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Hi everyone I would be really grateful to anyone...

Hi everyone
I would be really grateful to anyone who has info on having fat transfer to breast after having their implants removed.! I am looking to do that but not sure where to go. I am looking forward to getting my breast implants removed and feeling free but it would be nice to get a fat transfer done too. Looking for the right surgeon who is able to do this.., not sure, Is it even possible..? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks X

Had consultation with Mr Mehboob Ali 22/01/2014

Hi everyone,
I had my consultation with Mr Ali yesterday and very happy with the outcome.
Mr Ali is so polite and took time to explain everything from the pros and cons which is involved with most surgeries. There was no pressure his side and he said a few times that i should take my time and think about it. Mr Ali was honest with the results i will achieve and very informative on how he does the technique. He examined me and was happy with the fat donor site too. He said that he can do fat transfer to my breasts after removing the 11 year old implants. He said i will be i cup less than i am which i really dont mind because i just want these out. I am 34c at the moment so will end up with a B. To be honest my first priority is to get them out and mentally feel healthier. The fat transfer option is an added bonus ! He said i can also go back to him after 12 months if i wanted more fat transfer.
So i have booked a provisional appointment for surgery in 1 month time but i have to wait to hear from his secretary for confirmation. I am really excited and so happy to have met him. He is a lovely man and really listens and understands.
Oh and i mentioned this website and names etc. Will keep everyone posted nearer the time, any questions please feel free to ask xX

Had surgery on 19th Feb 2014

Hi everyone, i had surgery on 19th and apologies for late update but have been very sore and in lots of pain .! I didnt expect this much pain especially comparing myself to other peoples experiences on here. Mentally i Feel happy that they have gone but my body feels so tired and very painful. My Arms are hurting when i lift them and my stomach and flanks are incredibly sore from the fat transfer.! My right breast has sharp pains and to add to all that i Still feel sick at times from medicine :(
Sorry girls for a miserable update lol but i Will give a proper update when i feel little better. Love to all x

Very happy so far

Hi everyone, feeling so much better, pain and swelling gone down thank God. Had an appt with nurse today and she took off bandages and said i am healing very well, scars are hardly noticeable and its only been a week.! i am very happy with the results.! much much better than i expected. I know the size will go down but very happy as i am sure i still will have a nice pair lol.! Have a follow up with consultant in few weeks. If any ladies want to remove their implants and swap them for fat then choose Mr Mehboob Ali as he is fantastic at his job.! He got the fat from love handles and stomach so i have a smaller waist too .!! So well worth it, Goodluck to all ! Xx

Just over 2 weeks ! X

Hi everyone its been just over 2 weeks since i had implants out and i am happy with results. Thank God i havnt had any complications or problems and pain has only been in one breast more than other and also in the liposuctioned areas (waist and stomach) which was expected.
I am still on painkillers but can go without for a longer period. Thank God my scars have healed beautifully and only bruising still left. I am going to post pics now and would like to add that the pics really dont do justice as they look better and fuller in real. I just hope to God they stay this size lol.!! Oh and i must mention after i had my breast augmentation 11 years ago i lost alot of sensation in my nipples but now i have got it back .!! Yipeee.!!! cant belive these small things make a difference to how you feel. Mentally i am so happy they are out and if i could turn back time i would never put my body through this stress. But i just was fascinated with big breasts at that time, yes i know i was young and stupid lol.! But Now i have learnt the hard way and grateful for health. I truly beleive a handful is youthfull and classy. Clothes fit better and i look slimmer too. My old 34C bras are fitting me better which is making me more happy. All in all i thank the Beautiful Lord it all went well. Wish everyone all the best X

Before and after pics x

Day before surgery
Then 1 week post surgery
Then just over 2 weeks x

4 weeks since op and very happy :)

Just gone 2 months and Happy

Its been 2 months since my removal of implants with fat transfer and i am soooo glad i did it.! Very happy with result and even more fantastic is that my old 34C bras fit me perfectly. Obviously they dont stick out so much but they are lovely and natural. Mr Ali done a great job.!!

