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I've always been photogenic but as I've gotten...

I've always been photogenic but as I've gotten older I put on weight in unsightly areas such as my chin which caused my face to also appear rounder. The doctor suggested a small (5 mm) implant in addition to neck lipo.

I am not sure how I feel about my chin now. I almost think the placement is a little too low which makes a small 5 mm look larger than it really is. At some angles it looks good and at others it looks masculine. Also, I feel the doctor may have over lipo'd my neck which is still healing from all the lumps and unevenness. That will be another picture for another time.




I want to provide this update. I have decided to...

I want to provide this update. I have decided to have the implant placed higher. The implant was originally intended to be a preemptive strike for jowls, hence a pre jowl implant. The doctor shaved the implant before placing it higher so there is not too much extra projection.

I'm less than a week out from surgery and have significant swelling. I will continue to keep you updated.

My surgeon originally placed a 5 mm silicone pre...

My surgeon originally placed a 5 mm silicone pre jowl implant in a lower position in order to lengthen what we concurred was a "too round" face. For years the noticeable break between the jawline and the chin has bothered me. The side profile I liked, but the front was too long and I felt it looked unnatural for my heart shaped face.

We decided that rather than remove it, we would try placing it a higher position in order to eliminate the break between the jawline and chin, and to better fill out any jowls while giving me back my original shape.

I went under general anesthesia (about 90 minutes, I believe), and as soon as I awoke, the doctor handed me a mirror (I'm probably one of those rare people who awake bouncing and happy). I was very pleased with the change, so much so I couldn't stop smiling and looking in the mirror when I got home. However, swelling set in the next day, and the bottom of my face looks as if I have a golf ball stuck inside my chin. There is also swelling under the neck and along the jawline. It looks like there is a golf ball in my chin, and the swelling has lengthened the face one again and makes it appear asymmetrical.

I am really hoping this is temporary. My boyfriend says I look younger with the new shape (being closer to my face) but I worry about the extra side projection when I smile. Frankly, there was nothing wrong with my face in the first place. I think lipo under my neck would have been sufficient to bring out the natural contour of my face.

I will give it until early next year. If I dislike it, I plan on having it removed.

I will update with photos.

It's been several months since my implant revision...

It's been several months since my implant revision and I want to say that it is not worth it. It curls up and when I pout, it wrinkles. A recommended Botox injection pushes my bottom lip inward, making it appear thinner than it really is. When I try to pout, it wrinkles horribly at the bottom and middle. It looks like my chin has been pricked by pins multiple times. In fact, it looks like a pin cushion.

Since this doctor's pride will not allow him to remove it, I will be forced to pay more and find someone else. I already have the doctor in mind.

I am very disappointed and I am worried I might end up with unsightly scarring, sagging, or witch's chin.

Still not happy

I want the implant removed but the doctor refuses to remove it and I am pretty upset to the point where I will write a new review and reveal him by name. It does not matter if HE thinks it looks good. The point is, I DO NOT, and time is a wastin'. I am getting worried about what it will look like should it take this many years to fix the problem.

I consulted with another doctor and it will cost $2500 to remove the implant. The doctor agreed that it is too big for my face. And quite unnecessary! I am so worried that I will be disfigured because of a stupid, unnecessary chin implant.

Totally miserable

The implant is looking worse. It gives me slight jowling. I thought the purpose of a pre jowl implant was to prevent jowling. I am very depressed. The original surgeon agreed to waive the doctor's fee finally but the anesthesia will cost $2000! RIDICULOUS! I can't believe they are charging this much for an hour's work of surgery. Their fee was never this high.

I am seriously considering removing it myself. I wish there was a local doctor who would do the work for no more than $1000.

So miserable.
Name not provided

Not sure if he was the best choice of doctor for this particular job. I am getting a second opinion with someone who specializes in chins.

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