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I have the treatment to correct my spacing over...

I have the treatment to correct my spacing over bite 40 U 20 L, I did 10 and it failed.

Was sold this amazing product only to be bitterly disappointed. I did everything by the book and it failed, now I have been offered a discount and another practitioner to try it once again but im not sure yet. The discount is however making me reconsider trying again. If all things were the same I wouldn't have bothered, it is not that invisible really although better than a brace, lots of people dont notice it but im sure there are a load that do also but are to polite to say, its not something you would say if you seen someone wearing it, in fact I have noticed them on others since. Its like wearing a gum shield all day top and bottom and no matter how many times you brush or mouthwash it will harbour bacteria and it can stink bad sometimes, especially after a sleep. Its also hard to take in and out especially if you have attachments. It does make taking difficult and embarrassing at times, hard to say T's and F's and lisping is a regular thing.

The service in general I had was also very poor from the dentist and Invisalign. And I will also mention that as the main manufacturing/design process is in the states it takes forever to get anything done, your dentist is almost just like the middle man.

I realise there are high cost throughout the process with the technology etc plus dentists fees but I honestly think its way overpriced for working class people. They know people are are suffering with their apearience and confidence and they captilise on it. The process you have to go through to get to an end result is also not good for these people (like me) who are struggling with their confidence.

Not sure yet if I am going to give it another go yet, but I just wish there were other teeth alignment options available to me in my area. It does seem to be popular and available almost everywhere.

If its a short treatment its a no brainer but for something over 20 liners (40weeks) its going to be very tough and it a gamble its going to get there.

One last thing even after 40 liners there is always a chance they could also say, its going to take another 15 liners ( + or however many ).

I have been embarrassed big time by the whole process, I even had to keep wearing liners that were not fitting as I was told too. This review is only part of the story. I have been through the process once and I am no where near smiling. Do I try again with a discount not sure but my other option is do nothing about my teeth as there are no alternatives near me.

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as explained cost me £3500

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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oh i get it now sorry misunder stood. well i hope you the best of luck
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well how long did you where each tray. i got told not to trade trays till my teeth fit perfectly, or i would have to start over.
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2 weeks each tray 22-23 hours per day I think it was, but when they stopped fitting I was called back eventually for more impressions and another clincheck, then I was told that the first one I was shown was not achievable so something was obviously wrong. As time is going on now and I am waiting for my next appointment I am starting to think do I really want to put myself through it all again. The uncertainty of when it will actually get there and the time involved is really putting me off now (could be 2 years it may be even more, there are no guarantees I have been told), plus the cost of it all. I did feel very self conscious wearing the plastic trays on the teeth aswell, it is not pleasant and they are not as invisible as they make out (especially with attachments) and they do effect your speech. I really could do without it, perhaps I will wait for the next breakthrough in orthodontics like Invisalign was to train track braces, the way internet and technology moves these days it probably wont be long, and there certainly is a big market for it in these image conscious society times. I dont really have a physical problem its more of a self-conscious and cosmetic one but it is one that bothers me. Some days I think yes come on give it another go but the way I feel most of the time is I don’t think I will continue the treatment this time even with the cash discount incentive. As I have said before if it’s a light short treatment then Invisalign is probably a good system but for a long haul something different/better is needed. At the moment I am giving up on getting my ‘perfect smile’.
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I’ve had no luck finding an orthodontist near either, the closest ones are a considerable distance away from me, it no where near practical with my work and family commitments.
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well like i said i cant trade trays till they fit and that if the first fits perfictly i can move on. you said you used 10 that might be why the first tray did not fit maby you should ask who your going to if you can were them longer if they dont fit. hope it helps a bit and good luck
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I can appreciate what you are saying but my trays always fitted perfectly after a few days everywhere apart from the front where it was not up close to the teeth,and it was sticking down where there was a space in it away from the teeth, if I had worn it for six months it would have never have fitted.
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I did see one orthodontist and they said they could do it with wires(two year treatment aprox again), but once again it was a travel to get there. I think I may try once again to find another. its almost over for my smiley teeth but there may be one last hope. I will try once again to find another orthodontist and get a second opinion from them. That is a good suggestion.
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Yeah, its always good to double check your options. Keep us posted - would love to hear what decision you come to!

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looking at the answers coming in from the specialist dentists, veneers may be a better option. I didnt really want this as my teeth are good and veneers are false teeth, I have no fillings nothing they are healthy teeth. but as one of the specialist Gary Nack, DDS quite rightly said it may be a concern with such a deep over bite. I am really losing hope of having my teeth done now. I would love to find someone local who could give me a straight forward answer without me going through years of treatment or spending more money. I just want those front smiley teeth looking good thats all. Its a shame I didnt live closer to Dr Gary Nack, I would go see him.
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The practitioner I am with now seems to think Invisalgin is the way to again. I have already paid out £100 in consultation fees for him to tell me this, The next step now is to pay another £500 just to see what invisalign are going to say this time with this new practitioner, and they wont realise the details of my last case to him either. The two cosmetic dentists so far I have seen have steered me away from veneers. I just want a good smile and everybody seems to have veneers these days perhaps it is an option , but what about the overbite then?
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Have you gone to a consultation with an orthodontist, or only cosmetic dentists? Orthodontists specialize in tooth movement. They would be the ones to advise on the overbite. Usually consultations with orthodontists are no charge, but of course it is up to the office if they want to charge or not.

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The liners were no longer fitting up close to the top front teeth and they were not up to the gum line. I had to keep wearing them even when they were like this. They fitted everywhere else just the place where they were most visible, it made them drop down more and stand out more. I told and emailed the dentist some photos straight away (as their practice was an 80 mile drive away, this was one of the only ones at the time using invisalign,) but they said it was normal keep wearing them, but by the time the next liner was due in and I fitted it, it was just getting worse, so I made a fuss and they said OK come in as perhaps it wasn't right. They then agreed take photos to send to Invisalign to check, I went away still wearing the liners as instructed. About a week and a half later I had a phone call of the dentist to say it wasnt right and they needed to do more impressions for another clincheck.
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That sounds understandable. What happened after they took the new impressions?

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they told me the first clin check was a bit optimistic and they could only really close them so far with Invisalign and then I would have to have veneers to finish the job. So it was another 32 liners then veneers to finish or they said I could have a refund, so bitterly disappointed with what I had already been through I took the money.
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Oh, that makes sense. I can see why you would be bummed if you were under the impression Invisalign could have made all of the changes for you.

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So sorry to hear what a rough experience you had with Invisalign.

You mentioned you had 40 U 20 L, trays and that after 10 and it failed. Do you mind me asking how it was determined it was failing so soon into treatment?

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