Hi Girls just an idea of the size before BA

I dont have a pic of what my boobs looked like before BA but i found this pic on the internet which are a close match as possible. I had my BA at the age of 30 and i was size 6-8 with hardly any fat. With time and age i have put on weight and size 10 now. Hope this helps x
Mr Mehboob Ali

Fantastic Doctor.!! i am so happy with his work. Boobs look gorgeous.!! Mr Ali is humble and so down to earth. Very good at understanding what patient needs are. He is a Great surgeon .!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Hi Natasha. Looking good girl! Incredible results - you can start to relax now, I doubt you will lose much more now you have reached the 2 month mark. He has done an amazing job. You said you had 180cc and 200cc implants removed, then replaced with the same amount of fat, have I got that right? Only those size implants aren't that big and yet you look big (compared to me!). So I just wondered how you started out before anything? Did you have a cleavage pre implants? BTW, I'm in London tomorrow (Wed) for a dental appointment. Do you have a day off? I know it's short notice so don't worry, I shall be up again next month. Eve x
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I agree Eva, they look as big (but a much better shape) than mine and I have 460cc's!! Not sure Mr Ali will be able to replace that much fat. Looking forward to seeing your 3 month update Natasha, as from some others I have seen that tends to be the time u will see final results. Do you have any lumps in the breasts? It was very encouraging to read you have regained sensation where it was once lost as I am exactly the same and would LOVE to get the feeling back although I am aware this may not happen for me. To both of you lovely ladies, I have been reading your posts and it did make me chuckle to read about you both having skinny legs and wish u could build them up coz I am the opposite and have calves virtually the same size as my ankles...the dreaded cankles haha. Even tho Im only a size 8 I have always wanted longer slimmer legs, and envy women with dainty ankles and calves but thats not gonna change so I will just wear trousers for the rest of my life lol ;) x
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Hi Eva nice to hear from you. Yes i am covering colleague at work otherwise i would off loved to meetup loll.! Not to worry Will happen one day, .! Ok now about my boobs, well before my breast augmentaion i never had a cleavage. My breasts were very small with no drop. Its hard to explain but they were like 12,13 year old girls in puberty.! (i will try and find a pic on the internet which is a close match to how they were) So i was perky A but they were just embarrasing. After having my BA they stuck out alot and natirally dropped over the years with the weight of the implants and age of course. The funny thing was Mr Ali said he was able to inject the same amount of fat as the size of implants due to my chunky waistline lol.! And that waistline derived from an All Inclusive holliday as i was eating loads loll.!!! Anyhow i am glad i didnt excercise it away as it came in handy. So all in all very happy and from someone who was flat as a pancake i am finally glad to have a nice pear without implants.! Real good feeling i must say. Ok Eva better go catchup soon x
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Hey thankyou so much for your kind words :) i would love to swap for your cankles any day loll.!! I think its so sexy to have chunky calves and ankles,!! Oh well thats life i guess. I too wear trousers and not keen to show my matchsticks off lol lol. Anyhow better get my beauty sleep, take care x
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Ok. My next date up will be 8th May, so see how that fits for you? Still don't get the boob thing. I had 215cc implants and I was a 32a before, and my boobs still aren't big enough to get a drop even after 12 years! Yes, please do share a pic so I can try and understand how your boobs got large!! (Sorry, I hope you don't mind me saying that?!) They looked so natural in your 'before' pic even with implants. Mine never looked like that as I didn't have the coverage. C'est la vie.
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Thanks for your comment. It's lovely to know others are reading and finding things useful! I'm sure your legs are lovely - we are our worst critics aren't we? Now, I don't want to put thoughts in your head, but just in case, while were on the subject, you know you can have lipo to ankles do you? I'd better make a sharp exit now!
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Haha Eva, yes I have looked into lipo for ankles and calves a bit and if I were richer I prob would but boobs are biggest priority for me, sick of my fake looking rocks! Xx
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Hi Eva 8th May is looking great. Its only if someone is sick at work and they need me to cover last minute.! Hopefully everyones well.! Anyhow back to boobs lol i don't mind at all, u can ask me anything. I think over time with age and weight gain the boobs have dropped. I will put pic up to give u an idea how they looked before BA. It will be a random pic from the internet but i will get a close match as possible. Speak soon take care x
