I have wanted a bigger buttocks, curvier figure...

I have wanted a bigger buttocks, curvier figure since forever, my stomach is a huge problem area and If I could transfer this fat to my buttocks it would make me very happy and I would feel so much better about myself. My butt is not completely flat, there is some shape there. My two dilemmas are accepting what I have been blessed with or changing something I do not like and making it amazing from my perception and the second dilemma is if I do go ahead with getting it done, do I do it in the UK or USA (the latter I feel has more experience and I may see better results). Are there any good, experienced surgeons in the UK? I plan to get BBL in April 2012.

Braaaaaap. X-D I'm from London :-D I'm booked for May and trying to get March, tho sorry...U.K surgeons, I don't trust them AT ALL. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Cutekoala, I really need a date in May, I'm worried that everyone will want an earlier date not a later date, I have my fingers crossed. Its annoying that UK surgeons are not experienced in this procedure, Dr Salama needs to make a visit to the UK. Let me know how you get on with your surgery, how long are you planning to stay in MIA and what are your plans for the plane ride home.
I'm a little scared about the plane ride home! But I think I'm going to use the yoga mat trick if they can't let me lie on more than one seat- i.e using two rolled up yoga mats and resting the thighs on them to prevent adding pressure to the butt, and also having one propping up my back to prevent any contact between my butt and the seat. I'm also refusing to sleep on the plane, I'm going to try and stay awake to prevent myself from accidently resting on my butt. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well I have decided to go ahead with BBl and make...

Well I have decided to go ahead with BBl and make that amazing change so I can hopefully be more happy with body, I AM SCHEDULED FOR 6th AUGUST 2013, I REALLY NEED MAY 2013 IF ANYONE IS WILLING TO SWAP DATES PLEASE LET ME KNOW ;-) THE SITE WILL NOT LET ME CHANGE OFFICE/CLINICLOCATION I AM HAVING SURG WITH DR SALAMA IN FLORIDA X
@hannah8652 its best if you post an update onto your own profile. I am booked for July and will be coming from London. It depends what you are looking for really, I am going to rent a condo for almost 3 weeks as we have a long plane journey back home I want to recover as much as possible. Problem is flights are so expensive in july and august from the UK. Just wish I could go in May aswell but he is sooooo booked up!
Hi nt sure if I'm posting in the right place, I am from Berkshire UK im looking to get a bbl with doctor salama in august as that was next available, does any one know how much roughly it costs to stay In Miami for two weeks?x
Hi Hannah, I have not looked into accommodation such as rentals or villas and flights, with flights its best to book early and it will probably be cheaper to stay in a villa/rental rather than a hotel, unless you do not mind staying a low rated hotel, use search engines (Travel supermarket, last minute, trivago etc) to get an idea of cost of hotels.

Anybody want to swap dates I'm booked for August I...

Anybody want to swap dates I'm booked for August I need May??


Oh sorry rearview, I didn't see this! I'm planning on being there for 2 14-16 days, I believe renting a nurse is something like 300-400 dollars for 3 days. That's why after all the surgery costs, I've got a budget for £2,500 for all this other stuff- I calculated my flight is about 500 pounds, nurse will be about 300 pounds, the condo rental will be 900-1000 pounds (I know, depressing) and the rest of the money will be for aftercare and food etc. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anybody, anybody need or want to change dates I...

Anybody, anybody need or want to change dates I have August 6th with Dr Salama but would like pref May or June/July 2013????
I have Jan 21

Anyone want to swap dates, I'm booked for 6th...

Anyone want to swap dates, I'm booked for 6th August with Dr Salama need any dates from May to June ;-)

Hi does anyone out there want or need to swap...

Hi does anyone out there want or need to swap dates I need a date anytime from Mid May to early June with DR Salama? I'm booked for 6th August..

Hi does anyone out there want or need to swap...

Hi does anyone out there want or need to swap dates I need a date anytime from Mid May to early June with DR Salama? I'm booked for 6th August..

Finally got to get an earlier date so happy :-)

Finally got to get an earlier date so happy :-)
Congrats you have crossed over to the big booty tribe welcome our dr. Is a Specialist I know he hooked you up the surgery changed my life
Im excited for you your day is almost here I wish you the best!
Thank you Bubblez, 11 days to go now, its becoming very real, I keep having these weird dreams about surgery, been trying to practice sleeping on my stomach, I am not quite there yet :-( The time flys too quickly, are you booked for early next year?


