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Hiya All, I wonder if anyone can help me? I had...

Hiya All,

I wonder if anyone can help me? I had rhinoplasty and a BA 18 days ago and I am so worried about the way my nose looks.

I asked the surgeon not to make me look piggy but at the moment I think I look like a complete pig. Will this go away with the swelling? Will the tip dropping slightly remove this look? Also, there looks like there is some asymmetry with my nostrils but again I am not sure if that will go when the swelling goes.

I really need some reassurance as I feel very, very low at the moment. I wouldn't do anything stupid but I am having thoughts about how I am going to get through the rest of my life if this is what I will end up looking like I am back in work on Monday and I can honestly say that if someone gave me the option to stay in the house for the foreseeable future, I would take it.

Has anyone gone through a similar experience?

Thank you, Terri

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5 weeks today and hate talking to people

I am 5 weeks today and although people keep telling me it looks better I still feel very snouty :(

I need my tip to drop soon and my columella to shrink ASAP.

I see my surgeon again on 04.09.2013.

I upload latest pics.

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Front on in the day and then night. It's so very piggy :(
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Hey, I don't think you look piggy at all, how are you feeling now? Did it drop for you? Who was your surgery with?
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Hi texjnr, May I ask who did your surgery? How are you feeling now? Did it drop for you?
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I wouldnt worry yourself. I have lookde at your pictures and i dont think you look "piggy" atall, although the general understanding with Rhinoplasty is it takes a year for the nose to settle into its new shape completely, and its probably still a bit swollen. Although if you want me to be honest i think your critical of it more because its your nose. Everyone here seems to think you have a beautiful nose. I think it is a really lovely nose and your surgeon has done a fantastic job.
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dont worry at all sweetie,, wn i saw my nose after the surgery it was piggy and so big and uneven,, i didnt believe that it will change wiz time... but actually it totally changed wiz time... so just dont stare at it all the time,, stop thinking about it,when u look at the miror look at ur face as whole and wiz time u will find everything per fect
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Thank you. How long did it take for your nose to change? I am 6 weeks on Sept 3rd and I think I still look very piggy. Snouty because of the mass on my supratip and piggy on my nostrils and septum. I've been trying to avoid mirrors and only look at long distance. A few times though I've seen myself close up and in light and I look horrific :( xx
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i think it took more than 3 months to look normal,, and in general it will continue to change over all the first year
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Hi Terri I think this is a really common thing. I had a hard time seeing my nose look so different. It was very wide after the surgery from the swelling and before I had a narrow nose. I also had uneven nostrils afterward. To be honest I was feeling quite depressed about it. Now it's been 2 months and I feel great. I still have swelling at the tip which takes longest to subside apparently. Your nose looks really good in my opinion! I know it's hard but just give it some time. You are still early and swelling will continue to go down. Keep us posted with how things are going.
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If i didn't know you'd had anything done I'd just say you are a person with a very attractive nose. It honestly doesn't look the least bit piggy to me. I have noticed a bit of dysmorphia from some folks who start with drooping tips (not sure if this was your issue or not), and then their tips don't droop anymore and they automatically feel so odd and pig-like, even when, to the general public, they don't look that way at all. Hopefully this is what you're experiencing and that you'll adjust and your tip will drop a bit. Please keep us posted as you continue to heal!

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Thanks I will do. I am going to see my surgeon again today as I am so down about it right now. I feel my columella is quite big now and has a v shape which is creating a piggy look. I think I feel upset as I said to my surgeon at least twice 'I don't want to look piggy'. Thanks for the kind words xx
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Do try to not be housebound and try to resume a normal life as soon as possible. I am still a hermit and it is because I hid for so long after surgery and made excuses not to go out that it became a whole lifestyle. I am desperately trying to break the cycle. It is hard to truly judge without seeing your whole face but your tip is sure to be swollen and will likely drop some. Don't get too down in the dumps; you don't truly know your final result yet. I do hope it heals to your liking but if not, try to hold on to hope and do not ruin your life over this.
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It will go down. Mine still looks bad but it looks way better than it did when I got it done. I felt like I looked like a pig even a month after I got it done. Right now I'm looking at a revision because my ps didn't narrow my nasal bones enough ( I had very wide nasal bones) with the one on the left sticking. He also didn't take enough cartilage off the tip and one nostril is very obviously larger that the other. The smaller one collapsed so I can't breathe out of that side of my nose unless I pull my cheek back. Yeah. Not real happy but it has dropped significantly thank God. I'm sure yours will too. :)
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Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope it improves for you. I didn't realise healing would take so long so I feel I'll equipped at the moment. I am still very worried about it as I can't see any indication of my nose looking better than it did before. I've added some pictures for people to see. xx
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I feel pretty confident in telling you it will drop. I've read reviews on here where people loved their nose right after surgery, then hated it months later because they felt it had dropped too much. Give it time. I know how hard it is to look in the mirror and think this is your final result. It will change.
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