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My Transformation - Turkey, TR

Ever since being a teenager I realised it was...

Ever since being a teenager I realised it was evident I had in herited my families large nose. I was jibed and bullied in school's and all through my later hated my nose. Im now 34 and after 3 kids ive decided now is the time to get that smaller more feminine profile ive longed for. Im also having breast augmentation at the same time cus lets face it after 3 rounds of breast feeding theyre looking pretty sorry for themselvs. I am travelling to Turkey for the surgery where I will be staying in a private villa for 8 days. I am really really nervous ive been finding it difficult to sleep at night and just trying to keep myself as busy as I can but its fast approaching. Its gonna be really hard on my own without my husband and kids but its what ive been waiting for almost all my life.

6 days to go :/

Im finding myself waking up at 4am every day just out of sheer nerves i jus wish it would all be over and done with. Im usuallyrreally brave. I need to get my mind focused these coming days. Heres a pic of my before profile.

in pieces

Today ive started packing my suitcase and its really hitting home now. I have been sobbing uncontrollably and spending every second I can with the kids. Its crazy because before the kids arived I used to work all over the country and travel the world on my own and I couldn't get enough.But the tthought of being without them now is devastating I know its only ten days but its long enough.

feeling positive

Im feeling much more positive today I had addressed my concerns about being extremely nervous and the surgery replied giving reassurance that they will give me pre meds to calm me before and that I will be asleep by the time I get into theatre :) also im an emetaphobic (fear of vomiting) so they reassured me about the various meds they can administer post operatively. My suitcase is almost packed and im just gonna spend the next few days spending as much time as I can with my kids and husband.

freaking out again

Not doing too good today I think its because ive been alone most of the day. Too much thinking I almost talked myself into backing out then decided to take a selfie and the picture looking back at me swiftly changed my mind.

scared to death

The title speaks for itself. Im dreading saying goodbye to my babies and husband tomorrow its definitely gonna be the worst part. Gonna spend the night cuddling with my little ones

I did it but feeling bad :(

Had both my ops Saturday and stayed in hospital 2 nights im not in much pain with my nose its just uncomfortable and dripping goo n blood. Thankfully the surgeon removed all the gauze yesterday before I came back to the villa. My boobs are really hurting but he said that is to be expected. Just need some R and R now.


All done very satisfied. Highly recommend the company and would go back. Time to enjoy the new me and have some fun xxx


My nose is still really really swollen and is throbbing :( i am dying to give it a good blow. Its difficult sleeping at night because of having to sit up and im frightened of falling on it when i sleep and buggering it up. Husband is very happy with the new ''girls'' i guess its just a case of dealing with being uncomfortable now for a few weeks, Thats all from me job done, end of the chapter :)

loving my new figure :)

still blocked up

My nose is still really scabby and swollen inside I find it gets more painful the drier it is. The nasal spray helps but is running out ill see if my gp can give me something and risk the third degree from him about not having surgery in his precious u.k:/

stuffy and irritating

Im finding the inside of my nose much more swollen and thicker than it was and it is really painful if it is dry anyone else have this problem?

next step

Ive decided im now going for cheek implants and upper eyelid surgery next yearim waiwaiting on a price for both procedures and will have my consultation with dr cenk again next February. So its saving up time again.

having nose re done

If I am completely honest I am not happy with my nose and never have been from day one its still too large for my face and there is still clearly a dorsal hump. Ive been in contact with another surgeon in Istanbul and he has shown me a fantastic picture of what he can do for the tip. I will be having more surgery next February/march.

bored now

Bored of my nose I wish November would hurry . For my tip work going to see dr cenk in march for a follow. But don't think it will make any difference. I just need to pay work now x p.s guys dr cenk us extremely good but im greedy so im just going for more surgery elsewhere vus I don't think he will do ant mo for me xxxx
Dr Cenk Tokat