Arnica gel
Arnica Pills
Bio oil
Vitamin E oil
Aleo Vero oil
Benadryl itch gel
Vitamin C inc Bioflavonoid
B-100 B Complex
Colace (Not delivered in time :-()
Hibeclens (Have not got)
Antibacterial soap
Suction hooks
Loofah & sponge
Menstural Pads
Bed Pads
Cotton wool & buds
Flushable tissue wipes
Urinal (Have not got)
Lysol & cleaning Sponge

Before measurements

Bust: Unsure will update (believe 36)
Hips: 44inches
Sorry just saw your msg have not had surgery yet hun, will def update you once I cross over to the big booty tribe (lol), thanks for keeping an eye out on me, I hope and have faith that my results will be WORTH IT, you should be the poster girl for EPS, I know I will be re-reading your blog for post op advice ;-)

Overview of surg:

19/5/13: Met Miriam, went to Walmart brought some food. Absolutely love Miriam she kind of reminds me of my mum, she rants/talks a lot, she is funny without meaning to be. My general perception is that Miriam
Is slightly overworked and Eps need an additional driver

Day before surgery: Met the team and signed my life away on lots of paperwork, team answered all my questions and were very helpful.
Met two lovely ladies on realself who gave me plenty of advice and gave me some medication, can not thank you enough

Day of surg: V emotional could not believe I was actually going ahead with it. Miriam gave me some inspirational words pre surgery.
Dr S ran through surgery procedures and risks, advised he could transfer 1000cc (unsure how much he transferred)
I asked Dr S if he could transfer to hips, Dr S advised he could give lateral projection and advised he did not inject fat directly to hips. This meet did not feel very personable I got the feeling that Dr S says the same script how ever many times a day that he operates. Dr S took pics did not ask if I had any wish pics and after this I did not see Dr S.
Operating bed was really warm, when I woke up from surgery I was shivering violently. After surgery I had to stand and wait outside for Miriam for a while was not happy about this

Day one: Went to surgery for post op, nurse removed padding and tape was slightly painful. Nurse took off garment this also felt
Painful. Dr S checked over me and said everything seemed fine, this was a very brief meet. Dr S advised pins and needles feeling in my hands were normal. Nurse advised that my stomach poking out was swelling, my stomach looked quite shrivelled up, hope this goes down

Day two: Feeling slightly stronger at times today. In general It hurts to cough and laugh, at times my butt feels like bricks, my tummy is tender. Using the toilet to wee is challenging, I'm starting to get slight headaches. I have constant pins and needles in my hands, my arms feel sore (I didn't lipo arms) it's still a struggle to push myself up. The pain is bearable though (I still would not go through this again), I have been taking perc's when pain starts kicking in.
I have also been trying to eat and drink plenty of fluids and keep on top of my medication. I have been sleeping every few hours

Other news my sister who is meant to be here to look after me is annoying me as I am seeing she is very self centred and has her own agenda for being here and her priority is not to care for me, I should have just hired a nurse instead of paying for her ticket!!! So pissed off right now, I have just come out of surgery and her concern is going out to drink and party, she left out yesterday and did not return to late afternoon today. I probably would have gotten more support from a friend, I realise I am in this by myself now so I need to be self reliant and start taking care of my needs as my sister is full of

Massage arranged for Friday, hope it is not as painful as everyone says

Post op pics

I m very concerned about Salama giving me hips . Lateral injections look good from behind , but does it look good from the front . Can't wait to c more of your pix . Wishing u speedy recovery

Pics Day 2

Looking good! Sorry your sis isn't being supportive...she might be jealous of all that BOOTAY!!! Happy Healing!
Thanks girl. Sometimes my sis is supportive and other times like yesterday when I really needed her she is not, she is young so I think she is excited about being in sunny hot Florida, and staying in with me for a few days of her life is too much to ask. She has been spoken to so hopefully she will stick to the plan going forwardxx
Congrats on making it to this side results r looking good!!


Period started!!!! Showered today and washed garment, feel better now that I'm clean. Also done a number two today. Measurements: bust: 37/38, waist: 37inches, hips: 47inches. Hope my waist and bust goes down more. I ordered a medium and small squeem, anyone know if I will need medium or if I should have got extra small. Unsure if I should buy a vedette, if yes any recommendations?
Looking good girl!!! If I don't see you before I leave, Happy Recovery!!!
Hey Girl, I'm going to call you today, planning to head down to Aventura Mall today, if you are free we can meet up today xx


Had massage yesterday the front and sides were the most painful areas, I cried, my sister was helpful held my hand and encouraged me to breathe. Celia was very nice and gave us some large gauze pads and put foam
In garment. Celia advised me I had a burn :-(
In general the team at EPS are very friendly. I felt better after massage then worse in the evening. I decided to go to Aventure Mall by bus, all the standing and walking/waddelling took it out of me, I cried on the journey home as I had a bad headache and could not cope with the walking (drama I know). Me and my sis had a
slight argument at the mall as she does not realise sometimes less Is more, I know she is young and I was her age once but you don't have to walk around with your breasts hanging out your top, grown men all over the mall
just staring at her breasts, be a lady, she can't take criticism but as my sister, someone I care about I have to be honest.

