Fat Grafting + Open Rhinoplasty Journey - Turkey

I underwent open rhinoplasty on the 6th of July...

I underwent open rhinoplasty on the 6th of July 2011.

Reason -
I had very balanced facial features - no knife required - until my last bf (aggressive and violent) hit me on my nose during a heated argument. That broke my cartilage and my nose deviated to the right hand side of my face ruining my facial symmetry. I was facing domestic violence with him - several blows to my face and several blue/ black eyes later my face as if had lost its volume.


My doctor suggested that I had some extra fat grafted in my face to bring back the volume (I am 25 years old, so it wasn't natural aging that I needed grafts. Also, my doctor did the grafting free of cost - so he didn't suggest it because of his monetary gain).

Fat Grafting (forehead, upper cheeks, nasolabial folds):

I will start with cons first because it has just been a week since my surgery and I am yet to see any final results that I can sing about as pros.

My face was as swollen as a watermelon. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. I felt someone had stripped me off my identity- that's the worst thing that can be done to a person. If I walked fast - I could feel my cheeks dancing up and down until the 3rd day - it is a weird thing to say - but my eyes looked like they belonged to a fat ass cat - swollen shut but the remainder of my mouth looked like a bull dog's.

The swelling was partially from rhino as well, may be fat grafting alone wouldn't have caused so much swelling - I don't know.

Swollen shut eyes for 3 days.

If I didnt touch it - my face wasn't hurting - but sites of injections hurt a bit upon digital examination. There was also numbness around my forehead for some 2-3 days. I ran my fingers across my head to detect lumps (after reading dreadful lumping stories here) - there were no lumps - I was happy.

My doctor has either filled my forehead with a tad too much fat or there is still much swelling because when I look up with my eyes (without turning my head) - I see my temple and it feels like Im wearing a permanent cap on my head.

Worst is that because of the fat in my forehead - I CAN NO LONGER MAKE "ANGRY" EXPRESS?ONS - CANT SQUINT EITHER. Th?s can be a real problem for actors/ performers who need all their facial muscles/ expressions in order. Though Im equally pissed.

I have a long, chiseled face in general. Now the cheeks do look fuller but I look chubbier - it doesn't suit my slim, proportionate frame.

My eyes look much smaller. I have large, almond shaped eyes in general. I hope it is the swelling - otherwise I am going to get the micro lipo thing done for sure. I think my heavy forehead is drooping way too much on my brows - making my eyes look tinier.

I dont know if my smile has been effected - I cant smile yet because of the rhinoplasty anyways.

Pros - I don't know. Still much swelling to know the final results.


Rhinoplasty (open, nasal bone was broken too, alar base reduction)

My only hope from this rhino was to get my old nose back because I love the face I was born with. On a second thought, I decided a small change in the alar base wouldn't do any harm and went for it.

My cast isn't off yet. But I can see my nostrils look very close to as I had imagined- slight (noticeable only by me) asymmetry but I dont care.

Too soon to say whether or not I have the nose that I wanted :)

Other common problems with nose job persist - conjestion, dry mouth and sore throat due to constant breathing via mouth, swelling etc.

No pain though :) Mild, tolerable headaches.

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Hi Megan111, Would you mind sharing the name and details of the Surgeon please :-)
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Hi Megan111, hope you are well, although I am getting a bit worried about you and your general health since you have not responded to JaneyM in Nov. 2011. Either you are enjoying life so much with your new looks or too depressed to bother with updating here. Either way I just like to make one point which you seriously seem to have believed the doctor has done you of all his other patients a favour to throw in the fat grafting thingy. Remember you are in Turkey, heard of haggling? Trust me that was his bait to ensure you go ahead with the rhinoplasty, and trust me he would have not only not minded you mentioning his name but was hoping you will do as it brings him more customer. He is probably sitting somewhere reading your comments pulling his hair out due to your naivity to believe he would have done a thing like that for free if he didnt think it was beneficial to his pocket somehow. Anyways, if you are still out there somewhere happy perhaps if you dont mind giving the name of the clinic at least as to be honest prices are tempting, that is all. Thanks
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Hi, thanks for sharing your review. Did you notice any limps or irregularities with the fat grafting?

Please continue to update us on how you're doing!
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err... in the beginning I felt there was lumps at my extended temples... but as the days passed fat literally disappeared from there - the only place where I didnt like my fat :))

no irregularities now - but as I mentioned above I had horrible "double cheek" on each side effect.. which was more prominent in my profile than frontile view. It still bugs me - but it has reduced a lot... plus Im losing weight like damn! So I think I lost my facial fat before it would have developed those damn blood vessels that would have made my grafts permanent-ish.

NOw I look great in my frontile view .. but Im bothered a tad when I smile as seen from profile. But considering that it hasnt even been a month since my grafting and that I still have swelling a bit - Im gonna wait and see how much more my grafts dissipate.
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Hi Megan111, thanks for your review. I was wondering if you have any updates? How's the fat grafting looking now, since it's been 4 months since you posted. Hope you are doing well.

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Oh Im so glad things improved :) I'm sure it'll go down a lot in the coming months then. I have those big veins in my temple area actually, reminds me of this cartoon "Stressed Eric", looks like it will pop out anytime soon. Ah well. My surgeon put the fat there too but it didn't last too well... Unfortunately it lasted everywhere else mind u...
That's the thing, fat transfer can be a real shock if you aren't prepped for it before. I was a bit too prepped for gross swelling though, lol, like I thought it was normal and by 3 months when it didn't go I started to panic.
I'm 5'5 and probably weigh around the same as you - I could probably lose a few more pounds but don't really think it'd make a difference in my face enough to please me.,.
well I'm glad your face was restored and things went well, who was your surgeon if u dont mind posting? Are you from turkey originally?
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Im not from Turkey, Im from India :) And I cant post the name of my surgeon because he did my fat grafting for free and asked me not to advertise that he did this - he did as a personal favour and wouldnt want his prospective patients to get greedy/ unnecessarily hopeful with him in this regard.

