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I've always been photogenic but as I've gotten...

I've always been photogenic but as I've gotten older I put on weight in unsightly areas such as my chin which caused my face to also appear rounder. The doctor suggested a small (5 mm) implant in addition to neck lipo.

I am not sure how I feel about my chin now. I almost think the placement is a little too low which makes a small 5 mm look larger than it really is. At some angles it looks good and at others it looks masculine. Also, I feel the doctor may have over lipo'd my neck which is still healing from all the lumps and unevenness. That will be another picture for another time.




I want to provide this update. I have decided to...

I want to provide this update. I have decided to have the implant placed higher. The implant was originally intended to be a preemptive strike for jowls, hence a pre jowl implant. The doctor shaved the implant before placing it higher so there is not too much extra projection.

I'm less than a week out from surgery and have significant swelling. I will continue to keep you updated.

My surgeon originally placed a 5 mm silicone pre...

My surgeon originally placed a 5 mm silicone pre jowl implant in a lower position in order to lengthen what we concurred was a "too round" face. For years the noticeable break between the jawline and the chin has bothered me. The side profile I liked, but the front was too long and I felt it looked unnatural for my heart shaped face.

We decided that rather than remove it, we would try placing it a higher position in order to eliminate the break between the jawline and chin, and to better fill out any jowls while giving me back my original shape.

I went under general anesthesia (about 90 minutes, I believe), and as soon as I awoke, the doctor handed me a mirror (I'm probably one of those rare people who awake bouncing and happy). I was very pleased with the change, so much so I couldn't stop smiling and looking in the mirror when I got home. However, swelling set in the next day, and the bottom of my face looks as if I have a golf ball stuck inside my chin. There is also swelling under the neck and along the jawline. It looks like there is a golf ball in my chin, and the swelling has lengthened the face one again and makes it appear asymmetrical.

I am really hoping this is temporary. My boyfriend says I look younger with the new shape (being closer to my face) but I worry about the extra side projection when I smile. Frankly, there was nothing wrong with my face in the first place. I think lipo under my neck would have been sufficient to bring out the natural contour of my face.

I will give it until early next year. If I dislike it, I plan on having it removed.

I will update with photos.

It's been several months since my implant revision...

It's been several months since my implant revision and I want to say that it is not worth it. It curls up and when I pout, it wrinkles. A recommended Botox injection pushes my bottom lip inward, making it appear thinner than it really is. When I try to pout, it wrinkles horribly at the bottom and middle. It looks like my chin has been pricked by pins multiple times. In fact, it looks like a pin cushion.

Since this doctor's pride will not allow him to remove it, I will be forced to pay more and find someone else. I already have the doctor in mind.

I am very disappointed and I am worried I might end up with unsightly scarring, sagging, or witch's chin.

Still not happy

I want the implant removed but the doctor refuses to remove it and I am pretty upset to the point where I will write a new review and reveal him by name. It does not matter if HE thinks it looks good. The point is, I DO NOT, and time is a wastin'. I am getting worried about what it will look like should it take this many years to fix the problem.

I consulted with another doctor and it will cost $2500 to remove the implant. The doctor agreed that it is too big for my face. And quite unnecessary! I am so worried that I will be disfigured because of a stupid, unnecessary chin implant.

Totally miserable

The implant is looking worse. It gives me slight jowling. I thought the purpose of a pre jowl implant was to prevent jowling. I am very depressed. The original surgeon agreed to waive the doctor's fee finally but the anesthesia will cost $2000! RIDICULOUS! I can't believe they are charging this much for an hour's work of surgery. Their fee was never this high.

I am seriously considering removing it myself. I wish there was a local doctor who would do the work for no more than $1000.

So miserable.
Name not provided

Not sure if he was the best choice of doctor for this particular job. I am getting a second opinion with someone who specializes in chins.

