on my surgery day was that I had really bad shakes when I came round which they gave me something for and it stopped quite quickly but it scared me and all I kept thinking is I must stop or his s going to really hurt!! I had a small BM POD1 and POD2 but went properly today, didn't use anything to help it but did make sure that the two days before surgery I ate lots of fibre rich foods, plenty veg and lots of fruit. I also started to eat ASAP after surgery, it didn't hurt to go but I had to sit there a long time. I've cut down on pain relief today so just the paracetamol and antibiotics now as I don't have discomfort when I'm sitting, just when I hobble about. My back is very sore when I'm walking as I have to stay bent for seven days so I can't stay on my feet too long, it's much better when I use some crutches my son used to use when he broke his ankle as it takes the pressure off my back. I get a stinging/burning feeling in one particular spot when I start to walk but it eases as I keep going and goes when I sit in the correct position, it's the same spot that hurt when I came round from surgery but he dressing is clean so I guess I should just assume its normal. I slept ok in he recliner last night but obviously it's not the best sleep as pretty upright and I'm a light sleeper anyway. My older son (he's 18) made me really laugh today as he moaned about helping me put my slippers on (as I was in recliner) and OMG it really hurt!! I've manged to get dressed today (just comfy stuff) so that it seems different from day to night and that was ok. So on he whole a boring day in recovery but still so happy I did it. Night to you all :)

POD4, good day today as my little boy came home...

POD4, good day today as my little boy came home and I'm so happy to have some life about the house but sad too as my 18 year old went back to university (one in, one out). My mother and father in law are staying for just over a week as my husband goes back to work tomorrow and they all knew I'd do too much if not watched!!! Ok, so how is it for me POD4? Well to be honest much the same as day 3 only I'm finding I can stand a little longer without my back truly hurting, although I'd say 10 mins is the max before I have to sit. I've been able to potter about and do some basic stuff round house but making sure it's not too much and I'm listening to my body! The stinging has been much better today but I've started the itchy phase which can be annoying. I'm making sure I don't nap during the day (although I'm not tired anyway) so that I get a better sleep and feel tired at bedtime. Bowels are working pretty much 100% now! Question for anyone is how tight should my binder be? When I left hospital the nurse said she could get two fingers in so that was fine but its a bit looser than that below bra now, should I tighten it or not??? From Wednesday I'm allowed to start standing straighter, I'm very worried about this, scared it will tear, am I being silly?? Anyway to sum up day - a comfortable one with usual backache. Night all. :)

Here we go POD5, well the days are plodding along...

Here we go POD5, well the days are plodding along but I just keep thinking at least that's another day along the road to recovery. How am I today? Pain wise not bad really, still getting the odd stinging/hot feeling in one area but the dressing is still clean, no redness so assume its just normal. My back is another thing, it hurts big time!!! It's mainly when I'm walking and today I could only stay on my feet for about 5 mins at a time then had to sit down or I'm sure I'd had fallen down. It's frustrating as I expected worse pain from the TT and that's all been manageable and didn't expect my back to be this bad. My mood is still ok as I have my in laws here so have company but I'm just hoping that when I start straightening up from Wednesday I will get rid of some of this backache. I'm still eating/drinking and going to the toilet fine. Anyway night night people and look after yourselves. :)

Right POD6:- today has been much better on the...

Right POD6:- today has been much better on the back ache front. I have made myself sit upright all day when sitting and straightened up slightly, as not supposed to try properly till tomorrow. I'm happy as it was getting worse, lets see what tomorrow brings!! The surgery pain has been pretty much nothing to complain about, obviously I know my muscles have had work and now and again they remind me but nothing bad, apart from coughing and laughing as I sure know about that. I did two things today I shouldn't have done, the first was got weighed! It wasn't as bad as I imagined considering sitting doing nothing for a week and I assume a bit of swelling , I was up one pound and although they took away 3lbs of skin I'm still happy enough to be basically at Pre op weight as this was never about weight loss for me. The other thing I did was try on my Pre op jeans, well they were snug but they went on and considering they had just been washed, I had my binder on and I was hunched over I'm pretty happy with that so far. My measurements are not drastically different (although they look it) and my bras are tight so maybe I'm swollen too, I can't really tell to be honest as I wear my binder all the time, my thighs seem bigger but I'm not sure if that's because I can now see all of them without my lap fat!!! All in all I'm happy. Night everyone.

Hooray first week done!!!! I'm 7DPO and am so...