Im 5 feet 7 and a half or 8... thats tall actually- for an Indian girl that is.

Nearly all my swelling and pain is gone except my forhead- still cant apply liquid foundation rigorously there - nor can use harsh wiping, cleansing motions on my face.

I still suggest you should try losing weight.
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hmm 25 is far too young for all this. Also I have seen pics and I remember when I was 25 i really looked very good, no wrinkles -- how can a 25 year old think like this? I had a lot of sun damage and it still couldn't show up that soon. I hope not all young'uns are like this, sad.
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I agree with you in one respect... I had it done earlier than 25 and it was a total disaster. It's very expensive to fix and young people are less likely to have money and time. Also bad fat grafting could necessitate more invasive surgeries (facelifting, blepharoplasty...) things that you would have never needed in the 1st place. Those are the main reasons why I'd say young people should try and use fillers for as long as possible. There's a poster here who had the fat grow with age, and also the face will change a lot from your 20s onwards. I just think drs need to be conservative with fat and just blend in the hollows rather than trying to make dramatic cheeks and cushy faces.

But, to say all 25 year olds shouldn't be "like this"... I have to disagree here... not everyone ages the same and has good skin, some people lose fat very young or have had acne in their teens and their skin suffers as a result. You were very fortunate. I have a thin face, Irish skin, and not much fat in the face to begin with so when I lost some it really showed up.
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Hey Quno!

Things are soooo much better now! My nose looks great! I am forever greatful to my doctor for returning my original face to me :) As far as the fat grafts are concerned - well, the frontal view is great - I look like myself again - only with a fuller face like when I was a teenager ... it makes my face look near perfect when I put makeup on because all the fine lines seem "filled" :))

And for the profile view now - depending on how much I smile - I do or do not have double cheeks on each side showing ... but I have a feeling that my odd profile while smiling has something to do with my nose job as well - because almost all of my nose is swollen and my upper lip is still not "normal" looking when I smile.

My dark circles have improved as well... now they are darkish, not dark

But a very important note here - I was so scared that my facial fat was going to stay where I didnt want it to stay .. and since I was worried I had too much fat grafted - I went on a diet soon after surgery and started taking "Xenical" pills for weight loss...

So the reason my face is coming back to normal may be that Im losing weight (thats an arguable point). I am 5 feet 8 inches nearly ...and weigh 53 kilos.. that accounts for a very slim body ... you should keep that in mind when reading my progress.

I had grafting done on my forehead because two huge, green veins started to show through above my left eye brow every time I smiled ... it was weird... there is a specific term for those veins I cant remember right now ... but when they showed - I looked older than I actually am ..and that irritated me..

Have you tried losing weight? I know many people say it doesnt work - but what if it does? Even if a little ... I mean I would have given anything a few days ago to get my "fatty" face even a little close to normal..

Yeah, I have considerable swelling because I cant really put liquid foundation on as it hurts .. Im using powder makeup for now because applying with a brush doesnt hurt.

Hope things turn out better for you too, my wishes..
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Hi Megan111,
How are things now? Sorry to hear what you went through with your ex boyfriend. What a &*$#. I hope things have improved with the fat since you last posted. May I ask why you had it transferred to the forehead?
Swelling from fat does take a long while to subside - I have an overfill problem myself, but it's always normal to feel like that early on. Unfortunately in my case, it all stayed! I hope it all works out for you anyway, you deserve it! Seems like you're still pretty swollen.
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Update - 16th July -

My nose looks great! It is as if my old nose has resurrected but only slimmer :)) I still cant feel my nose much - it is quite numb .. when I do touch it - I feel like an ant is crawling on it :P

I have considerable swelling on the nose - even though with all this swelling my nose looks great ... day by day my nose is getting slimmer, just as the doctor had predicted.

The fat grafting is giving my issues. The frontal view is great - I really did need some fullness - and I suddenly do look like 19 :)) But when I smile - from the side view - you see two chunks of cheeks where one cheek should be. WHy thid bothers me is because now while taking pics I need to be at my best angle - previously, all my angles were great :))

Why it shouldnt bother me is because I have to be unusually stretching my smile to get this odd profile ... if Im smiling normal, it isnt that noticeable. ANd not to people who are meeting me for the first time.

What bugs me the most is that there is much swelling at the outer corner and underneath my left eye... the right side is okey- but this swelling pretty much looks the same everyday.. seemingly not improving. But I have read swelling from fat grafting can take a lloooonnnng time to resolve .. so I am going to be patient and wait.

I cant apply foundation or concealer make up yet without hurting myself... it hurts when I move my fingers on the treated area.

I have now developed dark circles - I know they are temporary- but they are there. I am having a hard time dealing with them because I havent had them ever in my life.

I hope in the coming few days, all my expectations would have been met :))

Im on a diet regime now - sometimes I wonder if my swelling is going down or just the weight loss is showing on the face. Sadly, I live in a foreign country and have no clue where to find a weighinh machine :P As soon as I locate one - I will start tracking my weight loss and the relevant swelling relief.

Happy recovery to all!
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