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Had mine on March 28. Took two weeks off of work....

Had mine on March 28. Took two weeks off of work. Had my drains for 3 days. No pain getting the drains out at all. Days 3 and 4 were my hardest days. I was very sore but not really in pain. Took pain meds for about five days. I was a 38 DDD and look to be about a 38 C or D right now. Still have a little swelling but my scars are healing great. I have been wearing silicone sheeting during the day and Palmer's vitamin E lotion at night. I am very pleased with the scars so far. They do get a little itchy but the lotion helps. I wore a sports bra from Walmart, about 6 bucks for the first three weeks around the clock. Now I love wearing my Ahh bra but during the day only now.

I am about seven weeks out and I have no more neck pain, no more sweaty under the boobs moments, and they are so perky. If you would have asked me during the first three weeks if I was glad I did the surgery, I would have paused a little to decide the answer. But now, I will jump up and down and shout to the world, YES I am very glad. This surgery isn't for sissys. It is a major surgery. But just like with child birth, you forget about the pain after a while. It is emotionally and physically challenging in the early weeks, but compared to how happy I am now, it is a walk in the park.. If you are considering this surgery, don't wait, go for it.

The $2000 is after my insurance helped pay for my...

The $2000 is after my insurance helped pay for my surgery. I am very grateful my insurance helped me. Also, another very big challenge was hypersensitivity in my nipples. Wow that was so annoying, but they are just about back to normal now. 10 days to two weeks was just right for me to take off work. I tired easily for a week after I went back to work, but nothing I could not handle. No stitches on the outside, but I did leave my tape on for about two weeks post op. I just now can sleep on my stomach, that was a challenge as well because I am a stomach sleeper. My back hurt at about day three cause I was tired of sleeping on it. Propped myself with a lot of pillows and that
helped. I feel great and I have started a light workout at the gym yesterday. I can't wait to get back to running. Will try to slowly get back at it next week. I feel at 8 wks out I will be ready to get back to the gym. Good luck to all my fellow BR peeps... :)

Oh wow. Eight weeks out, feeling great and boom......

Oh wow. Eight weeks out, feeling great and boom.... I have been sleeping on my stomach, finally, and just the other night, I flopped over and felt a very sharp pain in my right breast. It brought me to tears. I told my husband I thought I had pulled something inside my boob. Well for the rest of the night it hurt really bad. The next morning it was just a dull, sore, ache. I told myself I would give it a day or two to see how it felt before i
called my surgeon. Well, after day two, my nipple got so sensitive again. Man, they were just getting back to normal. Anyway, I think I pulled the nerves that were growing back together around my nipple. No big deal, but it took about a week before the soreness and sensitivity went away. Back to normal now. Moral of the story is: be careful sleeping on your stomach. Lol

It has been a very long time since my last update....

