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Like most on here I hate my tattoo. It's only a...

Like most on here I hate my tattoo. It's only a week old but as soon as it was done I hated it and was almost in tears as I left the shop. It's a rainbow feather tatto on my left wrist and essentially is nothing like the picture I gave the tattooist. I would really like it removed. I'm away now for a month but as soon as I get home I want to start the process. It's about 2.75 inches long. Anyone any ideas how many sessions it will take and how long after the initial tattoo has been done you can start the removal? I've popped a pic below. Xxx


anyone got calligraphy writing on them and experiencing the problem of the letters not looking right, not like how you are used to seeing them?
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Hey there, checking in to see if you ever started removal of your tattoo?

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Hi All, thanks so much for comments. It's grown on me a little bit as its lightened somewhat!! I'm thinking I might see if I can go and get it touched up a little to make it prettier rather than going through the pain of removal but I'll see how I feel in a few weeks. At least I've stopped wearing a cardigan in 29 degrees heat now! :-) It's my 3rd tattoo and the other 2 I loved straight away so wasn't expecting my reaction to be as it was, I think it's because it's so different to how I envisaged! Will try and post a pic of original idea now, if I can figure out how to from my iPad!! I'm not the best with technology.
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