I thought I would feel more able to
get up and do things by now (maybe unrealistic) my sis wants to go out and be a tourist and I really want to (having a car would be so much easier) but how I felt yesterday coming back from the mall I am scared to go far.

Latinabooty and V gave me some Percecot which has now run out, I'm taking the tynelol but it does not feel quite as effective!!! I dont
Know if I should just get more Percecot at the pharmacy or deal with the Tylenol, I wish I brought pain killers with me!!!

Had to wash garment again today as drain leaked!!!!

I forgot to mention previously that after surgery your eyes look like you been 10 rounds with mike Tyson so be prepared for black, swollen eyes

6 day post op

Still feeling weak and tender, my butt feels like a ton of bricks and i keep getting headaches. trying to deal with this without medication but feel loke giving in and etting the Percecot, I have nearly
Finished antibiotics. Trying to get out every day for walks whilst being realistic. I want to go home now, I think recovery would be easier in familiar surroundings.


Hey my fellow UK girl! Hope your feeling better! And you will be home in no time xx
Hey girl, hows your results and recovery going? Changed my medication and feeling much better also positive thinking has helped. The plane journey was very uncomfortable, I have a burning sensation when I sit down and unfort the plane was packed (being conscious of fellow passengers prying eyes did not help, after a few tears I had to ignore it prioritise my comfort). Thankfully the time went quickly and i'm home safe and sound, kind of missing sunny Florida but happy to be back xxx

Update and when do you start wearing waist cincher??

- Had my second massage on Tuesday 28th, had build up of fluid, this area was very sensitive, I cried again (big baby I know, I have a love and hate relationship with the massages, the front and sides are the most sensitive areas).
Took pics of placement of foams, advised on board usage, masseuse was very informative can not wait for my waist to go down.
- I ordered two squeems medium and small (should have got x small also) they got delivered on time ;-) Got conflicting info about when to start wearing waist cincher, was advised that when garment gets baggy, can wear waist cincher over stead of getting a smaller compression garment and this process will slim my waist. Was advised by Nomie to wear wasit cincher at 4-6 weeks, seems like a long way away
- Encouraged to self massage if fluid builds ups, will be on the look out for a masseuse in the UK, masseuse advised that massages are most important during first two weeks after surgery and number of massages are dependent on fluid build up. Wish I video recorded massage
- Also had my back drain taken out yipee, will have to go home with my front drain dang, was shown how to take this out does not seem to difficult, looking forward to taking this out.

- I had my last post op appt on Wednesday 29th got my boards, front area was drained. Dr answered all my questions, got my letter to use on the plane which I did not use
- Dr advised me that headaches were probably in relation to my fluid and food intake, I have realised it is very important to eat and drink plenty of fluids. Also advised pins and needles should subside, swollen vjay was normal. Dr S advised that itching booty would not kill fat cells but laying on side may have a slight effect
- Straps of garment dig into my shoulder, no resolution to this

- Went to Sawgrass mills Mall on Wednesday 29th good bargains, cab was very expensive but it was worth it and I was proud to be on my feet for such a long period, i feel tronger

- Flew back on Thursday 27th, said my good byes to Miriam will miss her jokes/abuse. Plane journey home was very uncomfortable, tried towel under legs my bum burned, this seems to happen on all occasions that I sit, my bum becomes very itchy. I ended up kneeling (got dead legs), standing and when landing sat on bobby pillow, this felt much better (tip don't be embarrassed to sit on your booby pillow, ignore the stares of passengers)

Last tip it may be difficult but try to maintain your hygiene, if you cant get in the shower hand wash at the sink and keep your garment clean, its a good idea to have two garments so you have one to put on whilst washing the other one is washing/drying (keep your first garment). Not calling anyone out but I have seen patients at office with blood all over there clothes on show, I know recovery is ruff and shit happens but try to maintain your standards.


