23 Full Body Liposuction and Bbl - Istanbul, Turkey

Hey So I'm 23 and I weigh 200 ibs I'm 5ft 3. I...


So I'm 23 and I weigh 200 ibs I'm 5ft 3. I have chosen to have liposuction in Turkey (May 2014) after a friend of mine had the same procedure done last year. I am trying soo hard to loose weight at the moment as I am currently a higher risk due to my weight and height, however with the way I feel every day I think it's worth the risk. I hate my body at the moment and it's sooo depressing. I don't want to have the surgery to get healthy but to have a better shape. After my procedure if all goes well (fingers crossed) I think I will have a lot more confidence to go to the gym and work out more. Is there anyone in the same sort of situation as me ?

Its next Month !!!!!

Next month i travel to turkey for my lipo and fat transfer, I'm super excited and i really can't wait to see the new me...

So i am still dieting and next week i start cambridge diet. I'm starting on stage one, which is 4 shakes a day and that just over 500calories. i real hope this is successful and i intend to loose 20ibs in 4 weeks

wish me good luck .....

i will be posting more pictures soon too

And please message me i love talking to new people xxxxx

A bit about the doctor and the clinic i have chosen

So the name of my doctor is Prof. Dr Fuat Yuksel and he has 24 years experience. one on the reasons that i decided to go with him is because of his experience also because he studied at Emory University in USA. He has decent feed back mainly on youtube, and his bio looked clean.

positive >>>>

The service i have received from longevita so far has been amazing i can call them at any time, honestly at one point i could swear i was calling very 5 mins. They have answered every question that i have asked so far and they really make me feel at ease.

price £2150.00

* accommodation
* lipo with fat transfer
* medical garment
* all medication
* host and pa
* transport
*£170 flight contribution

now negative

the is place hasn't got a lot of reviews of from people on realself.com or online i would have loved to see other peoples thoughts on the place on here and i can't lie it a little bit worrying. i was also considering comfort zone which i have head quite a lot about, however it cost £1500 more and i will loose my £200 deposit that i have already made. its not really about the price because they both dont have many reviews

please let me know war you think or if you have heard anything

Turkey and surgery

Saw this in the paper this morning, it's boosted my confidence a bit more now.


Wish pic

I know it's not realistic but hey !! I'm allowed to dream doee

Supplies !!!

Got my vitamins

Picked up these today. I just need to remember to take them everyday I'm soo bad with pills...


This has to goo!!

Wish pic

I dnt quite know how I feel about wish pics because I dnt want to
Give myself high expectations and get disappointed. However I came across this girls results and I just think these result are soo amazing.

I feel like I have a similar body shop to her (before obviously ) and I would love to get similar results.. Her butt is really big doe lol

^^^^^ wish pic

Btw spell check is sooo annoying


some changes !!!!!

hello realself family

so I've been on a bit of a low lately after i was told by my doctor at longevita that they can only take out 4 litres of fat (which is a lot... however i want at least 5) they also said they can only transfer 500cc to each butt cheek ( really :-|!! ) noooooo
...but any way that was not it for me; i decided to send my wish pic to them ( the wish pic was from a account here on real self ) he claims the pictures are photoshopped....
At this point as you would understand i totally confused, so i decide to get in contact with my first choice clinic ( comfort zone ) and find out their opinion. They was able to tell me what i should expect and offered to take out 5 litres of fat and transfer 800cc to each cheek (much better ) exactly what i want. so as of now I'm going to comfort zone , however they cost £1440 more than longevita, but I'm willing to pay for what i want and i really don't want to come back to london looking the same as i left.

please please don't get me wrong I'm not saying there is somthing wrong with longevita, i just personally dnt think i will get the result that i want from them as i am a much bigger girl. so i just wanna get my moneys worth now rather that having to go back and do it again....... nothing would depress me more!!!!! they have amazing customer service and great medical plans, however it just not for me. i have seen some of their work on slimmer girls and its amazing. however my heat is saying comfort zone, i really hope I'm making the right choice.xxx


Hey guys,

I'm now in Turkey chilling at the patient villa which is beautiful!!! I decided to go with comfort zone. I will give you more info soon. So far sooo good !!

8hours left

soo I'm in bed now relaxing, I must say the service here is amazing soo far but The people at the airport were staring us down!! A lot of them wer soo rude.... Other than that turkey is beautiful I hope the actual procedure goes well too. I'm nervous and excited.

Body pics

To be honest I've been avoiding the pre op pics because I feel like I'm bigger than everyone on here but oh well...

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So you didn't go with longevita in the end? Can I ask why? What were comfort zone like? I'm trying to find where to go
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hi please update us....
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Girl, are you ok? Let us know how things went.. I'm going to Istanbul for my surgery too but with longevita.. So I need to know how yours went and your healing :)
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Hi, hope u r doing well. We would love to hear from u and hear all about ur healing journey.
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Hi let us know you made it back to London!:)
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Hey! how did the surgery go? :-)
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How is it going. Hope u r up and loving ur results.
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Hope the surgery went well and you are fine. How are the results so far?
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Hi, just want to check up and know how your surgery went?
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Good luck, can't wait to see ur result
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Good luck with your surgery & recovery
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Good luck. The villa looks beautiful.
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Hi, I live in London and I am thinking to go turkey for a bbl. How was your experience? Do you know a good doctor you will recommend?
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Hey Hun , I haven't actually done it yet. My procedure is on the 26th that's Monday so fingers crossed and I will let u know how it goes x
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Ok, you will be fine fingers crossed. Which company did you go ahead with and how much are they charging? Alot of people on this site seem to be going America and Dominican Republic. Im thinking whether I should go there or no but the journey times scare me incase of complications
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Omg!! so glad i found this, im also going to longevita instanbul in july for breast uplift with implant and tummy tuck with lipo on tummy and back. my body is a mess after having 4 kids, its so lovely to find a fellow black woman also going to turkey for surgery...I'm in Ireland and i cant find anyone who's ever had surgery in turkey. pls let me know how it turns out :)
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Good luck in Turkey. Stay out of trouble over there. U r 1 brave girl to go there at this time.
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Why Turkey? The women there are mostly thin. Its good to choose a doc that specialize in sculpting bigger women. The doctor can only take out so much fat, it better to loose the weight then get lipo. You should consider Dominician Republic.
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spelling I know..... think its time for bed
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P.S I just thought I would let you in on a secret of mine.. iv been tring to loose weight for around 8 years now iv treid stupid diet pills that put me in hospital!!! ever diet under the sun ... then I tried khat I chew it for about a two weeks at a time I loss about a stone. I'm not saying you should do the same but I was in your shoes this time last year... Please dont think Im trying tk get you to do the same but I kniw haw if fells when you look in the mirror dont oike what you see.
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make sur you get someting for the swelling. I was really really swollen coze they gave me the wrong size compression garment XL I am a small. I felt and lookedoike a blimp not fun!!
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hey hun thanks for keeping us updated! I'm gona try looking into longevita see how much they quote me. I'm booked for poland but not sure if I trust them to fix what they did first time round.... soo confused. all I awant is a small waist and a big ASSSSS im not asking much but them polls dont seem to understand!!! I know the turks have quite big hips and butts so they might get it.. keep me posted hun!
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No they don't have big butt and hips in Turkey. Tall, slim ,model looking girls are considered beautiful.
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Good Luck to you!I have my surgery in exactly 9 hours!!I am ready to be on the other side:)
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Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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