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Sculptra So Not Worth the Risk..wish I Had Done Some Reasurch. - United Kingdom, GB

Hi, I am now over a year post sculptra injections,...

Hi, I am now over a year post sculptra injections, over the last six months I have had lumps in my cheeks appearing I have had my injecting doctor look at them he said I need to massage them and use an electric toothbrush to try and break them up...some of the lumps are very hard can anyone tell me if this is going to be permanent or will they go in a few years? I have no swelling and my face is lifted and only about 6 of the lumps are visible I have been using a sonic toothbrush for the last 4 days and my husband has noticed they have gone down the ones he could see anyway..any help would be great.


This is exactly where my lumps are...up and down my cheeks. They are not visible to the eye but are very evident when you touch my cheeks. I am actually going in next week and a new PS is going to inject them and try to break them up. But I am going to try the sonic toothbrush idea. I have never heard that before. So thanks for the tip!
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Hi Abby, my Doctor told me to massage and use an electric toothbrush to soften and make them smaller he was quite confident that they will eventually go...he was reluctant to inject as he had a lady who had on very small lump which you could not see...but she insisted he inject it..she signed the paper work and he did it and now she has an indent in her face one of the side effects of this procedure...she is not happy as this looks worse she tried to take him to court...I know this as my doctor I know very well he is a friend...I would try the sonic tooth brush as I am gettein good results from this...be very care full with the injections!!! if you cant see it it's not so bad I can only see a six but only if I look hard and no one else has noticed only my husband noticed the ones on the side od my cheekbone but since the sonic he said he can't see them... I have the lift I wanted my daughter is a beauty therapist and she says I look better...massage and time I think..Sonic Waves they make your sink feel lovely too. it's a great toothbrush too.
My lumps did not go away.
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