Will update will more photos soon
Dates should read Wednesday 26th not the 29th



Im experiencing slight discomfort front drain incision I hope it's not infected can't wait to take it out, it's a short stinging/burning sensation, hard to describe but uncomfortable .
-The foams are shaping me but leaving marks my left waist side looks more shaped than the rights I'm unsure if this is due to foams not being identically placed. I would like to have wider foams will need to buy some more, wish I got this before leaving
- the garment has also dented above my bum, unsure how to smooth this out
- I did not need many of the supplies I brought, will do an updated lost with essential items

13 days PO, pot op diet plans??

Will be taking out drain tomorrow myself, slightly nervous but cant wait to take off as the small wire is irritating/cutting into my skin
- Been advised to move foams around to prevent markings
- My belly button is a weird shape, been advised to shape it with a marble, iDK if a marble can even fit init ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM???
- Went food shopping today it felt so hard to not revert to my old habits but I did it, does anyone follow any post op diet plans as I do not want that stomach of the past to return!!
- Will post more pics soon
looking soo good girl ;)
Thanks girl, can not wait till I am feeling 100% good too. Good luck in your upcoming surgery not long to go now :-)


Found out today I got 1150cc, I kind of wanted more but I think that is booty greed kicking in. I am still not walking properly (I have had to make all sort of excuses about my mobility)and the board makes me slightly more uncomfortable, good news is that I am sleeping better since taking out front drain. When I took out drain I initially felt a sharp pain in my lower tummy, I screamed and had to stop then I had to talk myself into continuing, after this it was not too bad (I took it out whilst showering)
I also went back to my normal day to day routine on Tuesday (2 weeks post op),having been sitting on yoga mat can not wait till I can sit down properly again and my booty doe snot punish me with itches for it!!!

New pics day 15 post op

More pics

U look fabulous. ..
Thanks girl, I know it might sound silly but I feel slightly guilty being even the slightest bit happy about my results knowing that you are unhappy :-( How are you feeling? Have you made any plans about what you decide to do going forward?
Look in yuh inbox

4 weeks and 4 Days

We all Feel that way after swelling goes down compression on mid section is important and as the booty soften and drops it will appear bigger again you look great don't trip
Thanks for the positive words and advice I appreciate it you actually made me feel that little bit better, do you suggest I wear squeem through the night? I am not totally unhappy but my booty has gone down a lot, I will keep persevering with getting my waist down its currently 32 1/2 inches and that half does matter☺ I hope it can go down to 28 inches x
Sorry forgot to mention you are still looking great x

4 weeks 4days

Looking bigger in leggings

4 weeks and 4 days and

Front, side and back view
May be you got bootygreed lol! Girl, you got it bad! All my eyes see is a big ole phatty!
Yeah I am now accepting that I poss do have BGS but seriously my butt has gone down, I think leggings will be my wardrobe staple and clothes that emphasis the booty, on some days I do have it really bad you will experience this too lol
I see what the booty doo... Nice projection... What are ur measurements?

Updated supply list

Arnica gel - Used after two weeks Arnica Pills - Dr S gives you these so you don't need to buy

Choose one oil don't need all:
Bio oil - Have not used
Vitamin E oil - Have not used
Aleo Vero oil - Used after two weeks Benadryl itch gel - Have not used

Started Using these after two weeks when I finished antibiotics and other meds:
Vitamin C inc Bioflavonoid
B-100 B Complex
Colace - (You may not need this this was not delivered in time but I did not need my stools came out)
Percecot and Motrin for after Percecot runs out
Neosporin- started using after two weeks
Antibacterial soap
Suction hooks or a hanger to hang drains when showering
sponge or flannel
Tampoons- Def need
Bed Pads- Miriam may give you a bed sheet but you will still need pads Cotton wool & buds Gauze Wipes Flushable tissue wipes Urinal (Have not got)
Lysol & cleaning Sponge
I updated my review sorry did not space out last paragraph :-)
Also get your waist cinchers for after two weeks (I got medium and small hoping I will have to order extra small :-) ), you will need vests and maxi dresses

More pics 5 weeks tomorrow, time flys fast

One more

I can actually wear these skirts now, I have so many and my sister always said they don't suit me and i should not buy them cause of my tummy, now I can wear them, what you saying now sis, what you saying it's a happy feeling x

Dress slope pics

Excuse the glare of the flash
You look great in the skirts !! I bet lots of dudes are watching you on the Tube!
Thanks hun :-)
Looking good girl!

Just gone three months

Just gone three months

Just gone three months x

UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes west midlands (Birmingham )girl right here . Love your results, i placing your results in my top five, very subtle and natural looking
Looking good hun I'm 6 months and love it
Thanks Hun, you looking good, as always, time sure is flying by quickly x
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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