Hooray first week done!!!! I'm 7DPO and am so pleased that I'm here!! Well today has been a good day, I am now allowed to stand straighter and so I have been. I'm surprised I was able to stand as upright as I did, although not fully straight obviously!! It has helped heaps with the back ache but if I do stoop it does hurt so that encourages me to stand taller. It's very odd as I now know that I am tighter as can feel the skin taught and the top abs tight, none of it is hurting thank goodness. I still get the stinging where the incision is when I first get up in the morning and am itchy on and off. I tightened my binder today and noticed where it is itchy it was a bit pink but not red. It was next to the tape holding the dressing in place so hoping its just the skin being irritated by the tape as I do have sensitive skin. It's been really good to be able to do a bit more today and if the weather is ok tomorrow I might go for a very short (ten minute walk).

Question:- when I peep down top of binder the skin does not look tight and hard but soft (too of ribs) is that normal?? Tummy seems firmer??

Only 2 days till I have dressings changed and I can have a good look, and try to get a photo.

Hope your all well, night night.

POD8:- really nothing much to say today so I've...

POD8:- really nothing much to say today so I've post couple of clothed pic, one to show that I like the shape coming and the other to show how I have a lovely roll above the binder at the back, doesn't bother me as I'm sure it will all look different with binder off and shape will fill out a bit but like the shape the binder gives me. I'm turning quite vain as I keep looking in the mirror, I don't think I'm all that but it's so strange to see your body change so quickly!!! My head hasn't caught up and I still imagine I'm going to see that flabby tummy hiding my panties every time I look in the mirror. Oh well like I said I'm pretty much the same today as yesterday which is good and the stinging wasn't quite as much when I first got out of recliner this morning. Bye all and take care.

Well hello everyone!! POD9:- well today has been...

Well hello everyone!! POD9:- well today has been an up and down day, the ups have been being out today and managing to go to the hospital for dressing change, collecting son from school and going to watch son at swimming. The mixed feelings I have is about my results, the good is that I do have a flattish tummy and a very nice tummy button, the scar is a bit higher on left than right but a good looking scar. The not so good bits, the skin at the front where abs are seems loose/soft whereas everywhere rlse is firm and tight, but I can feel the muscle??? The other downside is that my right hip looks ok, bit fuller above/below incision but the left hip look pretty bad to me, it looks swollen above the incision and like there's a dent below. I'm pretty sure it's not swelling and the nurse said if could be a dogs ear but that I should let everything calm down and I can talk to my surgeon about if when I see him on 13th June. It's the same hip that has been stinging and there's a bruise where the swelling/bulge is. I've posted pics of the good, the bad and the ugly. Like I say I'm not dissatisfied as I was far worse before but the look of my left hip is bothering me.

I'm off all pain meds and was told its healing really well, I had a couple of blisters which was making me itch and they said it was probably the dressing so took dressing off and just put extra steri strips on incisions. The belly button was great and it can come out to play in ten days.

I'm trying to be positive as its much better than before and I know some people on here have had so much worse issues so I should be thankful really.

Night night all.

Ok so POD10, ok so I'm definitely in the most so...

Ok so POD10, ok so I'm definitely in the most so good and critical stage of this TT take!! I'm so grateful to the ladies who are supporting me as my husband just keeps saying "it will be fine, it looks so much better" but I'm not convinced it looks good. I never expected perfect and I dreaded having something that was so obvious but I should have known with my luck.

I hate the buldge/ledge on my hip and I'm expecting it to get worse when the hard skin around it softens up. Is a roll of what feels and looks like fat/skin!! I also dislike the soft/loose skin on my upper abs, seems weird when the rest of it is firm???

On the upside my backs much better, not perfect but wow so much better, no pain meds and incisions healing well. On but I am using Piriton. For the itching.

I slept in my bed last night and it wasn't great, even with pillows below l knees and behind head. It hurt as if I was straightening too much which is silly really as I'm standing about 90% straight??

I've decided not to look in the mirror for a while as it just makes me unhappy even though its nice to not have the lap fat but I'm now starting to think was it worth taking this time to heal when at least I disliked my old body but sort of accepted it. Now I'm critical of my body like never before because of this!!

Anyway enough of this moaning and night night all!!!!

Hello everyone. Well I shall keep this a bit...

Hello everyone. Well I shall keep this a bit shorter tonight!!!

