Lovin' my flat tummy!

I had my TT with lipo of the flanks three days ago...

I had my TT with lipo of the flanks three days ago on 3/16/12 so I am a little loopy writing this so I hope I make sense. I am a 31 year old mom of 2. My little boy turned 4 yesterday and I have a two year old little girl. I am 5'2" and weighed 134 lbs the day of surgery. Pregnancy left me with loose skin, excess on the love handles, and lovely stretch marks. I still can't believe I went through with it. I was beyond nervous. I worried about everything from dying in surgery to gettting an infection, to hating my results. Things have been a little rough so far but from everything I have read that is to be expected. The worst part so far was waking up at 4 am vomiting yesterday morning. My PS called in phenergan suppositories so that helped. Today has been better.

4 days post op- I think everyday gets a little...

4 days post op- I think everyday gets a little better. My husband was off the first three days to help me and he has been wonderful. Those days are basically a blur. I am so lucky to have my hubs tho. For the first two days I had to have help to walk, to fix my little "nest" that I sit in, and do basically everything for me. I have had two c sections and this was way harder. But that being said I think it is going to be worth it. Yesterday my hubby helped me shower. I wasn't reallly sure if i was supposed to or not but I did anyway. So he called this am to check on me and ask about the drain output (btw it was 28 ml in both drains for 24 hours). And he said he didn't want me showering until after the drains came out! Ooops! I didn't tell him I already showered. But I did use hibiclens so maybe that helped. The percocet and valium work wonders. I have not had any more nausea.So the worst part right now is not being able to take care of my kids. They are little and only know that mama has a booboo and they cannot jump on me and I cant pick them up. I just feel bad for wearing my 60 year old mom out with my 2 and 4 year old. My husband is great but has to work alot so she is basically my only backup. I have posted before pics in my new VS bikini, Hopefully when the swelling goes down I will be able to wear it somewhere else than in the privacy of my own bathroom. BTW important to take a stool softener daily. I had a bm day 2 post op and had not problems. I highly recommend colace. Will update post op pics soon.
Glad your on the other side, welcome!!! I had my tt 12 days ago. I love the new look. I'm finally starting to walk almost straight but I do get tired pretty quickly. Don't worry let mom help she probably loving it. I didnt have my husband but the first day of surgery. He works a lot so I had to rely on my kids a lot. Well not kids my son is 14 and my daughter is 21. Luckily my son was on spring break and he helped a lot. Just rest rest rest. Soon you'll be glad u did this. Hope u have a speedy recovery!!

Day 5 PO- I woke up with bad headache again,...

Day 5 PO- I woke up with bad headache again, chills, and temp of 100.0. Temp did go down. I took both Lortab and Tylenol (I know that was alot of acetaminophen but I was really wanting that temp down). I see my PS in the morning so I am ready for that. 24 hour count on both my drains was 40 ml. I am not sure he is going to pull them with them still putting that much out. I also have a bad case of thrush. I am using Nystatin left over from when my little boy had it over a year ago. My incision and drain site look fine but I still don't understand this temp, Please pray that it is just inflammation and not any kind of infection setting in. Thanks so much for prayers. I will try to post pics. I am pretty much couch bound today tho.

Called my PS and he said he thought the temp was...

Called my PS and he said he thought the temp was from my thrush. Told me to stop the keflex and keep using the nystatin and eat yogurt. I will see him in the am and he said he would decide then on whether or not to give me a new antibiotic. I am feeling better right now. Ready to see my babies. My husband has gone to get them:). I can't do a whole lot with them but at least we can maybe watch cartoons together. I have been trying to post some post op pics on here but I am having trouble. I will get my hubby to help with that when he gets home. I am swelling some but I think it is gonna be a huge improvement! Wish
Swelling would go down so I could tell.
Glad to hear the fever was no biggie. I hope you feel better soon!
We called a couple days ago and he wasn't concerned since it wasn't over 100.4. It is back down now so as long as it doesn't go back up today I am just gonna wait and talk to him tomorrow. I go at 9 am. Right now this thrush is the biggest problem. I can see why my babies cried with it. The only thing I can eat is cold
Pudding. Hoping for better days soon!
Congrats to you! If you have a temp make sure you call your PS. That usually is a sign that something is not right. Just call to be safe. Happy Healing!

Day 6 po- went to ps today and got one drain...

Day 6 po- went to ps today and got one drain pulled. He also took out the sutures around my bb. Everything looks good and i got scripts for a
new antibiotic because the flagyl caused awful thrush. Everything looks good and my sis and I even went and walked around Sam's after we got out of the MD office. No more fever today and much less pain:)
Congrats on your TT! I am in the proccess of scheduling mine. I look forward to seeing your updates. You have a similar body to mine, so maybe I will get a good idea of what to expect. Again, congrats and good luck with everything!
Welcome to the other side. I am sorry that your antibiotics have caused you issues. I took colace as well and I had no bm issues. Can't wait to see your updated pics. Take care and god bless

Day 9 PO - Much better. I kept my kids today by...

Day 9 PO - Much better. I kept my kids today by myself and I did fine. We did watch a lot of cartoons though! lol!! I feel like I look better everyday. Got my last drain out today. I was so sick of dragging that thing around. Looking at my pics I was really swollen on day 4. Swelling has improved. PS said to wear panty girdle and massage incision. Will see him again on Thursday.
You look awesome....It will only continue to get better
Its crazy to see the swelling difference between day 4 and day 9! You look great! Keep us updated :)
Leigh you look very good. Follow you ps instructions.

Day 13 PO- I had my check up today with PS and I...

Day 13 PO- I had my check up today with PS and I had a small fluid collection. He aspirated about 15 ml of "old blood". He did numb the area first and it went fine..but let this be a lesson to others. Don't pressure the PS to remove drains. I think my last one was probably just removed a day early (was removed day 9 PO). Go back for follow up in one week. Other than that I am doing great. I do have a question for others. My PS has really stressed the importance of massaging my incision and belly button with lotion..what have you all been told to put on your incision/scar?
How are you doing? I'd love to see some new pics!
The nurse at my ps's office said I could massage the incision with lotion, vitamin E oil or "something like that." I bought some bio oil. Haven't started massaging the incision yet - I was told to leave the steri strip on until it falls off and it's still hanging tough.
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