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Good sorry it didn't work out. You are a very pretty woman and I agree, this is true before and after the implant.
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You do look great in before pics and after. I am sure things might have changed since 2010 but i can't see those results. I hope it all works out. I hope you get a new ps and in the end it is all worth it. Best Wishes
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WOW - this is crazy! I agree with you -- the bottom line is whether YOU are happy with the results. You shouldn't be placed in a situation where you have to beg your doc to make you happy and comfortable with YOUR face. Why exactly does your doc refuse to remove the chin implant -- does he think there's a medical issue, or is it just based on his own general principles / his own views of what's aesthetically pleasing?
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He thinks it's aesthetically pleasing and says I look pretty. He forgets I've been "pretty" all my life. Maybe he doesn't have the confidence to remove it and is covering by saying he thinks it looks great. I'm losing weight in the face and the chin just looks weird. My bottom lip is naturally full and now it looks like a cruel, ugly slash. It's important for me to express myself and I can't move my mouth the way I used to. The way I would move my mouth is a big part of my personality.
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Well, hang in there! I just hate to hear that you have to incur add'l costs with someone else to remove the chin implant. Shame on the doc - s/he is very arrogant!!! :-(
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He finally agreed to do it - long after I moved out of state! Really upset.
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I think you're beautiful.
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Thank you.
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Hi! I think you look great!! Either way, with the implant or not, you have a nice chin :), but I think the implant shapes your face nicely! If you do take it out, give yourself some time with it so you are sure you don't want it. I wish you all the best :)!!
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Your crazy, I thought the results were amazing. You looked gorgeous. And IM PICKY. haha
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the pictures posted of after the implant look beautiful sorry your having issues, do you have any new updates or pictures?
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I will provide an update soon. Thanks for your concern.
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i would like to know the exact name brand of that chin, it looked so good now I want the same kind!
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I have no idea what type of implant was used except to say it is a 5mm implant with wings. Silicone.
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Hi Jane, firstly, in the pics you have posted, you face looks stunning. Really, don't touch it anymore. Especially if there is a risk of further gold balls which is what I am writing to ask about. I had a little something done on my chin 5 days ago, on one side and it really feels like there is a golf ball in there. As you know these docs are like - egos and denials - he says don't worry, don't worry the swelling will go down. But I AM worried. It looks freakish and people are looking at me very strangely. Please tell me how long before your golf ball swelling went down? thanks in advance
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Hi there, Is this post for me or the website? I have not sent you emails at all.
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Sorry you are going through this. I am debating between a revision or removal. I would prefer removal, however scared my chin will not look the same. Like getting pitosis and dimpling. If I have it removed, I would go the fillers route and have more control and customize shape of the chin. It's been a month since your update. How is your chin now?
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I'm really not liking it. My lower lip cannot pout. It's stiff. The Botox made it stiffer. Maybe I should get some filler in my jawline like I had to do when I had my original implant. I really dislike my chin not connecting smoothly to my jaw. Also, it looks crooked and odd! My doctor refuses to remove it, probably because like most doctors, his ego is too big for his britches.
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i thought your first implant looked very good on you and showed off your cheekbones and lips. i would be careful not to do too much, as you could have more problems, or find more things you are unhappy about...and be un able to repair any damage that might occur..
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Thanks. I'm still mulling over whether to keep it or not.
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I think you looked great before and still look great! You are only 6 weeks out so There still may be some swelling. Did the implant effect your lower lip or smile at all? Please take a look at my pics and let me know what you think. I'm still dreaming out and considering a smaller size or just having it removed altogether... I am only 10 days post op. thanks
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looks really good!!!
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I think you look good, and like you said you didn't need it in the first place. But I would say that from what i have experienced personally and also read, chin implants cant just be removed without the risk of complications. It bothers me that people are consoling themselves that should their appearance not be what they expected, they will 'just' have it removed. It doesn't work that way - there is the muscle, the scar, the scar capsule, and the soft tissue to worry about. I strongly believe that unless a chin implant is absolutely needed to resolve a REAL defect, it shouldn't be offered. I certainly wish I had never gone near them!
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i am wondering if it is much less riskier if i just get filler instead of an implant, for starters. I do know I am unsatisfied with my chin, but I am not sure if I should jump straight to having an implant and not being able to remove it if it turns out less than ideal, hmm. What do you think, square bull? Thanks in advance
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