POD 12. Ok what shall I start with oh yes I have piles!! OMG, what a pain in the arse literally. They started Thursday and I started some over the counter cream and as of today they were no better. I went to the doctors and have suppositories which I'm really hoping will help as they sting and are now bleeding. So annoying as my bowels have not really given me any trouble and the piles are far worse than anything to do with tummy tuck. Oh well I guess you have to smile really, fly through surgery and piles stop me in my tracks.

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow as yesterday I realised I have a seroma in my lower abdomen, I was warned about this and told what to look for. Basically if I press on one side of the abdomen and press I can see the other side ripple like a little wave. It's like a waterbed!!! It doesn't hurt but obviously it tight and has to be drained with a needle directly into my tummy!!!! Really not looking forward to it.

So all in all the only problems I currently have are piles and a seroma!! I shall update on both tomorrow, bet you can't wait, LOL.

Night night all. Xxx

Hi everyone. Well today I am two weeks post op so...

Hi everyone. Well today I am two weeks post op so I thought I'd add some new pics, I think they are the same as the previous one but thought I'd do them just the same.

I had my seroma drained yesterday and although it still ripples they couldn't get much out so I have to wait for it to fill more before doing again as they don't like to drain too often as it can cause infections.

Piles are the same and because of the tight binder I may be stuck with them until it comes off!!

I'm still not over the moon with my results at the moment, the scar is amazing and healing really well but I still have my ledge and soft upper abdomen which I'm sure is loose skin. Because of the skin being loose there is a crease above my belly button so you can't even see it. It is a very small belly button!!

Anyway I'm feeling ok in myself and I told nurse my niggles and she said its very early and I will have to give it 12 weeks to really have an idea if what is going to happen and I'd its not right she is sure it will be rectified. I see my PS in June so should have a better idea by then.

Ok then I hope you are all well. Night night.

POD16. Good evening all. Well just a short one to...

POD16. Good evening all. Well just a short one to say where I'm at. Still no pain, no pain relief at all. The scar is healing really well, on fact so much better than I could have hoped for. I still have the loose skin and ledge on hip but am not going to worry about that for now as it is what it is and if necessary I will have it dealt with at a later date. My weight is just under my Pre op weight which is perfect as I never wanted to loose any more. My waist is down from 33 to 30.5 and the biggest part of my hips (also where I had the massive saggy skin at front) has gone from 41 to 37!!! Am amazed given my swelling in abdomen. The nurse looked at my possible seroma and said she thinks its nothing to worry about and it definitely does not need draining at the moment, they only got a tiny bit out on Monday anyway. The nurse changed my binder from a medium to a small which is better on waist but on the last bit of Velcro for hips, tight!!!! All in all everything is going well. Night all :)

Hello everyone. 19DPO. Thought I'd put up some...

Hello everyone. 19DPO.

Thought I'd put up some new pics as have taken off my tape, boy was that uncomfortable in some areas, bit like being waxed, which I'm def in need of.

I'm allowed to shower but not bath until my scars are completely healed, unfortunate as although I have a electric razor for emergencies I far prefer to wet shave in the bath and I apologise for under arm hair in pics, gonna have to do it in the shower as the electric hurts under arms.

Anyway I'm sure that was tmi, I still have no pain and to be honest the only reason I know I've had this done is because of be binder which I have to wear for another 3 weeks and because I can't sit up without using my arms when I get out of bed in the morning. I took my dog out for a longer walk today and a bit quicker so my energy levels must be increasing, I miss the gym but not anywhere as much as I missed taking my dog out for long walks, clears my head and good "me time".

My scar is healing well, some of it is already very pale, there was a tiny yellow bit which was tiny bit red which I shall watch. The vertical one looks worse because it still has a lot glue still on which I'm going to let fall of on its own as its where the T junction of my fleur de lis is.

The ledge is a little better and the loose skin around tummy button still loose, will deal with that at a later date If necessary.

Anyway feeling good and going to enjoy my final two weeks off.
Take care and lots of positive wishes for those healing and those heading for surgery :)

3 weeks PO:- Hi again, thought I'd keep you posted...

