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Bad Teosyal Injections - Can I Get my Money Back? - United Kingdom

Three months ago I decided to get lip injections...

Three months ago I decided to get lip injections in my upper lip after deliberating for over a year. I did my research and went to the most prestigious (and expensive) treatment centre in my city. When I went for my 'consultation' I was rushed into making the decision by the receptionist to get injected without even speaking to the doctor first. Because I already have quite large lips she advised that I would only need a small amount injected. The first two injections on the right side of my top lip were fine and i didn't feel a thing. The third injection on my left side really stung and felt like she had gone deeper than the other injections.

After a week my swelling had more or less gone but I had one very hard small lump near where she had done the first injection. I was told to massage my lips if there where any lumps which I had done but this hard lump was still there. The lump was only small and close to the underside of my lip though so I just ignored it and although I wasn't ecstatic with the results, I made my peace with them.

Three months later I woke up with one side of my lip swollen almost upto my nose and I looked like I did the week when I had just had the injections. I put some ice on it and it did go down significantly but the hard lump was still bigger than normal. Every day for a week when I woke up my lip was swollen massively and it caused me real problems as I had to ice it for upto 3 hours every morning before it went down enough for me to leave for work.

I went back to the establishment where I'd had the injections after a week of discomfort and decided not to ice it to show them the full effects of what they had done to my face. The 'small' lump I once had had expanded by about 5 times and was huge. They then told me they could inject my lip with a dissolver. I was apply to get rid of the lump but not exactly enamoured with the thought of my lip being back in the previous way it was before the injections 3-6 months before it was meant to wear off.

One of the doctors there told me that if I would of been booked a follow up appointment (which apparently I was meant to but distinctly remember the doctor rushing out and leaving even before me) that my small lump could of been resolved then. Since I was not even told I needed a follow up never mind booked one, I feel that the sole blame for my bad injections lies on the doctor who performed them. I have done my research, and have found out that the reason for the lump was because she injected me badly and went too deep. I am now without plumper lips, $700 less and have been put on probation at my job for being late/absent during the week when my lip was at its worst. Shall I demand a full refund?

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear how this affected your work. I don't think it would be out of line to request a refund. Obviously I don't know how the request will be received, but it never hurts to ask.

What is your lip like now? How is it feeling and looking?

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