It has been a very long time since my last update. It's been almost 8 months since my surgery. I can't believe it has been this long it feels like just yesterday I was going in to surgery. I can not put into words how much this surgery has changed my life. I use to be so self conscious about how I looked, especially when I was in the nude! Now, I kid with my husband all the time about how awesome my boobs look. He just laughs at me and says, yes they do. I am very active now at the gym. I love Zumba. I love the fact that I can dance without my breasts moving all over the place. I can wear a regular sports bra now. My favorite is still my Enell bra for dancing, it just holds me better, but some days I can just wear my regular sports bra that i bought at Target. I never would have been able to wear a regular one before my BR. Also, the pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades is non existent. I feel so much lighter, I feel free. My scars are noticeable of course, but they are not bad. I still have not tried an underwire bra yet. I don't feel like I'm ready for that kind. I will eventually go back to underwires, but I'm in no hurry. I have purchased several cheap bras over the past months, but I made my first trip to the Playtex outlet about a month ago. I had so much fun trying on bras. I was at a 36DDD before and I bought 36Cs and still feel don't fill the cups completely. I go back to my PS in December for a checkup. My last visit with her was in June. She said there was an area on my right breast that she thought needed a revision, but honestly, it does not bother me in the least. She said she could trim it a little if I choose to, but I think they look fine. That's what I love about my PS, she is VERY concerned about how I feel and what I need. She is awesome. I love my new self. I'm even considering discussing a panniculectomy (getting the fat apron under my belly button removed) when I see her next month. I've had 4c-sections and had very large babies. My last one was the biggest at close to 10 lbs. I workout and I'm in good shape but I just can't get rid of my extra skin. I've always heard that plastic surgery can be addicting. I understand why! I hope any woman that can not decide if she wants to go through with a BR reads the forums here. My OB doctor told me when we were discussing it that her patients that had BRs were happier than any other kind of cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries. I can totally relate to that because it is the best thing that I've done for my body. I am so thankful I found this site. I read so many forums here while I was deciding if I should do it or not. Realself truly helped me get through every stage of my surgery, from deciding, to preparing, to recovery tips, and encouragement. To all the ladies that I read your stories, thank you for sharing them. If I can help future BR women, I would be honored to share ANY of my experiences.
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How do you get approval from your insurance company to help pay?
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I was just wondering if you know how many grams they removed from each breast?
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do you know if any of your insurance companies covered the consultation or if the drs provide the consultation at no charge? I am a low income family and wasnt sure if insurance would cover it. I am 5'3" and about 150 lbs. my size is 38F and I wanted to see if i would be a good canidate for breast reduction surgery
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I have been wanting a BR for years. I tried in 2001 but my insurance denied it. I am trying again this year. My insurance is Aetna and they require 3 months of PT so I am doing that. I live close to Tyler so I was very excited to hear about your experience. I am currently talking to a surgeon in Lufkin but I do not know any one that has used him for a breast reduction. Can you tell me how you found your surgeon?
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My OB Dr. Referred her to me. If you live close to Tyler, you should consult with her office too. She and her partner have done many BR. I feel their expertise is why my OB sent me to her. Her name is Dr. Laura O'Halloran. She and her staff are awesome. I had surgery at the Mother Frances out patient clinic and had a wonderful experience. I hear her partner Dr. James Saar is very good as well. Her office staff can answer questions about your insurance. It certainly would be worth calling them, especially if you live in the Tyler area. Dr. Laura has a wonderful bed side manner, and she is very compassionate as well as very committed to getting the best results possible. I can not say enough good things about my experience. I am sooooo very happy with my results. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. The first few weeks are challenging but I would go through it again and again to feel the way I do today. Good luck to you and I hope I have helped you.
Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Tyler Texas 903-510-8888
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Thank you! This is something that is very important to me and you want to know that you are in good hands.
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I've been told by my GYN for 3 yrs now that I should strongly consider having a breast reduction. I'm a size 38I...yes, the letter I! My breasts make me look much bigger than I really am and my back pains are very frequent, along with neck and shoulders, as well. I've been maeaning to research this topic for the longest, but I've been scared because I wasn't sure what I was going to find. Dallas3174, Thank you for sharing your experience. It has greatly encouraged me.... I think!
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Thanks so much for this information. Very Helpful~ My BR was May 17th and I also have the super sonic nipple sensitivity! Hope that goes away pretty soon....so unconfortable.
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I am going to sch consultation for the near future but was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have had trouble getting Aetna to cover this procedure. I am 4'11" with a 32F bra size. I stay in pain and any information would be greatly appreciated.
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I also have Aetna HMO and they have authorized my procedure. I had to complain of back pain for over one year to my physician and had to do six weeks of physical therapy before they would authorize a consult with the plastic surgeon.
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I've tried complaining in the past to my doctors, primary and OBGYN, but they just keep telling me to wait until I'm through having kids. I have one child already and I am 31 years old. I am not doing this for comestic purposes I am doing it for pain. I am 5'2'' small framed and wear 34DDD. Most of the time the weight on my chest feels like I can't breathe. They seem to always push it aside. I understand why they are asking me to wait but my breast didn't change with my first child and if I keep waiting who is to say I may not have anymore children and I've waited this long for no reason. So my problem is I've been complaining for over 10 years and I don't think one doctor has made note of it.
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Mimzy, I have BCBS Texas and they did help me pay. You have to meet a certain criteria, but being a G cup, I am sure you have a great chance. Choose a surgeon that is experienced at working with the insurance company. All they can do is say yes or no... You will never know if you don't go for a consultation. It is a scary choice but I am so happy now...
Nanegge, congrats on your surgery. I am so sorry you had to do it under those circumstances. What a brave woman you are.. I still have some swelling that flares up, especially if I work out to hard or over exert myself. I still have not been fitted for a bra or bought any new bras yet. My cup size hasn't changed from what it was right after surgery, but as you said they have softened and dropped in place. I swell mostly under my arms, on the sides of my breasts. This is why I haven't worried about my new bras yet. I am going to wait longer for more swelling to go down, though I don't think my cup size will change from what it is now. I am sorry if you feel they are too small. I would think after this many weeks out from surgery, your cup size is already set. I hope I have made you feel better about the swelling. Have a great day!
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Thanks, Dallas, you have made me feel better. I guess after being a DD for so long, then going to a C, it does seem small. I can't remember when I was last a C! I'm not exactly dissatisfied, just want them to look and feel normal...I'm a little impatient that way!
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I had my reduction on May 17, 2011. I am a breast cancer survivor, but my lumpectomy left me lopsided and deformed, so I had them lofted and evened out. I had hoped for a generous C, but I'm scared that once the swelling goes down, I will actually be too small!

What happened to your size as the swelling went down? I have heard that the size didn't change much, the breasts just settled and softened.
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My back,shoulders,and neck ache. I am 5'1 and a 34G ! I'm scared and afraid BLUE CRoss won't pay.I am 46 and tired of caring them around ! Mimzy
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I also had my surgery on March 28th. I can totally agree with you that this surgery isn't for the faint of heart. It definitely requires a lot of patience and strength. That being said, I'm very happy with my surgery, and would go through it again because it's so worth it!!
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Thanks so much for posting your experience here on RealSelf. It's so great for others to be able to read about your recovery and your little tips and tricks to make it easier. I'm GLAD you don't have to suffer back and shoulder pain anymore. Enjoy your perky, new boobs!

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