3 weeks PO:- Hi again, thought I'd keep you posted on things at three weeks. Well today the last of the glue and scab is off so I can now see all my scar and am very pleased with it. There was a tiny area yesterday which had a bit of yellow come out and then a couple drops of blood so I cleaned it and put a few steri strips on it for safety!! Seems ok still today and not at all red so will just keep a check on it. My energy levels are pretty good, so far today I've managed to do school run, took dog round fields for 1.5 hrs and then done a bed sheet change. Sitting down for an hour now as know not to do too much even though I feel fine.
I know this sounds odd but I don't think I really get much swelling, apart from when I thought I had a seroma as I just don't feel it!! im thinking in that case what I look now must be pretty much the results I'm going to have, maybe I'm wrong and just think I'm not swelling as am much smaller than before. I also think because my upper abs have loose skin still it can't swell. My weight is also pretty much at just below Pre op and my Pre op clothes have fit me since couple days after surgery!!
I never changed my diet and still eat exactly what I had before surgery, salt the same etc, the only thing I changed was no caffeine.
Do you other ladies think you changed much after 3 weeks????

Anyway onwards and upwards, take care all :)

POD 25:- hello everyone. Well as you can see I've...

POD 25:- hello everyone. Well as you can see I've made it to 25 DPO and physically I'm feeling great!! I think if I didn't have to wear this binder 24/7 I would probably feel as if I hadn't really had this surgery. I think the binder reminds me as it pulls every time I stand up and I'm constantly pulling it down over my lower abdomen which is the only hard area, perhaps that's my swelling??? Anyway I'm a good girl and my surgeon said 24/7 for 6 weeks so that's what I'll do, think I shall burn it in a ceremony LOL. I'm pretty much really happy with my results, the squashy loose upper ab area I'm hoping can be sorted as I can't see my belly button as its in the crease of loose skin, its a real pity as he did such a lovely neat little belly button with dissolvable stitches which looks really natural. I don't have even a single issue with my surgeon about it as when I'm laid down its perfect and tight but as soon as I stand up its loose and wrinkled a bit so def not swelling, think if they do it my vertical scar will have to be done again to cut out more skin sideways!! Anyway on a brighter note the puckering on my right hip has nearly gone, amazing how that happens and my scar is looking amazing for so early, I had a tiny bit ooze a bit and few drops of blood which nurse looked at Friday and she said not infected and not a problem, she was right as today it's perfect. My left hip still is filler above incision but I'm not worried about that and easy sorted if necessary. I decided to sort out my wardrobe yesterday and I've put a pic of how many summer clothes don't fit from last summer, it was ridiculous but so therapeutic, it was like out with the old and in with the new, new clothes and new body, NEW ME!! My husband took me shopping and I could get into a women's UK10, not sure what that is in US, which I haven't worn since I was 10 years old. As I've mentioned I've been bigger most of my adult life. I'm feeling good and looking forward to get this binder off in 17 days!!!!!! Will post more pics on Wednesday as will be 4 weeks PO. Take care all of you. X

Hello all, well here I am at 4 weeks PO!!!! Wow...

Hello all, well here I am at 4 weeks PO!!!! Wow time really does go by so quickly, I'm back to work Monday and can't wait, getting bored even though yesterday I did lots. I don't think I've changed any from last pics but have posted some 4 week ones anyway. The bikini is an old one and the bottoms are too big I think, I never thought I'd say this but I think I look better in smaller ones as it shows my hips off better!! I put a 4 week pic of me in bra (which is also too big) and smaller panties to see. I'm loving not having to lift my tummy to wash and dry under it, it's really strange but I'm getting used to it. I went out on my bike for fifteen mins yesterday and that felt no problem, no pulling etc. I've also put up pics of hips, amazing how puckering disappears on right hip, left still bulges a bit and still got my crease down tummy button and skin loose around it, don't think it looks any better but small issue when compared to how much better the rest looks and how much better its made me feel. Bye for now. Xx

Thought I'd put up one more Pre op pic!!

Thought I'd put up one more Pre op pic!!

5 weeks PO, it's such a great feeling to be able...