Extremely dedicated and skilled. Informative and professional. I would definitely have more work done with him should i need it. Highly reccomend the company cant praise them enough!!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Well yup I overlooked the word revitalise! So ignore that hah!
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Hello I'm sorry if you've answered these same questions to someone else and I've just overlooked it. I'm having a revision rhinoplasty done in istanbul this year. I had primary rhinoplasty in Prague about four years ago. I developed pollybeak and have a completely different shape to my profile now whereas before it was actually quite nice/cute. Just look like a pig now really. How are you feeling now? Tbh my feelings over my nose have been up and down and all over the place since I got it done, sometimes it bothers me a lot more than usual. (I will go into a mad spiral of panic when I see it in a photo and realise that is what people see) anyway sorry for all the drivel, your surgeons name is ringing a bell, I think he is who was suggested to me when I was in contact with revitalise in turkey (no longer going with them got a bad feeling) though I know he works for other turkey clinics too. Is that where you went? Where are you planning to go for your revision? Although hopefully it won't come to that but if you still don't like it then I hope you find somewhere that does it how you want x
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Really ur not liking nose have you recent pic maybe i wont go with these after all
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No hes great but I want more the what he could achieve! Its a good nose job but im very picky so im going to pay for extra tip work revitalise are fantastic its jyst me im never happy hunny Xxxx
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Really ur not liking nose have you recent pic maybe i wont go with these after all
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Yeah revitalise are great its just me I won't be happy till I hope no nose at all don't worry in just ridiculously particular x in going back for more surgery next year its cool im just a perfectionist x
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Try using an anti-bacterial oinment and also you may ask for an oinment you use for the inside of your nose in order to prevent it getting dry. Im from Turkey btw and had my rhinoplasty 10 days ago. Can you breath now? I couldnt breath for 7 days because i had hematoma. You should def. use oinment for dryness though
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Yeah I can breathe it just gets really congested at times I do find a hot bath helps too thanks for the advice :)
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I had the same problem with dryness. And also the incision was starting to get itchy but someone mentioned it could be just nerves regenerating... saline nasal spray seemed to help! I also applied anti-bacterial ointment to the incision if it got itchy which was a big relief! My nostrils eventually opened up though from the tiny little circles they were in the beginning.
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Oh that's good then the team over in turkey contacted me today and advised me that everything is normal and suggested a nasal spray to use. Thanks for sharing :)
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Did you go alone?
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Yes I went alone I found it easier that way I had to be brave I found inner strength I never knew existed it was a good time for getting to know myself I highly recommend it
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Thank you so much for the reply I also have kids it's not easy to let them for more then a few days !! Wish I can find my inner strength ... My entourage just don't consider abroad surgery safe so it's a big decision but I think I can do it . They say it's not safe and have all the possible excuses ! thank you for sharing your experience ...
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I got the same too lol just because people are turkish doesn't mean they are bad doctors I find it highly insulting. Ive heard of many cases of bad prpractice in the UK and just because you pay more doesn't necessarily mean better quality I have to stress that. People don't seem to have so much to say now its all done lol they seem to have gone very quiet for some reason ;)
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Totally agree with you ! I live in canada . My girlfriend have pay 8-10000$ for their breast implants . If I can get the same results for less I'm happy . I look at the surgeon before and after picture and I'm pretty impressed with other results... Your nose looks fantastic !! Are happy with the breast procedure?
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I just can't believe what hes done with them I had next to nothing left before and now they are gorgeous he knows what hes doing im over the moon with them I feel so feminine and sexy now
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So happy for you girl !!! Hope to be happy like this soon!!! You look gorgeous
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Awwww thanks so much x
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And you will be you definitely will be
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How Is your nose feeling now Iv booked for January
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Oh wow thats fantastic have you booked with revitalise? Im so happy for you it will change your life
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yes iv booked well v to book my flights to finalize but will do that next wk hopefully im just a bit nervous with am i making right choice but seen your nose is whats kinda giving me the push. are you loving your new nose?
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Wow good for you. Well I love my nose its fantastic I wouldn't hesitate to go back id go back tomorrow if I had to in fact I met so many wonderful people in the team I get teary because I miss them so much. You will be absolutely fine youve no need to worry whatsoever hunny x he is an amazing surgeon so many people ive spoke to just praise him and praise him.
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Yeah think I'm definitely gona go ahead like your self Iv a child shes 2 it's the week away from her so far away thats putting me off if I'm honest lol
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Its tough but you will need the down time and rest away from her to recover it would of driven me crazy being around mine at that time. Also you have to be so careful incase youre nose gets knocked by accident as it will push it our of place I still have to be careful now.
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