From a 36 DD to a B cup and Extremely Satisfied - Farmington, CT

Its been about 15yrs that I've been waiting for a...

Its been about 15yrs that I've been waiting for a reduction. I've suffered tremendous pain in my back for a long time, suffered a horrible car accident, and just recently found out I have scoliosis. At only 5' tall, DD breasts were too much weight on my back. So as soon as I was approved, I went for it.Its only been a couple days since the reduction and I feel great. Very little soreness, but nothing I cant handle. Definitely worth it.
do you know how many grams he did remove?
About 350 I believe from each
ohh ok :)

5 days post op

Today was my follow up but unfortunately I cant make it. I cant wait to see my PS. Im having a hard time with pain management because my Percocets make me drowsy and I have an 18 month old baby, so I kind of have to just deal with it until her father gets home. On a positive note, I tried on a shirt with no bra last night and I got so.excited when I saw my perky nipples through the shirt. Oh what a boost in self esteem.

forgot to post these pictures. 5 days post op

Perfect B's, you look amazing!
You look great - I am 10 weeks post-op and I had issues with pain plus I have a 2 year old daughter and 3 year old twins so it was interesting but i made it through it and I now feel great and love the way my breast feel and look.
Wow, you look great!! My son will also be around 18 months when I finally have surgey and I am worried about taking care of him while recovering. How are you coping?

I need to relax

I went for my follow up yesterday and my PS is very pleased with my results. I got in trouble because my blood pressure was high and I explained how I've been stressed and the night before I had gotten into an argument and thought my boobs were gonna pop. I was explained that I can risk giving myself a hematoma and would need surgery again. Ugh I really need to learn to relax. I also havent gotten any help whatsoever since the surgery so there was no relax healing time for me. This is beginning to get really irritating
You are doing well - relax and let your body heal - each day will get better and you will be able to do more each day :-)
Remember to put yourself first, and make yourself a priority. Find free short yoga or mediation sessions on YouTube, and treat yourself each evening before bed. My Bp has always been borderline high despite the fact that I eat right, exercise, don't smoke or drink. I think its part hereditary and part stress. It's so tough to control the stress in our lives, but if we don't take care of ourselves who will? Your breasts look beautiful btw, yay! Take care.

almost healed

So last night my boyfriend took off the sterry strips and I am super pleased with my results. Everything is healing beautifully. Only thing is I noticed my nipples arent the same size and one boob is bigger than the other. But they still look good

two weeks post op

what insurance do you have? i am asking around to see b/c i feel like my insurance wont cover me even though i am 5' 0'' and have DDD's.
I have Blue Shield. The surgery scheduler said they have about a 50/50 chance when they submit to insurance. The just have to stress that it's because of neck/back pain, etc.
oh wow me too! good to know, i def have plenty of neck and back pain.. how much did you have to co-pay??
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