Sculptra on a "Young Looking" 61 Year Old - United Kingdom, GB

BACKGROUND Many years ago I lost a lot of...

Many years ago I lost a lot of cheekbone form the left side of my face due to a really nasty abscess. About 18 months ago, as I'd been warned, I noticed that side of my face was looking sunken & I had some "ripples" appearing on that cheek. The other side of my face is fine so I was starting to look asymmetrical & very conscious of this. After much investigation I decided that Sculptra was the way forward. I carefully evaluated practitioners & have used a very reputable one in the UK

Beginning of March 2013 = 2 vials @ a cost of £600
Beg April = 2 vials @ a cost of £600
End of April = 2 vials @ a cost of £600
May = 1 vial @ a cost of £400
June = no treatment awaiting to see "what happens"
July = 1 vial @ a cost of £400
TOTAL of £2,600 for 8 vials

RESULTS AS OF NOW - September 10th 2013
Well, it's very slow working on me & on my visit to the Dr in July she agreed that it certainly wasn't filling out as she had expected/hoped. So in July she injected in a different way & I believe maybe used a thicker solution & positioned the injections differently. By mid August it had produced a much better result allowing for the initial swelling to subside which on me takes a while longer than on younger patients. The face had filled out quite well but the ripples were still quite visible. I was hoping that these would disappear as the Sculptra continues to "build". Unfortunately the fullness in my face seems to be slowly disappearing, not building, which is so very disappointing after all the money I've spent. I'll give it another couple of months as I know that Sculptra can take up to 9 months to really "do it's stuff" on older women. If after that time I'm still not getting a good result then I guess I'm going to have to cough up another pile of money for face fillers

13th Sept 2013 - Sculptra Photos - 6 months & 8 vials into treatment

Another "brutally" honest full face photo. You can see there's slightly more fullness in my left cheek (than the right one)...the left one is being treated

5 weeks on &....................

It's now 32 weeks since I started the treatments & it's now about 5 wks since I last posted.
Since then I've had 2 more "mini" treatments of Sculptra which I have to tell you, my lovely Dr didn't charge me a penny for!! I always knew I'd be a somewhat difficult case as I'd lost quite a lot of cheekbone & muscle on the side of my face that she's treating so I didn't expect miracles plus my age doesn't help. REALLY glad to report that since the last 2 treatments my face has improved noticeably. The fullness is really good & the "ripples" are definitely less. Whether they will go entirely I don't know but I'm not having more injections at the moment as the Sculptra is still "building" & I don't want to land up with a face that look like an inflated pillow...NOT a good look on anybody!!! So for anybody in the "older" age group reading this please do take on board that the young girls react quickly & only need a few vials of Sculptra to get a good result but I'd say that anybody over 50 will be lucky to see a significant improvement sooner than about 6 months into the treatment & a LOT more vials of Sculptra. If your Dr tells you differently then he/she is probably not being honest & truthful
Dr Lady

I consider my Dr to be excellent & she is well respected throughout UK & Europe. I know that she is probably as disappointed as I am with the continuing battle to "fill my cheek" & erase the "ripples".

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Well, almost 37 weeks since I started the Sculptra treatment & I have to say that the result is VERY GOOD considering that mine was a "challenging" case due to loss of cheek bone & muscle. This wasn't just a "vanity/cosmetic trip for me it was a case of balancing out my face. It took a long time b4 I could see the Sculptra building & I have to admit that I did get pretty down about it. BUT, my Dr had warned me that it could take between 6 & 9 months to see a difference & she was absolutely right. Many times I wished I had opted for the face fillers & had an "instant" improvement, but the Sculptra effect is so natural & hopefully will last a lot longer than fillers do. Expensive......YES, Worth it..............yes. Will continue to post updates to let you know how long it really ;lasts on someone in their early 60s. Main thing , to my mind, is REALLY research Drs to make sure you get one that really knows their stuff & has an artistic eye. There are plenty out there that may have done 1000s of these injections BUT....that doesn't mean that they are necessarily good or that you will get a result.
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Great news that you are happy with your results!  Do you want me to change your worth it rating from "Not Sure" to "Worth It"?

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I really appreciate the way you detailed out the months you received injections, how much was injected, and what the cost was. Its really helpful to see it broken down that way!

I'll be hoping you see the amount of volume (and smoothing) you are hoping for over the next few months. Looking forward to hearing what you see!

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Thanks Megan. I will post an update each month. Sorry haven't posted any pics but haven't got any "before" ones but am going to start taking some of myself on a fortnightly basis to track the visible progress & WILL post these online
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Awesome - looking forward to following how it goes! :) Thank you so much for your willingness to share this with us all - so helpful!

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Well Sculptra costs a lot of money no matter which country you get it done in & I think too many people have been given "incorrect" & misleading info on how many vials you need & how long it takes to get the finished result especially in older women (60+) like me. There's not a lot of postings from "older" women yet it's the older women that need this stuff the most. Too many young girls having it that, to be hones,if there's nothing wrong with their faces to start with their "rave" reviews are not terribly helpful. Let's see if this stuff REALLY works on the "golden oldie" brigade & let's see just how long it takes & how many vials. The jury is "still out" for me but I'm well aware that my Dr says in older people expect to wait 9 months to truly see what Sculptra can do. The waiting IS hard though especially when you've paid out so much.
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