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32yrs with 2 Children (9 & 12 Yrs) 70lb Weight Loss - United Kingdom, GB

After loosing 70lbs in weight that was mainly...

After loosing 70lbs in weight that was mainly gained during and after first pregnancy I realised what a mess I had made of my tummy.
I chose to have a full TT and the day before operation I weighed 140lbs the PS removed 2lb of skin
I didn't have any muscle repair to be done or anything to lipo so that was a result!
I have weighed myself this morning a week after surgery and have lost 3lbs but i am very swollen ATM so will see how that settles?

So far no regrets - no pain meds needed after PO day 2 I think not having lipo or MR is probably the reason? It's all really fine and the hardest bit for me tbh is doing nothing as I'm a very active person who is used to working outdoors on feet and busy/walking all day.
The worst part so far was first night after op when couldn't do a wee! I also fainted when first stood up - but i do have low blood pressure so that's not that surprising! The not being able to wee is normal too after a prolonged GA apparently but I was lucky that by morning my brain connected to bladder and all remembered what to do and I haven't stopped weeing since! Literally feels like every hour I can empty bladder again! I take it as being a productive thing.... Though have to admit I stopped drinking at 7 pm last night as was so tired I just wanted to sleep!
Drains came out PO day 4 & bb stitches removed yesterday day 7 I think!

I'm really pleased so far and thanks to this sight fairly relaxed and was expecting the swelling which is really horrid and makes you feel huge! But I can see a shape and a future ahead so just got to be patient....
Oh I'm slightly scared about how big my BB looks but PS said not to worry the swelling is deceiving the final look of that - he assures me it will all be fine! I hope so!

Looking forward to another week on the sofa doing bugger all - NOT!


Hello, You look amazing! where did you have surgery? Im in the UK too and a similar weight and age! am trying to get a date sorted... But am scared tbh!
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Hertfordshire ... Mr Dickson is with Ramsayhealth I'd really recommend and he was recommended to me by a friend also. Don't be scared ... Go for a consult and see... Mr Dickson has a straightforward manner... Not atall flamboyant very matter of fact and that suited me as a person - I took confidence from his approach.
You look great !!
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The hospital was fab & more pics

I used Ramsayhealth who are a private hospital & healthcare group. I stayed at the Hertfordshire hospital and tbh it was more like a relaxing break.. I wasn't ready to go home! Staff so kind and caring and have time!!! Food was good.. Privacy excellent / lovely room, relaxed surroundings & a molton brown welcome pack - what more could you want!!!!!

More pics added also incl the big belly button! That's already changed shape though and I can see it will still change some.

I can stretch out in bed now but still trying to sleep on back until 14 day check up & keep reminding myself to relax and take easy and not rush the recovery. Have not driven or lifted or gone shopping or anything silly yet. Popped to bank once and family house for dinner once....other than that it's been feet up and watching telly/reading books etc. children are brilliant help and don't mind fetching things or helping so really pleased with them, they have been brilliant. No one has twigged on or knows yet so feeling pretty chuffed about that! Need few more excuses for avoiding nights out though or reasons I can't do certain things! Glad timed it during school holidays as really can use the busy excuse!

Morning of day 10 photos added.

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This pic didn't add


You look AMAZING! Your doctor did an incredible job and you're lucky nearly all your scars were on the excess skin. I'm thinking that the more excess skin the better because more stretch marks go with it! Haha
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Thank you.. Im hoping the few I have left may fade away but tbh I'm not really that bothered about them but the flatness amazes me! I definitely think it's worth getting to your ideal weight and fitness before going under. I did 5 months of kundalini yoga before the op and found that was brilliant for core strength.. I can't wait to get back but I'll wait until the autumn term course starts I think. Have you had your op yet?
You have fab results hunni...congrats. you must be so happy!..nice to see someone on here from the UK too!! (oh and I love love your bb....I'm having revision to straighten mine and make it bigger as its far too small...I much prefer bigger ones!! Look much nicer) x
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Stretching & healing

Think it's PO day 12 but for the last few nights I've been waking myself up stretching... Body doesn't mind it but my head obviously does as I'm waking up thinking *stop!* but this morning I've slept solid all night and woken up this morning with feeling of dread as all pillows kicked up and I'm flat stretched right out... No discomfort or pain and I've checked no burst open scar... So I'll just relax then!
When does the skin start to reattach itself? I feel like above my belly button feels pretty snug.. I feel a bit tender immediately to one side of belly button but the bottom part still doesn't feel like it belongs to me haha
Also last day or so I get a sharp shooting jolt a few times a day on the scar in the same area.... I'm worried that under the tape perhaps there is a slight opening? Or maybe it's the nerves waking up as I've read on other reviews?
Tapes off Wednesday so should see the scar then.... I don't think I'll feel as safe without the tapes - how did you feel when they came off?


I've had those sharp shooting pains around the incision, I think it's the nerves waking up. However last night I did get into the car awkwardly and then found fresh bleeding from the centre of my incision, I am 19 days PO, so it pays to be careful!
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Ooo thank you for the reminder... I hope you are ok? What have you had to do with that now? Put your feel up and take it easy today x
I have micropore tape over the incision and I was going to change it today but now I will leave it for a couple of days. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly thankfully, it was just a shock when you think you are nearly healed. Happy healing to you!

