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Such a Relief! 30FF, 5ft 2, 22 Year Old Very Happy So Far! - United Kingdom, GB

I am 22 years old and weigh 61 kilograms. I have...

I am 22 years old and weigh 61 kilograms. I have always had larger breasts even as a young child and have always wished for them to be smaller. As I got older I noticed that my left breast was smaller than my right breast, so not only were my breast too large for my little frame but they were also asymmetric too. I decided that I wanted to go ahead with breast surgery and went to my doctors to discuss it. It's took along time for the whole process to get to where I am today ( around two years) but its all been worth it. I went for my pro op on the 19th December 2012 and seen the surgeon who was going to be doing my operation. He described to me the process and complications to me and was really nice and reassuring and I came out the appointment feeling very happy and exited. He did say that I would be put on the NHS waiting list and it would be around may time 2013 when I would probably have the surgery. I then got a phone call on the 5th February ( two weeks ago) saying there had been a cancelation and that I would have my surgery on the 11th February! I was so shocked at the news because it was so soon! I then had to go to hospital for my pre op on the friday.The pre op was lots of tests to see how fit you are to have surgery ie urine, swabs, health and blood tests. The nurse asked lots of questions and asked if I has any concerns for the surgery itself. I informed her that I was very nervous about having the IV in my hand and she wrote on my notes to make sure I have a pre op medication tablet ( basically a calming tablet) and a numbing cream so I couldn't feel the iv going in. If your nervous about getting the IV it's definitely worth a mention because I don't think many people know that you can request these things.

The day before the operation I was very nervous and couldn't stop thinking of what I was going to put myself through, I was even doubting if I wanted it done! But I knew that I had waited such a long time for something I really wanted done and the nerves just got the better of me. If I could go back in time I would definitely tell myself not to worry so much because all the things I was worried about weren't even near as bad as what I had built them up in my head to be!!

On the day of the operation I was very nervous and had to be up early to go to the hospital. As soon as I got there the process started right away. I had my blood pressure and temperature took and all the paper work to check over and then the surgeon came to see me and draw the marks of where my breast were going to sit on me. All the nurses were so lovely and reassuring and made me feel at ease at what I was going to do. I was still very nervous though because i had never actually had a operation before.I was then given my pre op medication and within half an hour I felt very relaxed and a bit sleepy. Then a nurse came around and gave me the numbing cream for my hand and then it was time to go down to the anaesthetic room. I was very scared going down because it was all new to me and I didn't know what to expect. The nurses were so lovely and kept talking to me and asking me how I felt. I then got the IV put into my hand and I didn't even feel a thing! The anaesthetic was the put into my IV. As I had never had a general anaesthetic before I didn't know what to expect but I actually quite liked the feeling it gave me. The oxygen mask then was put in me and that's the last I could remember.

When I woke up from the operation I wasn't confused of feeling sick like I had read in a lot of forums. I immediately looked at my new breasts and I loved them! I then got wheeled to the ward and I felt really good. I didn't have any pain and the nurses explains to me that I had drips in each side. The drips weren't uncomfortable infact I could hardly feel them but I was aware they were there. I didn't have pain T any time during the night and nurses came in every few hours to check my drains, dressings, blood pressure, temperature and to give me my pain relief tablets. I know that the NHS has some pretty bad reviews but I have to say every single nurse I had we're so lovely! The following morning when I woke up I still felt no pain and couldn't stop looking at my new breasts. At this point I had no sports bra on just the dressing so I could see the shape and size of my breasts perfectly. The doctor then came to see me and said everything was perfect and because very little had come out my drains I was told I would be going home that day! The nurse then came around and took out my IV( which was no pain at all infact i didn't even feel her taking it out) , changed my dressings and took my drips out. I was very worried about getting the drips out because I had heard so many bad things about people getting them taken out. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt because it was exactly pleasant but it wasn't as bad as what I had built up in my head ; it just felt a bit like a stinging sensation but was over in a matter of seconds. So all in all I was only in hospital for 24hours! I was given painkillers and antibiotics to take home and was then fitted for a sports bra which was a size 32 D.