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I know that feeling! (excuse the pun) thats why ive had fat transfer on top. Its helped alot.
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Oh wow Natasha I look amazing, u must be thrilled, so happy for you :) Did u get any numb parts from the lipo? How are those areas doing now re swelling,pain numbness ,loose skin, lumps or anything else I haven't thought of lol xx
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U look amazing not I haha x
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Loll thanks for compliment. The lipo areas were sore for the first month but been totally fine after. No numbness at all, just normal. I must say i wasnt expecting the fat to stay this much but over the moon it has. I am so glad i made this decision and went through with it. Feel releived and much happier :) x
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Hi Natasha, how are things? Just to let you know I am in London this Tuesday (1st). Have some free time in the afternoon so thought I'd let you know just in case you were free then as well. Don't worry though, will still catch up sometime in April. x
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hey hun, would love to meet but working all week :( But looking forward to catching up in April x
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Ok, no probs. Be in touch soon. x
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Fantastic results. I am considering this procedure and dr in future
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Thanks Melissa x
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Hi Natasha. Going for my appointment with Dr. Ali next week! How is that fat staying? have you been told to rest/keep them warm etc? What sort of aftercare? I can't believe you only had such a small amount transferred and you look that big (only big in my terms because I'm flat, so don't worry you look amazing, I am so jealous). Do you have a pic of the size you were before implants (in bikini for instance), as it would help me to compare what I could look like. Do you know how much donor fat was removed to achieve them? I'm slim so don't know yet if he will want to do the procedure. All the best and keep posting. x
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Hi Eva, thanks for your message. The fat is doing well. He transferred 200cc to the right and 180cc to the left breast. My right breast was always a little smaller lol. With regards to the fat It has gone down a little but i still have a heavy handful as before my Implants i was flat as a pancake. Even the A cup bras fitted loosley loll..! I have an athletic build so been slim most of my life but since last year i had started gaining wait around my stomach and waist which was quite ugly but it came in handy ! Sorry hun i dont have a picture of before i had implants but i was seriously flat. It runs in the family, i blame my mum, nan etc lol.! Ok so which day is your appointment..? as i have a follow up with Mr Ali next week too. Might see you lol.. X
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Oh and the aftercare was just resting, taking my medication on time and not doing any heavy lifting and trying to relax. It is nice to rest but very boring as i fealt the time wasn't moving, it was a little depressing for me although i had recorded some of my favorite TV programmes which came in handy. My life is quite hectic as i have children and a (useless) hubby and i work partime too. I rested for about 1 week then gradually got back into day to day activities. By the second week i was cooking, cleaning, washing, doing my outside chores like shopping and bills etc. Also went back to work second week too. Since i have got back to my normal day to day routine the time just whizzes past lol..! Will be one month in 2 days and i am still happy with my results. Dr Ali is fantastic..!x
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Hi. Glad to hear all is well. The one month will be quite a milestone for your fat retention. I think that was when I felt mine were 'normal' again. Your boobs don't look as if they could have ever been flat, certainly not like mine anyway. Who did your implants? The shape is so natural even if you didn't like the feel. Can you remember what you had and size? I'm going on Tues afternoon, which day are you in; it would be great to bump into each other wouldn't it?!! x
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LOL yes it would be great to see you but my followup is on Weds at the West Midlands Hospital in Halesowen. Believe me Eva i was a flat pancake before my breast augmentation. I had my boob job done by a surgeon in Basingstoke and the implant size was same 180 in left and 200 in right breast. They still look good but for some reason they do look bigger in the pics. But all in all i am happy as i was worried when i have the implants removed i will have a flat chest again and worse with loose skin .!!! Thank God so far so good. I will put 4 week pics up on Tuesday x