5 weeks PO, it's such a great feeling to be able to not revolve my life around loads of loose skin. You've seen my pics and thanks to those people who left nice comments, Today my friends wanted to see my tummy without binder and they said I had the body of a teenager!! Had to laugh because as a teenager I was very big so maybe I'm going to relive a few missed years now. I don't for one minute think I look perfect but I'm happy. I had fleur di lis but as so much skin he was able to pull vertical scar down and top of scar became my belly button. I'm a bit loose above belly button so not sure if going to get revised but that would mean extending the vertical cut again. Everyone, including husband agrees about revision on hip to even them up but that its not worth the recovery and extra scar for skin above belly button. We shall see. My PS did the best job possible with the amount of skin i had and I'm very happy with what he did, I like my shape, including my hips, and I'm sure he would revise anything he needed to. I think sometimes with the amount of skin I had that the surgeon does the best he can knowing revisions are possible, even probable!!! When I laid on my back all of that loose skin went to the sides of me as if I had melted, when I laid on my side in bed it went down to the mattress so I wouldn't let my husband cuddle me in bed, not now, I lay on my side and my tummy stays in place, its wonderful!!!!!!!! Started work again on Monday, I'm a childminder, and it was as good as Pre surgery apart from this binder which I can stop wearing in one week, can't wait. Not really had any swelling but maybe that will happen when binder comes off. Anyway I'm off to buy an outfit on Fri to wear on Friday night as at pub with friends, I want some skinny jeans and a shorter fitted jacket because I CAN, LOL. Take care all.

Dressed to go out without worrying about tummy

Loved being out with friends last night in tight everything in a smaller size and not feeling self conscious!! Ate loads, drank loads but never wore binder, was ok till I stood up and boy was my tummy tight, too full. All normal this morning but I've never had that feeling before, used to be able to eat loads and no tight tummy!!! Anyway I've posted pics just because it was a happy time. Good luck to those embarking on this journey and to those in the process. Take care.

Woo hoo bye bye binder!!!!

So excited, tomorrow is my last day with my binder, after tonight one more sleep and this baby is gone, will be six weeks PO on Wednesday and was told 24hrs a day till 6 weeks. I've had the odd take off but the longest was Friday night when out with friends as hate the back muffin roll it gives me. I did put it back on when I got home though!! Even if I swell its not going back on, I'm not allowed back to gym yet and I will see how I do without it first when I do start. Can't wait, can't wait, can't bloody wait!!!!!!

Hooray hooray my binder went today!!!!!!

6 weeks PO:- well apart from my binder going (wow I'm happy) nothing much has changed! I'm not showing any signs of swelling and to be honest apart from when I thought I had a seroma I haven't had any. I know this makes me odd but for once I'm grateful for odd. My weight is still about Pre op weight which it stays more or less around which is fine. I am more conscious of the bits I want revising now my binders off as my tummy is flat and tight and my upper abdomen from tummy is loose, it's strange as its only where the upper abs are and sides of tummy button, its fine up and down the sides?? My hip ledge is still there and the scar that side has dropped so my scar is very uneven, low but uneven. The ledge hip is fuller so guess that's an easy fix but not sure about the skin that's loose on upper ab and if its possible to fix?? I shall post some pics. I'm not posting the pics because I'm necessarily unhappy about it but want to be honest about my results so the great and not so great should go up I think. I'm feeling great and an very happy I did this and look forward to seeing my surgeon in June to see whether he can "revise" me! If not i shall rethink.

Hooray hooray my binder went today!!!!!!

6 weeks PO:- well apart from my binder going (wow I'm happy) nothing much has changed! I'm not showing any signs of swelling and to be honest apart from when I thought I had a seroma I haven't had any. I know this makes me odd but for once I'm grateful for odd. My weight is still about Pre op weight which it stays more or less around which is fine. I am more conscious of the bits I want revising now my binders off as my tummy is flat and tight and my upper abdomen from tummy is loose, it's strange as its only where the upper abs are and sides of tummy button, its fine up and down the sides?? My hip ledge is still there and the scar that side has dropped so my scar is very uneven, low but uneven. The ledge hip is fuller so guess that's an easy fix but not sure about the skin that's loose on upper ab and if its possible to fix?? I shall post some pics. I'm not posting the pics because I'm necessarily unhappy about it but want to be honest about my results so the great and not so great should go up I think. I'm feeling great and an very happy I did this and look forward to seeing my surgeon in June to see whether he can "revise" me! If not i shall rethink.

7 weeks and 1 day PO - scar pic

Hello ladies, well at 7 weeks (and one day) PO I can safely say I'm probably about 99% back to normal, I forget I've had surgery apart from when I go to bed and feel a bit tight but in general all is really good. I've bought a new bikini as my blue spotty one was too big and if I feel confident enough to I shall update at 8 weeks PO wearing it!!! I have popped on a pic of how well my scar is healing which is great and I've posted a question on here for the docs about my flabby upper abdomen but I'm guessing they will say my surgeon did a great job considering what he started with and that he's a plastic surgeon not a magician which I've seen then post as an answer before!!!! I'm seeing his in two weeks, will be 9 weeks PO and first time I will have seen him since surgery and visit just after so looking forward to seeing what he thinks. Anyway love to you all and happy healing to those on flat side.

