My Lift and Augmentation 1 Day Post Op - Tyler, TX

Well my surgery was yesterday.the worst part of...

Well my surgery was yesterday.the worst part of the whole day was my migraine that I had before surgery. I was in such pain and kept getting sick! The even asked me if I wanted to note have surgery. Oh heck no! I'm having it today.
Once I was under of course I didn't feel a thing lol. Wasn't in horrible pain after and migraine was gone too!thank God!
Post op day 1 little bit more pain then day of. Looking very square but that will go. Away in time. But I'm very happy with the results thus far. Things will only improve now:)
            i think your results look nice! considering you just had surgery! 
Thank you violet1234:) in 4 days post op now and I think they are coming song great. Also saw my ps today, she said things look great and gave me some excercises to start. I'll see her again next Tuesday.
What size &Connie type of implants did you get

4th day post op

Went to see my so today and she said everything looks great! I do however have no sensation on my right nipple. She said that will come back in time no worries:) she also gave me some exercises to do til next week. Next week she will take steri strips and give me more exercises.

One week out

Well one week ago I got my lift and implants. Everything seems to be going well. Still dealing with muscle contractions which makes my boobs feel really tight and hard! Don't like that to much....:( but it's all part of it. Can't wait til they start feeling like me, guess that will happen when my muscles stretch out. Anyways still glad I did it!!:D

One week post op

Lookin good

Looking good!

1 week 4 days post op

Well things seem to be going well, I didn't have to take pain or muscle relaxers today :D incisions are a bit tender. And I'm still doing my exercises. I see my ps in 2 today's to change out the tape I'm guessing and give me new exercises.
Ready for these puppies to feel like me.... But I know it will take a while.

Congratulations! Thank you for your updates and photos. Sorry about the migraine headache the day of surgery. Sounds like you're having a fairly smooth recovery though. I personally think a lift with implants take a bit longer to heal so try to be patient. Good thing you're taking photos as you'll be able to see your progress much easier. Happy healing!

What size were u before and what size r u now??

2weeks & 3 days

Hey there, you're looking good! Happy Healing!
Thanks a bunch!
Ur welcome!

1 month out

Got to take off my tape, after a month of wearing it. Kinda scary!!
Now I get to wear my NewGel silicone gel sheeting. To minimize the scars.
Thank you:)

Got my 1st new bra!!

Bought a bra at Vic.Secret today:)
Happy happy girl!
You look great! I hope my resultd are like yours. Happy healing!
You look great too!! Mine look scary w/o a bra on but look great with a bra & clothes:)
Lol I got the black top a Ross... ;)

Another new bra

My hubby went with me to Vic secret today and he picked out a pretty bra for me:) he did good, I love it

2 months post

Your 'girls' look so voluptuous! How pretty! Love the VS bra your hubby picked.
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