I went to hospital may 1. Had upper brow lift,...

I went to hospital may 1. Had upper brow lift, face/neck lift, fat transfer .and lower bleph. Spent 1 night in hospital, came home next morning.. Had some nausea from general anesthesia, even though I had patch on for nausea. Very minimal pain. My dressing and drain removed the next morning before I left hospital. I came home and have been laying around trying to keep ice on my face. No bruising as of now but very swollen. I feel alot better than I expected. Just the tight feeling is not pleasant and hard to open my mouth to eat. My doctor was wonderful, very warm and caring.

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May 7 --Today was my 1 week postoperative appt....

May 7 --Today was my 1 week postoperative appt. all sutures removed. He gave me chin strap to start wearing. Not looking forward to that. He thinks everything looks good. Still look like a chipmunk. I have a soreness/tightness in my neck especially if I have been up awhile doing things. Seems like my shoulders up get fatigued very quickly. I go back next week for massage treatment to my neck. I have bruising to forehead, eyes and chin. All in all has been very good week


May I ask where all did he have to cut?
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You look great...I am scheduled for same in June. Did you have any laser around eyes and mouth? Where did you get fat transfer?
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Thank you Torontochick. I am. Very pleased. Have had no complications. Still a little numbness around ears but very minimal. Hope all is well with you
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