Buccal Fat Pad Removal SuckS! - Izmir, Turkey

I'm a 22old-boy who was thinking about this...

I'm a 22old-boy who was thinking about this operation.cuz my face cheek was big.?f i get had then its cust getting worse and worse than u can never imagine.So i got so bored about this shit.I was slim there days,was going to the gym every f*cking day and tried some dangereous drugs than help me to lose fat just because ? wanted my cheeks to get slimmer but these shit doesn't work at all.Of course there is a big difference in my cheeks beetween the times that im fat or slim but its just not enough.

So i got the operation.When i heal completly my face was looking really good and thinner.

After a week(yes one f*cking week)it was like the same!I just don't know why but fat came back!People who was me before and after notice nothing about it,Only a few said "you face is looking a little thin".So wtf is suppose to do?
I'm thinking about face lift so much.When ? got some money for this i will go for it.Cause my nose,eyes and the other part is looking good and ? don't want this beaty stained with these fats.

I almost forget that i had an fat injection for my eyeball(don't know its the correct meaning anyway but think u'll get the point)


Lol, funny review. I think you look better! Don't have a face lift... maybe what you don't like has to do with the bone or muscle, like the poster suggested below.
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You have what people call a pear shaped face, where the bone is bigger and the fat more easily collects. It's not just the fat, the fat is necessary dear, but it's the bone that the trouble.
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yeah i this was posted awhile ago, i wonder how he looks now? i bet the swelling went down he looks good in the after pic
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after two year i solved that !!!!

Hello guys,thanks for your replies..

? was thinking about my face a lot this year.What is the problem and what should ? do and smth l?ke that?I was so ready for the facel?ft but some f?nanc?al problems and stupid doctors in my disgusting country ? had to cancel.
I am a man that never stops.I need to do smth about it.I started to gym aga?n.But this time i focused on fat-burn.? use these clenbuterol stuff(? had past w?th that dangereous thing)
Then ? keep losing fat and the result was very plesant.

Photos which u see im 65kg (i was 72 kg in first review but got muscles )
U can see ? have a huge cheekbone.SOme of u guys think it was a problem for me maybe.but ? always said i like cheekbones big.?ts a sign of high testosteron and looked tough.

So ? understand.My surgery had some effect but i see it when i get slim.u can see some of my cheek looks like removed.
My advice to people who looks like this to lose fat and LOSE FAT.till u see six pack.? didnt see them so i can be better if i lose more weight.
novadays i got 5kg fat and face go bad again but i am not upset.i ll lose weight again to six pack so ill be better and will update for u guys.
thanks a lot to all.

please comment it makes me happy:)

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a question about the doctors? is it my fcking islamic country or else??

?t is an experience that i never want it to happen.? live in turkey.who doesnt know about this country i need to explain some.
-at middle east,north-west of iraq.
-half-islamic (some political stuff that even i couldn't solve)
-half european(because of this we can find doctors for this modern stuff)

The main thing i wanna ask is "D?d u experience that when u meet with a doctor about a surgery did they advise u like "you better go a psychologist" thing.
What kinda thing it is so rude..Who they think they are.They told me that sht when i meet some of them for facelift at the past.
Please share your experience..


wow, you look amazing.you went from chipmunk to James Bond. better maturity, classy. nice bones. what IS the problem?
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Your buccal fat removal results are excellent. Your cheekbones stand out. Your buccal fat pads were too big and the surgery fixed that. No way should you get a face lift. Instead use retin-a for a while then experiment with TCA peeps and take something to grow your hairline back and prevent yourself from going bald. I use pumpkin seed oil capsule and saw palmetto. But you can use a medication that does the same thing. If I was a plastic surgeon and you asked me for a facelift, I would tell you to see a psychologist too! Anything that stimulates the collagen will tighten the skin, ie, chemical peels, RF, derma rolling, microdermabrasion, etc. Maybe you should stay away from surgery because you cannot handle the changes, I have the same problem too, I regret my buccal fat pad removal because it has given me a more sucked in look.
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Hi how are you feeling now? I hope you finally got the results you wanted
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He said it was going to be good but it didn't work for me.And he was like he will help me if operation wouldn't make any difference but he did no shit about it just adviced me another doctor for face lift after my pressure

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