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Hey Eva i just had a quick look at your profile and your build seems similiar to mine as i have skinny legs. I would love to have chunky calves and bit more ankle but hey thats life lol..! Anyway i was going to ask you have you had breast augmentation or fat transfer before, what happened.?xx
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Sure - a bit of history! I had implants after I fed my children. I had always wanted implants since the age of 16 because i was a 32aa but never had the nerve to as i was concerned about silicone in my body. But when i tried to choose a bikini to go on holiday, I was in the changing room trying it on and I was so flat - you couldn't tell which was the back and which was the front, i was that flat! I cried and decided this was the moment I was going to do it. I've had them about 17 years now (2nd ones as i had soya to start, but there was a scare on those and had them changed to cohesive silicone), and been pleased because at least i had a shape. They looked false though and i was never comfortable with them but much better than the alternative, and they certainly look nothing like yours! I didn't have enough of my own flesh to cover them well so they looked very round. I had them under muscle to help this. I heard about fat transfer and gave it a try. 1st time 1 year ago then again 4-5 months ago. He didn't spin the fat. I'm pleased with the result but only had small increments in size each time. I'm eating lots now (which is great!) in the hope that I can grow some more fat to transplant. I hope that Dr. Ali has a better technique and can put more in. I realise i won't have the 'space' as i want to keep my implants as I want to increase my size, so that might be why my result is not as good as Dr. Ali or Dr. Bednar, but I couldn't bear to end up smaller after all this effort and expense. Anyway, will see what he says and let you know. I had a bit of spare flesh on my hips for the donor site so might not have enough to have another go and also the scar tissue builds up after lipo and they can't use that, so I have to see what he says. Fingers crossed! As regards my legs they are very skinny and i HATE THEM. I have looked into implants but concerned about possible complications, long term pain and the horrible scarring behind the knee. Fat transfer seemed like a dream but my research tells me the fat does not last in that area because of the blood supply. I also need my ankles doing as they are ultra skinny and will look even skinnier if i have the calves done on their own. Catch 22 it seems. What now? I am following Anwin on here who has had a good result and hope he keeps some of the fat, then see what I think. I won't have enough fat to do both areas but I also don't want to go through with it to the legs and end up with nothing when i know it works for my boobs! Bit of a dilemma eh? Anyway, it's good to talk to others going through this as I don't talk to anyone else about it. Thank goodness for this site (thank you Realself!); I wish I had come across it before I had my fat transfer done. Anyway, hope this helps. We should meet up as we live so close and have legs and things to discuss!!! I will be in Worcester tues for my appointment - are you free on that day perhaps we could arrange something? x Boy I can ramble.
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Loll no worries, i am totally the same when it comes to body parts as it makes you feel better if certain things are in proportion to others lol..! My legs are really skinny and i dont have curvey hips which is annoying but have learnt to live with it. I even bought a padded pair ok knickers from ebay to give my booty a little boost lol...! it comes in handy on my night outs. However i do love to show my thighs of with long boots lol. Anyway back to your story i am suprised the surgeon did the implants under the muscle because my surgeon said to me he will have to do my implants over the muscle as i didn't have enough fat and he wanted me to look natural. Maybe the surgeons have their own ideas who knows. Yes your right they looked very natural and my hubby couldnt beleive how natural i looked coming from someone with a flat chest lol.! Thats good you are eating more as that will help with the fat donor sites. Dr Ali purifies the fat then injects it into the muscle so hopefully you will get a good result. I didnt know you can have fat transfer with implants kept in so that will be an interesting result. Its amazing how advance technology is these days as so much can be done. I assure you Dr Ali is very good at his job and you will be in safe hands and wish you goodluck. Also would love to meetup and get to know you but i live in West London and only driving up to West Midlands on the Weds for my appointment. Its a 3 hour drive and it has been a mission going up and down a few times for the consultation, surgery and follow up but i chose Dr Ali because i was very happy with his positive reviews. Where do you live, anywhere near London.?? If so we can meetup on my days off. x
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