2nd Round BBL and Whole Body Lipo with Pantoja, Any Sisters Coming Along? - Mexico, MX

I am going to get the 2nd round of BBL done by Dr....

I am going to get the 2nd round of BBL done by Dr. Pantoja on June 26 and stay at Club Med. Anybody going the same time? It would be great to know somebody before hand and recover together in Club Med, where I will spend 6 days...

I have been taking a couple iron pills each day to prepare for this and will soon order more supplements from drugstore.com... My goal is to have the smallest waist possible and put 800-900cc into each cheek. This is my second round, I had abs and flanks lipo and fat transfer right around Thanksgiving time last year. Well there was alot improvement to my body, I hope to make the result a bit more dramatic this time...

I am scared of Yily because she doesnt communicate well and her emails sound like templates all the time. I have never been to either Mexico or DR, so having somebody more responsive than Yily will give me a piece of mind.
Now I'm super scared after reading about what happened to mbones. I have a nice body already and shouldn't risk ruining it with doctors have bad skills. There's also a girl saying Dr.P used dirty surgery tool on her and cost medical expense of over 50k???? I'm revisiting Campos now.
Hey ladies I just set my date for June 28th. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I will probably get there the day before and check in to the hotel. I live about 3 hours away in Arizona and am happly driving my ass down there.lol I would love to meet you to see how beautiful your ass will look.
I might see you just before you go home. I arrive to club med July 1

Going to Dr.Campos instead now. Any sisters would like to switch dates with me??? I would like to go anytime in June!

I have decided to go with Dr.Campos, he really does the best booty. Even though the way he runs his business is a mess and I am having so much problems dealing with Angie... I love his work and I am decided on him.

I was wondering if any sisters who scheduled in June want to go on a later date? Please PM for details. Thanks so much!
was he your #1 choice? Why did you switch to Duran? Are you happy with you final result?
If ur looking into other doctors u can also research Duran Cabral or contreras work theyre also very good with giving the shape u re looking for . Tiny waist and big booty
Hey hun ive read that ur looking for dramatic results. You have a beautiful shape , my advice if you want a big bootay ur going to have to gain a few pounds just enough for the doctor to be able to put it all ur butt. Ur going to come out great! :)
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