PS two week post check up

Saw PS today he said he was pleased & all was fine
He changed the tape on the scar which I was suprised to see is very thin... Photo taken!
New tapes on and can have a bath now!!
There is swelling above scar line on my left side that isn't fluid so have to wait and see how that heals ... I hope it is swelling and settles as won't like that .... It's not obvious on photos but it is to me when looking down ESP!

Will update when something to say but otherwise all super nice so far... I'm going to drive from next week and start walking again.

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Sooooooo cold :-?

I'm so freezing cold and it's starting to feel like all the time... Hands and feet yes I'm used to that.. but also all of me... It hurts to be cold and isn't nice ... I know being so inactive is prob a big reason as normally in active and on feet all day... But brrrr feeling very miserable about being cold :-(


You look fab! Great results for so early on. I'm cold too...even in this sunshine I'm cold. Think the sunshine gives us a false sense of security so we think it should be warmer than it is. Wrap up and it's deffo coz your less active too and no blood pumping round fast. You'lol be warm enough soon enough. Relax and happy healing x
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Moody and swollen

It's PO day 19 I think but last couple of days I've been moody as the swelling on left side is frustrating. Got to give time I know and not dwell or think about what it's but I'm having a sulky day - sorry!!!
I also weigh same as I did day of surgery and can't wear any old trousers not even the bigger size 12's (uk) I had just stuck with baggy elasticated trousers which are fashionable ATM but make you feel drab every single day!
Have been housebound until today really when I decided to test the theory that keeping active and moving IN MODERATION will help healing.... I walked a good pace for half hour. No drastic change after so happy about that.


Hey Hun we all have them days and I imagine I would too at 19days! God I feel like it now at 9 day! Oh god help me now! hehe! But anyway ur looking fab! It's slow but will be worth it! And should not be much longer till ur getting bk to normal! Chin up and happy Easter! :-D xoxox
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You look amazing and I know you must feel swollen and annoyed with it but remember how your tummy looked before! Looking at your tummy now is spurring me on to get mine done ASAP!! You look great
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Being patient for results

Had a couple of bad days last week with the left side looking different and definitely bigger than right - I'm worried it's not swelling and just an uneven finish but only time will tell and only patience will get me through time so trying not to obsess over looking at it!
Was also feeling so fat grumpy and frumpy and swollen.. Same weight as before on scales still etc living in baggy trousers not uplifting!

Well today I'm going to stop moaning haha! I have started taking arnica again and will avoid all chocolate after easter temptations
I tried my size 8 jeans on today just to see how fat I really am away from them... Erm they fitted! What is it with our head and eyes deceiving us? How do we imagine and see something so different?
I couldn't wear the jeans as to stiff and harsh against tender belly but was a boost and I'm glad I tried them on.

Skin around belly is feeling tender to touch but not painful. Scar looks fabulous ... I changed tapes last night... It really is a very best scar but I fear it hasn't yet begun to develop into the scar it will become if that makes sence... I'm keeping tapes on as they are comforting.

Going spanx shopping today! I've never owned any as they used to just push the fat out to different places! But I'm starting to find the binder irritating in the day so would like to try spanx instead...
I love those faja corset things they seem to wear in America but I don't think id tolerate wearing ESP as going to be getting hotter here soon!!!!


Thank you xx
Thank you x Are you booked? Good luck x
No, I'm starting a new job in two weeks so need to wait until I'm sorted there. Got another consultation in June though so will hopefully get sorted then.

6 weeks post

All going really well ... Back to normal really though I'm still aware of the op when reaching, lifting, etc but it doesn't stop me doing things
Want to get back to yoga but I do kundalini which is quite intense so will wait till the next term

Scar great / still using micropore tape 24/7 I think it really helps keep scar flat and light?

Still ++ swelling on left side only noticeable when standing .... I'm still pre op weight but feel fat on that left side :-( I don't want revision ATM though.. I've stopped obsessing over it

Definitely worth the op - just looking forward to getting fit and toned now!

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A reminder of before

I deleted all pics previous as so private didn't want left on so here is a before to compare

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2 months on...

It's fabulous now and feeling good. I'm exactly same on scales as pre op and same clothes size but I definitely look better.... Mine was all skin too I had already dieted and exercised and lost as much fat as poss so PS did warn me not to expect drastic results on scales or clothes! Saying that my previous clothes in same size look better....

I have just started this June 30 day abs challenge and I've got myself a couple of horses to ride weekly couple of days so I'm very happy right now


Hey just reading ur review, what's the 30 day ads thing? And how far have u got with it? How's the abs feeling after working them? X
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30 day June abs challenge

Day three done.... Can feel where the abs are hiding !!!!


You look very good sweetie. Your tt progress is coming along just fine ! Looking forward to seeing what your tummy looks like in another month.
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Have posted an update with the challenge.... I have just done day 3 ... Yep can feel them under there somewhere!
Haha that's great I would like to start something like that once past 8week mark x

Day 6 of June abs challenge!

Feel flatter!?
I think coincidence that swelling has calmed drastically this past few days!

Shame re stretch marks but there was too many to ever go completely!
What do you think of that line above belly button- is that normal? X
Overall I'm very very happy I did this finally x

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Mr Dickson

Simple straightforward and trustworthy

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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