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Tummy Tuck, Worst Mistake Ever

I had a tummy tuck 4 years ago. Not only do I...

I had a tummy tuck 4 years ago. Not only do I still have a very ugly scar. It is also too high on one side. My belly button has not shifted downward and to the right. I look worse now then I did before the surgery. This surgery was suppose to change my life in a positive way and give me more confidence. Make me feel good about myself again.

I feel I have been mutilated. I would wear a bathing suit before, just wear a cover up. I no longer even wear a bathing suit, and the really down side: this was a once in a life time gift to me from my husband. We will never be able to afford to do it again. So I am left looking this way for the rest of my life. I hate it, I hate it , I hate it. It is not worth the risk. It may work for others, but if you are one of the few it does not work for , you will hate yourself even more, and have to live with it. It ruined my life.


I agree with the comments of getting the Doctor to fix it, but how can you have trust that you would have a good outcome when he I am assuming that he didn't look at you and say this is not the outcome that is acceptable and we can revise this and make it so much better. With that being said if you don't go back to him, maybe consider applying to that show "Botched". I know both of those surgeons are very talented and I'm pretty sure they do the surgeries at no cost to you or very limited. Just something to think about.
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i looked at his before and afters and ive seen better work by other doctors, the scar line on some of his pts is like a winding road,high here and low there,let alone some of the scars go into a persons back.im sorry this happend to you,id make him fix it thats for sure.
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HI, I do understand how many women feel sad and dissapointed. I had a TT 1 yr ago and my scar is all askew and high in some areas, my pubic mons is "out there" like Kendoll Effect and if I relax side on I look pregnant. I was not overweight when I had mine done, I was 55 kilo and my TT was for a Tram Flap, one breast turned out great the other well not so great. I just want to cry all the time and I like so many other dont have anyone who really understands. Doctors dont tell you everything and thats where the let down really starts after surgery.
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Nashville Plastic Surgeon

I researched having surgery for 2 years prior to having it done. I saw all the before and after pictures. I picked this doctor because he was most qualified, and had the best picture results. And I still look the way I do. No matter how qualified someone is, you can still end up being that percentage that things go horribly wrong for, and you have to ask yourself this: can I live with myself if it does not turn out well, or can I pay the same fee as I am getting ready to pay twice??? Or in my cse it will cost even more than it did the first time to fix the problems, and I can not afford it.

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