2 months PO

Well all is fine with recovery, pretty much 100% in all my usual day to day stuff. I'm not 100% happy with results at the moment as saggy skin on upper abs getting loser so looking forward to seeing surgeon next week and seeing what he says. Fingers crossed he will do something about it revision wise. I'm still at Pre op weight so that's a good thing. Can't wait to get back to my classes as haven't been since end of March and I'm getting flabby so hopefully he will give me go ahead when I see him. I've put up bikini pics but I'm not too happy with my shape at the moment although my tummy is super flat and I do love that!!!! Take care all!!!

Looking at the positive!!!

Well today I thought I'd try to celebrate the positive at just over 2 months PO rather than my normal winge about what I don't like!!! I've played with a new app so I could do a couple of Pre op and post op pics. Now I'm not saying I'm 100% happy but I am happy with the difference and do think my surgeon is a fabulous man. Have a good weekend. Xx
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Hey Nennie, hows things? Hope you are well... xx
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Hope you are doing well !
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Love the pokla dot bikini!! Super cute-- the shorter Red jacket -nice too! You must feel incredible; your tummy is sooooo flat ! Great results... :0)
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How's it going lovely? X
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Nennie, seriously, those comparison photos are just brilliant... what a complete difference! I know there are areas that you are not 100% happy with, but from my point of view you look like a new woman. I am sure that when you get back to exercising you will see a continued improvement! Wow! Lady you are rocking that new tummy... xx
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One of my favorite things about your posts is that you've also uploaded all the pictures. That is so helpful! Thank you! You look like a brand new woman - and I bet you feel so much better now! Did you talk to your ps about you worries with the skin above your belly button yet? I'm having the opposite problem. My skin is saggy above my old belly button, around the T-incision. Having little anxiety attacks when I look at mine. Plus I have a dog ear on left side, too. How is yours doing, any better? Thanks!
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Hi Nennie, I haven't been on here for a little while, I'm always happy to see your updates, your transformation really is amazing! The side by side pics are great! Oh, and I'm off to new look! X
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You look great .
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looking great Nennie!!! :)
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I think you just look fabulous!
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Wow! You look fabulous. I love the transformation. You truly are an inspiration to me. Hoping for positive healing
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Girl---you look great and also have a second career as a photographer- thank you do much for all the photos!! I luv, just luv- "the polka dot bikini's"--and two !!!-awesome. I just had to SMILE when I saw you in the light blue one ---thank YOU again for sharing--your journey and story and photos are so inspirational--I've gotta get to work--I am picking up some extra work on the weekends to help with surgery costs and I'll definitely be working out when I come home today---excellent results! Kisses and hugs!!!
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Love the comparison pictures. They are a true reminder of how far you've come!!! You look like a completely different person. What do your family and friends say? They must be in awe!!
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It's all positive-you do look incredible and should be proud! I love seeing your transformation. How do you do the side by side pics? Have a great weekend!!
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Nennie... loving the comparison, it really does strike home how you have changed! I'm on a bit of a downer right now (swelling playing with my head again) so perhaps I should follow your lead and do a side by side? Good move my lovely! xx
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Where did you get the bikini, it is so cute! Your little tummy is so flat now. Your so lucky not to have much of a problem with swelling. You look great and I hope in time you will see what we all do :-)
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Hi Rachael, the bikini was from New Look, got it from shop but they have them online too, they are the Kelly Brooke range, fab as under wired bra like top, bit more expensive than I'd usually pay but the whole range was gorgeous!! I do love my very flat tummy, my young twenty something friend said I had the tummy of a teenager, made me laugh. No swelling and I am grateful, your looking fab by he way!!! I dislike the wrinkled skin you can't see in pic but will see what surgeon says, I know some other women have far worse issues so I'm trying to be practical. Take care love. Xx
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You look so cute in that suit...I think we all have issues with upper abs...good luck will look for your updates
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Thanks Sarav, will keep you updated. Xx
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You look great Nennie! IMO :)
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I like your opinion but we are all so much more critical of ourselves, it's a mentally challenging process as well as physical I think. Hope your well. X
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ah yes I know. Im fine thanks a :)
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ah yes I know. Im fine thanks a :)
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you are looking really great!!!
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Thanks :-) x
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