TT and BA 19/09/2012 - 2 Days to Go, Nervous As Hell, Stressed and Excited - Turkey

Hi... I've been reading peoples reviews on here...

I've been reading peoples reviews on here for a few weeks, in the count down to my own TT, it is now 2 days to go, so thought I would join the community instead of tossing and turning in bed all night.

I am 23, I had my daughter when I was 20, and I was huge when I was pregnant, gaining around 50lbs, I am only 5ft 2, so as you can imagine, this is a big strain in such a small amount of time. Whilst I was around 8m pregnant I noticed a stinging feeling at the bottom of my bump and a small loose area of skin. On my next visit to the midwife, I asked what it was, and she casually explained that it was where the elasticity in my skin had completely gone. Horrific news to hear at such a young age.

After giving birth to my daughter, who was a tiny 6lb 7oz, I was left immediately with a saggy tummy, as I say the mummy tummy. It was awful, I didn't have a belly button I had (have) a star, It didn't bother me at first as I had such a beautiful baby girl to care for, but I will never forget the look of horror on my nephews face when I reached up to get something out a cupboard and he saw my saggy pouch. This started the complex.

I would wear support knickers, support slips, spanx, you name it, I tried it.
18 months down the line I lost the excess baby weight plus 30lbs more, bringing me to 134lbs. I had separated from my daughters dad, and was back on the single market. It felt so good, after loosing the weight, but my confidence lacked as I got closer to people, bringing anxiety about exposing my tummy. I felt the look of my tummy was an instant turn off, repulsive even.

I was always reassured it was fine, You've had a child, its fine blah, blah, blah. But this would never settle my insecurities, I met my current partner, 1 year ago, he didn't see my tummy until 6 months into the relationship, as I would always have a compression vest on, when he asked to see, I stood and cried as he looked and told me reassuringly that it was fine.

I had always wanted to have a tummy tuck, but it was never a reality, just a dream, until a few months a go I was given the opportunity to go a head with it, so I have done. I booked!!

Its been months of waiting, reading reviews, researching, staring at myself in the mirror LOL, imagining scarring, but I am finally at 2 days pre op.

I am so nervous about scar positioning, recovery time, infections, belly buttons. It has been all I have thought about for the last few months. The weigh up of which is better, a scar or a jelly belly. The answers easy......a flat tum.

I hope my story is comparable to others, and I will upload before and after photos soon.

Please feel free to comment....


Today was your big day! Please let us know how you're feeling when you're up to it. Remember the first three days are generally the hardest, and then it gets better.

wish the best for you ,my countrey so close to turky ,and id like to have ps thier but im really sceard from not find agood one,hope u do and wait for ur amazing result ...
Good luck! Your surgery is only a few hours away, now! Can't wait to see pics and continue on this journey with you. I hope the community can offer you some comfort during your healing, and that your results are everything you hope.

Our men are so understanding, and see us as a whole body, not just the flabby belly, while we fixate on those wrong bits! They do love to see us happy and confident in ourselves, though!
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