6 days post operation-
It has now been six days since I have had my breast reduction. The whole process so far has been very smooth and I'm very delighted with the results I am seeing. I have had quite a few sleepless nights because I don't usually sleep on my back and the healing process can be quite itchy. I still have my dressings on and don't get them changed for another two days and have to wear my sports bra 24 hours a day. I have a few spots of blood on my dressing since leaving the hospital and I was a bit panicked thinking this wasn't normal and something must be wrong but I rang the ward I was on at the hospital and the nurse reassured me it was completely normal. She also said because I was finding the sports bra quite tight and uncomfortable I could have a ten minute break each day to have some relief. At this moment my stomach and top of my ribs are very swollen and my left breast is very tender and bruised and its a lot more swollen compared to my right breast but I have been told this is very common because both breast don't tend to heal the same. I do get a few twinges which are quite painful in both breasts but the pain only lasts for a few seconds or so. The only place that is causing me a bit of pain is where the drains were taken out. I can't wait to get the dressings took off because I feel like they are restricting me from being able to move around and I will get to see all of my new breasts and the scars. I would recommend trying to do as little as you can though because I think I have been a bit too mobile and I'm really feeling the effects of it now pain wise. I will update my pictures on Tuesday after having my dressings took off.

Day 8 post operation- It has now been eight days...

Day 8 post operation-
It has now been eight days since I had my breast reduction and I'm starting to feel almost back to normal. The pain has almost disappeared and I'm feeling like I can do more mobility wise. All my wounds feel like they have healed up and the swelling in my left breast has went down a little. I had my appointment at the hospital to see the nurse to check over my dressings and wounds. I get nervous whenever I go to the hospital because I'm a bit of a girl when it comes to things like that. The nurse was lovely but she was quite rough taking my dressings off. She was doing it quite quickly and when she pulled the tape off from over the top of my scars she got the stitching stuck and was pulling it out my skin. It hurt quite a lot and caused my right nipple to bleed ( which then caused me to faint). The nurse said it was perfectly fine and that I was healing very well. She asked if I wanted to have a look at them in the mirror but I wasn't up to it after feeling faint but my boyfriend who came with me had a look and said they looked fantastic considering I only had my op a week ago. He said the scars were very very thin and they had all closed up apart from a little bit at the bottom of my left breast ( the one with the swelling and brusing). One thing I did wonder and forgot to ask in my pre op was if they cut the nipple down to size when having a breast reduction. I haven't been able to see my nipples because they have had dressings on but I did see them today and they have cut my nipples down to size. So to answer my own question; they do cut your nipples down to match perfectly to your smaller breasts. The nurse was very pleased with my progress but just to be safe she put new dressings back on and told me to keep and eye out on the swelling of my left breast. She also gave me extra dressings in case I need to change the dressings myself because I was experiencing discomfort with my other ones. I was then warned still not to be too mobile or lift anything because she said its at the point when you start feeling more able to do stuff that you over do it and cause yourself the most damage. I was informed at my appointment that my stiches are actually dissolvable which is a bit weight off my mind! My breasts do feel quite sore after the appointment because of the pulling of the stitches and the bleeding but its to be as expected really. I didn't get any photos but I have another visit to the hospital next week to get my dressings all took off so I will be able to get some photos then.

15 days post operation- Today I went back to the...

