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Tummy Tuck in Less Than 2 Weeks! - Puyallup, WA

I'm a 25 year old girl who took her health into...

I'm a 25 year old girl who took her health into her own hands about two years ago. Weighing almost 240 pounds and being depressed...I woke up one day signed up for a gym and got a dietician! I've lost 110 lbs so far and feel amazing...except my stomach.

I've contempleted a tummy tuck for a while, but the real deal was to have my parents be all for it as well; seeing as how I'm very close with them. I asked them while they were here visiting Seattle for Thanksgiving and to my surprise they were all for it! Things from there went super fast...before I knew I had a surgery date of Jan 19th. I'm so excited. Havne't had nerves yet, but I'm sure that will come!

I've read a lot of reviews on here and have got some good tips, but I'm always up for knowing more of the unknown. :)

I currently don't have my "before" pics, but I'll put up before and after pics of my weight loss...

Hi Ashley,

Oh my gosh!  I am so proud of you for this accomplishment!  You are a beautiful girl and should be very proud of yourself.   I bet you feel totally amazing :)

The Tummy Tuck is not the easiest recovery but you are young and healthy and will do just fine.  You will love the new tight and flat tummy.

I am also glad you have found this website.  This is a wonderful support group and the women here will all help you celebrate your victory! 

Feel free to post questions in the Forum, and questions to the doctors and chat with all of the ladies. 

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing the after pictures. 

Wow! Wow. Wow. Congratulations so much on all that you've accomplished. You look stunning and you must feel so much healthier, too. Please do keep us posted on how you're feeling and healing during your tummy tuck journey.

Recuperating from a tummy tuck is not the easiest thing in the world, but you're young and strong and it should go well for you.

There are some great posts in our forums you might want to check out. Start with Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide and go from there for real information you won't find anywhere else.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear more.

It sounds like your on a great road to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Good for you! My surgery is also scheduled for Jan. 19th. Best of luck to you!!

My surgery was yesterday! I went in at 11:30 AM...

My surgery was yesterday! I went in at 11:30 AM and was released by 4:15 PM. The doctor was great to explain everything to me and the nurses were just as great.

The first night was rough waking up every 2 and a half hours to take medicine, but I've survivied. And honestly the pain feels like I've done a hard ab workout session so far. So its not bad at all.

I go back in today to have the bandages changed...so hopefully i'll be able to see some of the tummy so far! I'm excited.

Went in the following day for a check up and got a...

Went in the following day for a check up and got a sneak peek at my tummy, I must say it looks so great. I can't wait to see the final results months from now. The doctor was totally suprised at how well I was getting around.

I actually went off all perscribed pain meds as of Friday. So I was only on pain meds for Wed & Thursday. The pain is very manageable. And mind you I've never had a kid before.

I went to the store yesterday because I was getting cabin fever. It wore me out thats for sure. I'll go back to work on Monday part time.

Pictures coming soon..I promise!

So happy for you. Losing the weight naturally is awesome! And doing it now while you're still young will allow you a longer, healthier future. I'm thrilled for you. Please keep me posted as to your TT experience because I'm heading that way on Feb 9th!
thanks! It honestly has been such a life changer!

Good luck to you!! I'll keep you updated with pics as the weeks go on.

remember that it is okay to relax and let someone help ya! :)

You look so good girl!!  Enjoy that new body!  Go slow and don't push yourself so hard.

Today I had my follow up appt with my doctor. It...

Today I had my follow up appt with my doctor. It hasn't been quite a week...and I got my right drain removed. I was SUPER nervous for this because I had read that it hurts like hell, but honestly...I didn't even feel him snip the sutures or anything. And honestly couldn't feel him pulling the drains out.

AND thank goodness...got rid of the foam under the binder!!! You have no idea how much that made me smile. So now just have the binder and one drain...I go back in Thursday to hopefully have the 2nd drain removed! :)

The doctor is super pleased with how I'm getting along..he can't believe I'm doing this great, but I'm not going to complain!!

I have been told that pain meds can affect your healing and recovery time. So I am a little nervous to take them lol.
I cannot believe your already back to work part time. I am sorry to hear that specially since you do have all the trouble sleeping. I have seen in some doctor recommendations that you should take off 2 weeks or more if you can thankfully I dont start school time march.

Its amazing how I never thought about all the sleep issues, walking upright, and laying flat problems after a tt. Thats going to be rather painful for the lower back....I am glad a have a pillow obsession lol. Have you had any ripping about your incision? A little worried about that.

cass...Darling you want to take the pain medications!  You need the pain relief and to be kept comfortable.  You will heal much better when the pain in controlled and you have comfort. 

It is only temporary so do not be afraid to take them.
Thanks, I get a little worried just bc of things I have been told by doctors and the fact it makes me sick to my belly...I have a lower pain tolerance so I will take it lol.

Had my 2nd draing out yesterday. So I only had to...

Had my 2nd draing out yesterday. So I only had to deal with my drains for a week and a few days...I feel sorry for those who have to deal with the much longer. They drove me crazy. But the down side to no drains was the doctor put me on bed rest this weekend. He wants to make sure that I dont have extra fluid build up. Everything has been going great!

I can't beleive it has been almost two weeks since the surgery...sure time does fly. Before long I'll be able to work out again! Yay! :)

Wow!!!! You look amazing! Congratulations on your stunning transformation. Your tummy is so pretty! I am sorry to hear about your swelling but all in all your recovery seems like its going really good! Thank you so much for posting about your recovery.
Cass- I'll bet you are counting down the days!!!!! Not long now! I wish my tuck was sooner...I am soooooo ready to do this!!!
Thank you so much! It is getting prettier every day. I love it, and honestly look at it like its a new toy every time I go to the bathroom..lol.

When do you go in?? I only had a month or so after I made my decision until I went in for surgery...don't think I could of handled waiting longer than that.

Hi Cass,

Here is the link to the one I wore..


4 weeks has passed...I can't beleive its been this...

4 weeks has passed...I can't beleive its been this long already! Went in for my 4 week appointment today and everything is going great! Still taking it easy, but doing a bit more as time goes on. I've updated some pictures.
Wow you look great. Your PS did a great job. How are you feeling?
You look amazing! Congrats to you on all your hard work! Thanks for all the info too!!
Thank you!! :)

I am now 6 weeks post op and doing amazing! Got...

I am now 6 weeks post op and doing amazing! Got released back to work out full time!! So far I've ran 3 miles and feel amazing!! Start weights this week..no more pain really. Still feel tight when laying flat and get some swelling after working out or a long day on my feet. I've added some more pictures.

I'll add my before pictures when they give them to me at the doc. I saw them Tuesday and OMG wow! It was amazing to see the difference!!!
You look amazing. Congratulations on your weight loss too : )
Thanks!!! I appreciate it! I will upload 6 week photos when I get to work tomorrow since i can't do so off my iPhone!
He did an amazing job!!! I love love love it. I'm feeling amazing. Confidence is through the roof and I'm so glad i made the choice to do this.

Photo Update

You look beautiful - You worked hard to lose the weight & your surgeon did such a great job!
thank you so much!! he did do an amazing job! :)
Good for you for changing your lifestyle . . . you look absolutely amazing! Thanks for the update. I am booked April 4 for tummy tuck after having two kids. I love hearing stories like yours. You seemed to not have too much pain after surgery, eh? Do you have a high pain tolerance?

Photo Update

You look amazing!!!
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He is very knowledgeable, down to earth, answers questions, called to check up on me at 9 at night the day of surgery. I honestly couldn't ask for a better doctor.

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