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After 5 treatments almost all hair from my armpits...

After 5 treatments almost all hair from my armpits is gone. I'm now one year after the last treatment, and I'm very happy with the result.


I recently got en email of someone asking me what kind of laser was used;like the title of my review it is: Lightsheer Diode Laser (from Lumenis)

p.s.I didnt share the name of the clinic because i don't want anyone to have the idea that I'm here for the wrong reasons.
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It's not a weird question, i do understand it i don't have pictures. You've got to believe me. I'm a high demanding person, but I am very happy with the result !!
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I believed you, I just wanted to know about pictures because they help tell the story and help our community members. Thanks for being such an active part of the community.


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