15 days post operation-
Today I went back to the hospital for my second follow up appointment. It all went really well and no fainting this time phew! I had a different nurse and she took my dressings off then cleaned my wounds and said they have all healed up. She was very happy I was healing quickly and she even said I could now go in the shower..... Thank god no more only a inch of water baths! She also told me to go an buy some fragrance free moisturiser or bio oil to massage into my scars and that will also help to rub the old blood off my scars ( which is totally normal to have apparently). My next appointment at the hospital isn't till may so no more hospital for a while thank god. When I got home the first thing I did was look at my breast because I haven't seen them without the dressings on before. They look amazing!!!!! I prepared myself to be horrified at them thinking they would look hideous considering it was only two weeks after surgery but the scars are unbelievable. They are so thin and the nipples look perfect with the new size of my breasts. I then went in the shower and was careful not to over rub or wash the scars but when I got out a lot of the dry blood had come off on its own. I then massaged the bio oil into the scars and some more blood came off but there is still a few patches left on. I know there is a lot of healing still to go and the skin on my breasts is very red and dry because of having the dressings on for so long but I'm so happy with how they are looking so far! Iv uploaded some new photos without the dressings on too!
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You sure didn't look like a 30FF. You looked fabulous then and look amazing now...Congrat's on a successful surgery and great results! I am 6 days post op and feel great which is not what I expected. You poor thing, I felt so bad when I saw you fainted:-( So glad you're feeling better and can't wait for my drains to come out this Friday. There was still too much fluid measuring out this past Monday. I was off the pain med's by day 4 and now am hardly even taking tylenol. I did get a warm red rash though tonight on my upper chest, probably just stress from my day today, so I just rubbed on some benadryl cream and it's already feeling better. Good look with your progress and I'm sending you imaginary gentle hugs!! "Perkysets"
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Aww thank you !! I didn't expect to feel that good after having the op either because I had read some horrible things but it was such a relief. I have had a few red rashes and I still get them now but I just take my sports bra off so they can get some air and cool down for a bit and then they seem fine. I bet you feel like a new woman.... I know I do :-)
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You look fantastic - well done!
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You look great. I'm 3 days post op ahead of you. My surgery was on feb 8th. I will purchase me some bio oil. Keep me posted. Are you sleeping on your side yet? I'm going to try tonight, but still sore. Wish me luck!
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How are u finding the healing process? Not slipping on my side yet just incise but I can sleep a little more to the side instead of staright on my back which is a bit better, it's just so horrible having to sleep on your back isn't it!
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Hello N17, how are you? I'm healing good. My scabs are starting to peel and fall off. I'm started to sleep a little more on my side. Have you shop for a bra yet? I'm still wearing my sports bras. Some of them are uncomfortable, so I keep looking for one that I like.
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They look AWESOME!
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You are looking good..

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congrats you look great!
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Congratulations. you look great xx Im on the nhs waiting list my timing is around the same as yours i want to see surgeon in Dec and put on the waiting list and was told may time. i got really excited reading yours Im hoping my will be sooner rather than later a cancellation would be great. Im in derby but having my op in nottingham where about are you? Wishing you all the best with your healing take care xx
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Thank you :-) I'm up in Newcastle and I must say it was much better only having a weeks notice before I had the surgery because I didn't have much time to worry! I can't believe how quick and smoothly everything went. Well I hope you get a cancellation too and get them done soon :-) xx
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Glad your healing ok. how you been last few days? Please forward any tips you have lol. x
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My last few days have been totally fine infact I feel no pain part from a few random twinges. I'm much more mobile too and I keep forgetting I have even had them done haha the only thing is having to sleep on your back, that's where I have has the most bother because I just find it so uncomfortable! I would say that you deffinitly need someone to look after you, the first week is deffinitly a must! Iv had my boyfriend for two weeks now and he did pretty much everything for me the first week. Also if u are a but if a worrier ( like me) don't Wurry at all, everything I was worried about I had no need to and everything went really smoothly x
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Glad your feeling good. Im worrying about worrying now lol. my main concern at the min is the iv in my hand Im dreading having that put in lol glad your healing well x
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That was actually my biggest Wurry! But I asked for the numbing cream and they leave it on for about and hour and I couldn't feel a thing. I didn't feel the Iv going in and even after the surgery i couldn't really feel it. I was worried because I don't like things on me that shouldn't be there but it didn't bother me in the slightest and when she took it out all I could feel was the plaster over the top of the Iv keeping it in ripping off not the needle coming out, Iv even said have u done it already! It's natural to be worried but honestly I'm the biggest worrier around and everything was absolutely fine so try not to worry too much :-) x
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Thanks so good to hear that. hope the healing is going well still x
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Congrats! Looking at your pics it looks like the new girls are gonna be the perfect size for you! Happy days ahead :-)
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It's so nice having little ones now! Thank you too :-).
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Glad to hear everything went well for you, at least apart from the pulled stitch. I did that to myself, actually, and it was painful. I pulled a stitch at the bottom of the right breast, at the join, and got a small opening. But it's healing fine, so I guess it's just a matter of time. Best of luck with the remainder of your recovery!
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Thank you :-)
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